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A very, very good work!

Thank you. ;)

nice work!

Thank you. ;)

Looks great. Bookmarked.

Great documentation

@vadimg88, @Fusiondevs, Thank you. :)


What I’d really like in this template. (Holding off on buying… but so close.)

A few things I’d love to see:

1. Matching user sign in (See note below)

2. Collapsable boxes (See note below)

3. Wizard (Step By Step) w/validation

Note: As seen in your xSystem template:

Hey Smartik,

Can you point me to:

2. Collapsable boxes (See note below)

3. Wizard (Step By Step) w/validation


Very good work!

Is there an ETA on the updates you are planning on doing?

This week. :)

Hi, this is an amazing admin theme. Brilliant job. Is it possible to port this to WordPress? That would be great!

Theme is Really nice. But, I am not able to select the right item. When I move the mouse to select the item the item is also moving makes difficult to pick the right one.

Amazing work! With a responsive layout will be a win-win theme!

i bought this, and its beautifully coded, well explained and laid out.

i am having problems with IE 8 though, different kinds of JS errors with the plugins and such :( .. even the downloaded package seems to load in IE8 with errors before i even touch it, both the .php and .html samples.

though i cant hold this against the coder, IE8 sucks but also my particular screwed up copy of IE8 is the worst possible.

unfortunately my clients are complaining about it not working in IE8 so i need to fix it.

I’ve tested in IE and see only this JS error.

The target container doesn't exist 
flotr2.min.js, line 12 character 24689

Don’t worry about it. This appear because I have not defined a variable ( “container” ) in ”/js/flotr2_init.js” but I use it.

If you got another errors please let me know, so in next update I will fix them all.


congrats,like it a lot ;)

Thank you very much. :)

Any news on the update of the theme?

Love the template! I have 2 questions, please:

1. Is there a way to create a SELECT drop down without the search option?

2. I have a SELECT with an onchange trigger that does an ajax call to build up the content for a second SELECT field. The ajax call is working but I can’t seem to get the new content to display in the second SELECT field. Any ideas?

Sorry for late answer. I didn’t check the comments. :|

Select menus, use this script:

And looks like, an option to disable search form, is not available.

They don’t work well with ajax. You can try simple select menu(unformated) to do this.

For your second question: Footer was made as an optional thing, so if want you can experiment with it.


Do you have any way to push the footer to the bottom of the screen on short pages??

Footer was made as an additional option. You can try to use CSS3 media queries to define a min-height for current page.

Hello, I really like it, but I’ve noticed at the Demo that the Datatables plugin is version 1.8.2. Can I upgrade this plugin to the last version 1.9.1 without loosing the design applied to the grids by this theme?

Thank you

Yes, you can, update. Just keep css files from /plugins/datatables/media/css/* intact and all styles will be saved. You can update plugin script without any problems.

With datatables 1.9.1 the pagination buttons (full_pagination) doesn’t render as expected, it only show the text. I only replaced the jquery.DataTables.js all the rest is the same.


I have purchased this theme and it work really fine in other browsers except IE9 . It shows me errors:

SCRIPT5022 : The target container doesn’t exist flotr2.min.js, line 12 character 24689 SCRIPT5022 : The target container must be visible flotr2.min.js, line 12 character 24749

As you have mentioned in one of the above comment, I can ignore it, but problem is whole page is not loading in IE (it shows completely blank). Can you show me where I can change code in js or send me updated js file that can solve this problem and I can move ahead.

Thanks in advance!

This is because I have not defined continer variable for some chart examples.

Open /js/flotr2_init.js and declare container variable for every chart function:
container = document.getElementById('chart_unique_id'),
For example I use container var for chart 6, but it is not declared. So, you can define it yourself. Open /js/flotr2_init.js and on line 270-274 you’ll find:
    d1 = [],
    d2 = [],
    d3 = [],
    graph, i;
Define container, and your code now look so:
   container = document.getElementById('graph_show_6'),
    d1 = [],
    d2 = [],
    d3 = [],
    graph, i;
Next at the end of this function change this:
with this:

NOTE : I will update the template but not very soon.

Regards. :)

Really enjoy using this theme so far! Thanks for building it.

Is there a way to eliminate the “close x” on alerts??

Thank you. :)

Is there a way to eliminate the “close x” on alerts??
Open “bottom_scripts.js” and on line 26-34 find alerts function( search for: Alerts ). Delete this or just comment, to disable “close x” option.

Regards. )

Theme is good, but one thing very disappointed me is validation messages style. It looks more like a hack with jquery plugin. The messages physically located at the bottom of page (in HTML ). But most time I need them to go right after the input. Clear and simple without tricks, like that:
<input class="string required" id="category_name" name="category[name]" size="50" type="text" value="">
<span class="error">can't be blank</span>

Is possible to add multiple applications functionality, for example a icon dropdown um top of admin, I have an application platform and all use the same basic layout, and I never found a admin theme that suits me completely.