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At the pricing table, I’m trying to insert a green check mark as an image i some cels, and a red x check mark as image too in others.

Could I get some help to use a correct code at the features boxes so the image is loaded in tthe table from my media library?



Hello. Please post your support questions on the support forums: http://support.duotive.org/ – also please show me what you have until now when you post the question.

phillh Purchased

Your theme looks super HOT on all mobile devices.Not sure what all this responsiveness is all about!


:D Thank you for saying that! We tried to make it compatible with as many mobile devices as we could. Don’t forget to rate the theme, it helps us a great deal.

Best regards.

This theme looks sick! I’m planning on purchasing your theme … but I got a few questions regarding this item.

For your home page I was curious whether you can make your blog with Right Widgetable Sidebar Area your home page? Also can you adjust the height and width of the featured image for the blog listing?


Thank you for your comment! That sounds great!

You can assign as your default homepage any page you create within Wordpress. Then you can apply the blog page template to that page. So, yes you can! :D

The width of the featured images cannot we changed, but the height is relative to the height, meaning that the aspect ratio of your images will be kept intact.

I hope this answers your questions :)

Best regards.

Hi, I love your themes.

I looked the frontpage demos and I want to use itens from different frontpages, to make my one. Is possible to make my combination in Duotive 5 and 4 using mixing itens from all frontpages samples?

I like a lot Duotive 4 primary frontpage, the way you display the “Our latest work” and “Our partners”, but the Duotive 5 design is better for me, can I do some thing similar in Diotive 5? I found just one similar slide for the partners.

In Diotive 3 can I use other slideshow in the frontpage? The slideshows is very pretty but I would prefer something more simple in this case.

Thanks a lot,

sorry for asking everything here, but i think would be easier to answer all in one place.



Thank you for taking interest in our work! We really appreciate your kind words.

Duotive 5ive is the superior theme, regarding to our previous ones. It’s more flexible and offers more options in terms of customization. The basic idea of the frontpage manager is similar with the one from Fortune, but it’s even better. You can combine any widget and frontpage module on your homepage (partner scroller, posts carousel, latest work, latest work with description, etc.). Apart from the Intro paragraph (in which you can insert anything you want) the other modules are sortable, meaning that you can easily change the order of your elements.

If you haven’t seen all the slideshows 5ive has, please do so on our Demo website. You can assign any slideshow on any given page.

No problem, we’re here to help! Thank you!

Best regards.

Sorry, one other question. Can you tell something about (full-size) background images with pages, blogs and per posts? Are these possible? I do not find them in the demo



You can create general styles that can be applied to as many pages or posts you have. You can also add a background image on pages or posts individually. So, yes, you can :)

You can even create a full-screen slideshow and hide all the elements, so you end up with an animated background. It’s up to you :)

Hope this helps! Thanks!

Thanks for the quick reply. One last question before i have to make a decision. One of the nice features of Duotive Fortune was when you hovered over the masonry slideshow (that you could also use for the frontpage) the picture you hovered over, was filled with a transparent space you could put some text in (title, text, and a link to a page, image or video). is this also possible with one or more of the three given “masonry” examples of Duotive Gallery Slideshows?


You’re welcome!

Oh, you’re referring to the Duotive Gallery slideshow. Yes, you can choose between the icon or icon with description and title. On the demo website we disabled the description and only left the icons :)

Sorry if that confused you. And just to clear things up, you can have any type of page template as your frontpage. You’re not forced to use only the frontpage manager. Any page can be assigned as the default homepage of your website.

rsg2 Purchased

wonderful theme as always. great job!

i have one problem if can help me with.

for the nav items, i cannot set a solid color as the background. for example, on your demo site, you have nav items as black text on a light grey background.

could you help me with this?

thanks! chris



Thank you for your kind words! You need to check the “Main menu opacity” slider. Make sure it’s at 100% opacity, then add your color inside the “Main menu background” field For further assistance or other questions, please go to our support forums: http://support.duotive.org

Hope this helps! Best regards.

Wonderful theme! Questions:

1. Is this theme responsive?

2. The language switcher is it working? I changed to another language in the demo and nothing happens.

3. .po files included? I need to translate this theme but have an option for English as well

Thanks for your attention.


Thanks :)

1. No, it is not.

2. Yes, it works, but we did not make the demo in chinesse or german :)

3. Yes, it’s included and you can create your own with codestyle localization.

Thanks for your interest in our product.

another question: I tried the live demo in an iPhone 4S looks great but when you go to the blog it won’t let me scroll down as it only shows the first post. (Using Safari on iPhone 4s)



none of the pages inside the theme have a limited height or a height adjusted by javascript. what may cause that is the demo switcher, maybe you can try it without the switcher and tell me the results. here is the link without the switcher: http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-5ive/


thanks for your answers! considering the final purchase today


Thanks :) and you’re welcome!

hello! first, sorry for my english i am french, my question: i have read in the demo you can translate your theme in one minute! i went to know if you can translate the admin panel ? ( in french)

tks for your answer


Hello. No problem. That is not possible. The only way to translate it is by opening the files. Sorry.

thanks when you say open the file it’s the admin pannel files?


you’re welcome. unfortunately yes, edit the base code of the theme.

ok i will try to make a good site whith the original version!!

tks for your quick answer


Okey. You’re welcome

I love your frame work! It takes a bit of time to get use to if you have never used it. But it is awesome! The amount of customization’s you can do is limitless! I would highly recommend this theme!


Thanks! I am glad you like it :) future themes from us will be the same :D

Just one question to ask before purchasing …...

is your theme compatible with -

wp emember – http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/wordpress-emember-easy-to-use-wordpress-membership-plugin-1706


Sitemanpro – http://www.sitemanpro.com/

Just let me know ????

Thanks Fluidswork


I am sorry, but we do not have those plugins to test them out with the theme. However the theme is written properly, so there should not be any issue, and if they are we will do our best to help you out on the support forums.

We will help with functional issues and basic css issues, if they are any. If there is a lot of customization needed, we will suggest a freelancer.

Thanks for your interest.

Hi Duo, I’m trying to purchase the theme through ThemeForest but it’s taking me through a loop of online payment portals and it’s not working. Is there another way I can purchase it directly (by credit card)? Cheers.


Hi. :) Can you please try again now. We had a customer who also had issues with the purchase, and we contacted themeforest support and they said that they did not have any issues. The customer tried again and he/she said that it worked.

Please try again and if it does not work, please submit a support ticket here: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit .

I will also submit another support ticket with them, because i not am very pleased that this is happening again.

Thanks and i am sorry for their issues.

Please ignore my previous question. I already bought the theme. I can’t wait to start using it!!!


Thanks :)


Really like your theme and interested in purchasing.

I would preferably like a wide drop-down menu with columns, the ideal menu would be like the one on the Cisco website, but doesnt have to be like that, only being multi-column will do.

Is this something I can get with a plug-in, I dont mind purchasing if I have to.

Or is there any other way of achieving this?

Apart from that, your theme is perfect for what I am looking for.

Thanks :)


Hi. Thanks for the interest :) The theme does not have mega menu capabilities. However a plugin like: http://wpmegamenu.com/ should work just fine. If it has minor CSS issues, we will help you on the forums to get it up and running just the way you want :)

phillh Purchased

Hi-Can one set the MP 3 on an auto play instead of having to push play. Just wondering if you can add some back ground music to the site


Hi. Friendly recommendation: 80% of visitors listen to their own music, when a website starts to play music they close it. Do you want that? :) if you still want that please post your question on the support forums: http://support.duotive.org/

Bravo on 5ive! Amazing! Some favorite Three and Fortune tricks, and some elegant and creative new stuff. No jQuery categories?? I had been wondering about when this would be released. I can’t wait for my next project that this will be a perfect fit for!! My current project needs something more like what your pal VanKarWai has recently produced. Glad to see you are friends. :) And glad to be one of your’s!! :)


:)) The comments area has some weird extra text decorations that it adds with no reason :) I see. My partner, who is the designer, did not let me use them :) and i have to listen to the designer :D


Partner? Sounds like the boss! ;) You guys ROCK !


Nobody is a boss trust me :) Thanks

RE Hello a other question: how many style of “sample page” are available

a seconde question: can i change the backgrond with a personal picture?

ps sorry for my bad english againtks



There are 11 predefined styles—the ones you can see on the demo website—but you can create as many as you’d like with the Style manager. It’s very simple and you can customize the entire theme with easy to use settings and, eventually, build a website that doesn’t even look like our demo.

When using styles you can add background images to the header, content, footer and body areas. You can choose between repeatable or non-repeatable background, allowing you to use patterns or single images. You can also set the opacity of each area so that the background behind it shows through the content container.

I hope this helps! If you have more questions, please ask.