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Hey Guys,

Whenever I want to post a link to Facebook it comes up with this text under the title of the page “Clean and classy premium Wordpress themes by iKreativ”

I was wonder how i could change this?

Cheers, Byron

Change the meta tags to your own in header.php

Not that I don’t want to give you guys credit. Amazing theme! Just have to change it out everytime. Is there anyway you can get it to display the paragraph text from the page?


Use Yoast or All In One Seo plugins.

hi there. great theme

the site name/link to homepage seems to get automatically added as the first item on the mobile js dropdown menu

is there a way to turn this off by modifying the application.js file?

Remove it from the navigation menu in header.php but then you will need to modify the CSS to position it.

Hi there, First of all, great theme! I have a little problem here and not sure, how to solve it. So I created a portfolio page, but when I open it, the cover image appears in a huge size and under this pic the other images in normal size. How can I change the first image’s size (the same like other images) or remove it from the list and keep it just as cover image?

I checked the previous comments and I thought someone had similar issues so i tried to remove from the template-portfolio.php the featured image line, but there are three of them and when I deleted them, either the cover image was gone completely, or my whole page was gone. So i am not really sure where to go. Thanks in advance!

Sure, or directly in the CSS, whatever you’re comfortable with.

Great, thanks very much for your help and patience. :)

No worries, don’t forget to rate & review via your downloads ;)

Hi Guys, I have another question re the footer. I don’t want a separate footer at the bottom of the page, just 2 text lines. When I paste my text, it appears at the top of the page, no matter how I change the CSS. Could you please help me how to change this? Thanks very much!

Well it will be, I used dev tools to edit live, I can’t save the changes to your server. You need to do it.

How do you mean? It’s stated in the Custom CSS that if I change something, it will rewrite the CSS automatically. Where else do I need to change? It’s a bit strange that I can change and modify everything except this.

Well, you’ve not added any selector to target your HTML element, so I don’t know what you’re trying to do with the CSS.

All you have is <p></p>.

Either add a selector and write the CSS properly, or use the HTML example with the inline CSS I just showed you.

This really isn’t support, this is modification.

Hi, great theme!! I need help :) I can’t discover whats wrong here, the filters are not working automatically. :crying: :confused:

It works fine here.

I tried in different browsers and I don’t have the filters at the left side of my Portfolio’s page. Just like you have at Duo live preview. Actually would be nice if it was possible to be at the top in light grey.

But I got it. it’s a secondary menu right?

Its primary, and the filters are auto added.

HI is it possible to ‘pre-filter’ a portfolio page? So for instance on a portfolio page I only want to show e.g. 2 filter categories out of eg five. So as such I could add different portfolio pages to the website which are preslected based on filter’s


You could but you’d need to modify the theme. You’ll need to add categories to the portfolio custom post type, then call those categories depending on the page.

Not straight forward unless you’re a coder.

Hi again

please could you let me know - how I can change from the two-column style of the blog page to a one-column. Additionally showing the full post. Can this be changed in the CSS? - Additionally, how can the abstract background image been changed!

Thanks a lot!

You will need to heavily modify the CSS for the post size and the responsive media queries.

The abstract image has the option to turn off or change the background color via Appearance > Customize > Styling.

If you want a completely different image you will need to modify the source.

Hi this is a pre sales question: Is possible add widgets to the header or lateral left bar? Thanks in advance

You could, but it doesn’t by default, you’d need to add a widget area.


I would like to know if it is possible to choose the order of the featured images on my frontpage. If so, how can I do it ?

Thanks in advance !

They’re ordered by date so just adjust the publish date to suit.

Great ! Thanks !

You’re welcome!

Hi there,

Love the theme, just have 1 problem. The facebook icon on the bottom doesnt work. Tried it several ways: full url, just username, without the “https://”

Any idea?

Go to Appearance > Custom CSS and put this in:

#social { z-index:99999; }

Works, thanks for the quick replies!

No problem.

My thumbnails come out all stretched out. Some of them are fine, but some of them are not. They are all created in the same template/PS doc. I browsed through the instructions. Is there a specific size for the thumbnails? Take a look what’s happening:

Your prompt response is very much appreciated. I’m happy with the template but the stretching out is really bothersome.

There is no set size, the the theme does not crop them either, the CSS is just set to make them a % smaller than the original.

Are you inserting them as fullsize, if you’re letting WordPress choose the size, i.e: medium, then they will be cropped.


I’m experiencing problems with the theme. The thumbnails are looking good, but when you click on one and the portfolio-page opens, the page shows the thumbnail big, and half a line of code beneath it. You can see it on

I tried to fix it by clearing out the medialibrary, but trying to upload 3 portfolio-items again made me realize that the images are not the problem.

Can you help?

Heh. No email yet buddy. As soon as it comes I’ll login and do a fix. Will let you know once it’s done.

Mail sent! Was hoping WP would do that for me…

Yep, got it. Fixed!