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Hello… just one question, this theme can handle multilanguage? I can see the English – Deustch option, but I can’t see any change (not even 1 sample page).



Hello. Of course, but the demo does not contain pages that are multilingual. The theme can handle multiple language without any problem.

Hello Duotive! Love the theme.

First I want to clarify from a previous comment I read from noldor about forcing people to give their password for support. It really isn’t like that at all. I too was at first skeptical, but you can signup for the support without providing your password and the support by duotive is by far the best from any company I’ve ever experienced. Their support forum is searchable and they are fast to response. IF YOU CHOSE to provide your password, it is so duotive can better see and understand your problem OR so duotive can login and quickly fix your problem themselves without having to explain it all to you to do alone. REALLY ….DUOTIVE IS AWESOME !

Now, back to me inquiry…hey duotive…from bali with love here…I purchased your dt3 for a work project and have been waiting for your new theme. It is wonderful. I’m working on an entertainment site now for my husband. He bought the STRINGS theme and it is not easily customizable and the support is ridiculous. I told him to wait, but he was eager to start his new site. So, now I’d like to purchase the dt5 for him.

I have one quick question. Can I have more than 1 filterable portfolio? I need one filterable page for entertainment, 1 for rentals, 1 for merchandise, etc… Is this possible?

Thank you Duotive. YOU ROCK as usual.


Hello. Thanks :)

I am glad that you say that about our efforts with the support forums. We try our best to please our customers and i think we do a good job at that :) we helped with changes and bugs that might occur with plugins. Thanks :D

That filter, out of the box displays only the portfolio categories as a whole and cannot be used as you described, but i think that with a little change we can accommodate that. I cannot be sure 100% until i try, but i promise i would give it a try :)

Thanks for your kindness :) and if you have more questions, feel free to ask, i will reply as soon as i can. Now it’s 5:30 AM and i need some sleep :D


Ignore the change. I coded it a while ago and i forgot. I think that a setup like this: http://imm.io/vZDO and with the filters like this: http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-5ive/my-work/work/ would work fine with you, so it’s okey out of the box.

And i wanna add. Take a look in the color schemes dropdown, and look at them. The theme can be transformed into any design you think about :)

So wonderfully helpful and quick. PLEASE get some rest. You can reply to me after you rest. I’ve played around with the demo a good bit. Especially love how multilingual is already integrated, as being in Bali, we would need to provide Bahasa Indonesian to the site as well.

If you think this can be done. I’m sold. Even you don’t think it can not be done, I love dt so much I can play around with the demo a bit more and see if I can accommodate my needs in another way, but basically I need:

Your WORK page, I need 1 WORK page=Entertainment with filters of bands, djs, etc; 1 WORK page=Rentals with filters of equipment, lighting, etc and 1 WORK page=Merchandise with filters of albums, t-shirts, guitar picks, etc.

Let me know after you rest! Thank you! :)


Glad you like the fact that the theme is multilingual out of the box. :)

I think that that is possible. You just have to create main categories, with subcategories being the filters, and add the links to the main menu and it should work as expected :D

You’re welcome!

Hi! Quick question- on the contact form would there be any way to get rid of the feature that requires people who have questions to type in the two random words below? Thanks!


Hi. Sure, that is an option that is available in the theme/;a admin panel :D


As owner of a web & print media business ~ Duotive 5 is amazing. As you know I already have Three and Fortune, and couldn’t resist such an awesome theme, your newly released 5.

After much research, 5 really is the best theme available today – have purchased, and so glad to be using this ~ truly awesome :)


Hello. Thanks for your kind words and for your purchase. I am glad to hear that you really like the theme and we will make sure that the experience with it will be good, as we will help you on the forums as we did before to make it a good experience. Thanks again :D

weigertj Purchased


I really like your theme and hopefully can create my new website based on it! I had only a few troubles: the original qtranslate widget doesn’t work in the toolbar language area (it works in the blog area or other widget areas) - I also had problem with the duotive complex slideshow as the thumbnail images were stretched. Should I use a specific image size (height) to avoid this? One more thing: I wanted to register on your support site and my my Item Purchase Code was accepted but then cancelled the process. Now if I’d like to register, I get the answer “This purchase code has been already registered.” Of course, I am not really registered as I didn’t give my e-mail and details.

I hope you can correct the few glitches since your themes are really fantastic!


Hello. Please send me your purchase code to duotive at yahoo dot com and i will make a purchase code reset. After that you can create an account on the forums and post your questions there. Also when creating the account please add your WP and FTP details so i can take a closer look if needed.

joelsk Purchased

Hi I have just bought your amazing theme but when I install I get this message. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare duotive_contacts() (previously declared in /home/fhlinux175/j/joelskingle.co.uk/user/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/duotive-widgets/duotive-contact-widget.php:13) in /home/fhlinux175/j/joelskingle.co.uk/user/htdocs/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/includes/duotive-widgets/duotive-contact-widget.php on line 14



We answered that on the support forums, so please sign up there :) The forums are located as this address: http://support.duotive.org/

But just in case you do not find the answer there, the problem has a simple solution: remove the old widgets from duotive fortune or three that are located in wp-content/plugins/duotive-widgets. You do not need them because the new theme has them embedded.

Thanks for the response to my previous question. I’m a TOTAL newbie this whole thing- would you say that this theme is easy to use? Also, I see all of the different styles/templates, and I’m wondering if it’d be possible to change the colors and/or sizes of fonts within those styles/templates. It seems like from the questions and answers page that you would have total customization, but I just want to be sure. Thanks again :)


You’re welcome.

The theme is easy to use. We made sure of that. And it has a big documentation to guide you all the way.

Yes, that is possible. Those styles are a small fraction of what is possible. You can make it look unique, not even related to them. You can change almost anything.

You’re welcome.

One more thing- does this theme have a shortcode button generator?


Yes, it has that.

Is there any way that I can have demo content ?



If you really need that, i can send it over email, but it will not help you with anything. Will just add a big pile of content without any settings, and you will have to delete it.

I recommend setting up the website yourself and reading the docs. The theme is really easy to use. Just try it.

If you want the demo content i can export it and send it to you. You will have to delete all the images that are inside because you are not allowed to use them. Also you will not have any widget positions setup, and portfolios, any menus, nothing really, but if you want it, send me an email to duotive at yahoo dot com


Then no thanks :)

I will manage to do what i need, thanks anyways


Okey. :D You’re welcome

Is the $50 a one-time fee or is it a monthly fee? Thanks


One time fee.

Hi guys, love the theme!

I purchased other versions before and wished I could use this one for one huge project, but it is not responsive, and it really has to be :depressed:

I checked out the site on my iPhone and see that the image slider widget does not work, it shows all the images in one row below each other. Perhaps something to check?

Well, saving it for another project, cheers! Tom


:( I cannot say anything because we did not even concept the starting design yet.

It’s summer and we want some little time off from that. We made the 5ive theme with a lot of features and you can do about anything with it, but the feedback is not that great, so we have to rethink our position about the themes we put out.

And i considered that too, so i know that woocommerce is important, but than our themes will be way too expensive :) we will see.

Thanks for your support :D


I am sorry to hear that. You can indeed do anything with your themes and if you know a bit about css and php, changes are limitless.

I would like to suggest a design that might sell pretty well soon. What you already see is a moving away from the desktop to the couch. This means that iPads and even iPhones or Androids will become very important viewports, if not the most important.

There is a heavy move from printed magazines towards online publishing by publishers. Magazines will be easiest read on the couch, with a tablet mostly. Design that matches magazine page styles becomes extremely important. Right now these are hardly available in theme design. The are all clearly websites, not printed style online magazines. Create a theme that can simulate a printed magazine page design per post, including creative text wrapping, and you will open up a whole new door. There is far too much focus on portfolios right now. Articles print style is forgotten. Just a suggestion ;)

There are several articles on the internet that conclude the same as I do here. Perhaps something to check out.


No no. This theme can do it out of the box. Look in the styles menu :) how it can change in all sorts of manners.

I will ask my design partner to read what you suggested. Is a good idea and we might consider that in one of our future themes. We plan to make more than 2 an year from now on :))

Good to hear, hope it helps in some way!

Thanks for your nice responses! Tom


You’re welcome and thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it.

Just about to purchase this beautiful theme… one question… will it run on mac?


Thanks :) sure it does

Is it possible to have the latest blog images automatically featured on the homepage slider?


That is not possible, but however the slideshow manager is easy to use :-)

Does this theme have author profiles that could be customized and featured in a tumbnail or something with each post?


Take a look at this page – http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-5ive/flexibility-delivers-great-potential/ – and the area you have asked for is this one – http://imm.io/x0r1

Dear Duotive Team

writing from Berlin, hello! I am amazed by this theme design, i might choose it for my first website as actress. A friend will help me. One question, is it possible to use the description box to communicate news on the front page and link them to a the blog? So it would be like the eye catcher at the first glance and for more information be connected to the blog with full information? Any other hint? Thanks for your support and help to decide. K.


Hey. Thanks for considering our website :D Please show me a screenshot of the area you are talking about as the description box. The theme can do so much that i do not know what area is in question. And do not worry, the theme is easy to use :D

Hello your recent theme is great especially for my wrk. But i have one problem with the recent update of Mozilla Firefox the dropdown menus dessapeared. Take a look at the image : http://www.fropefko.gr/images/1.png


Hello. From the image that you shown me, javascript is disabled. I can tell that because of the language selector and the way it looks. Drop down menus need javascript enabled, so enable it to view the website properly.

Hey there,

i was wondering if this theme also features an option for fullwidth/no sidebars on all templates? I’d like to use it for my blog revolving around big media/images and don’t want sidebar-cluttering.


Hey. The blog itself no, but the single page, after you click the read more button can be full width, and you can use a nice slideshow at the top instead of the gallery in this example – http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-5ive/localize-the-themes-strings-with-a-simple-to-use-dashboard-panel/

Pity – i clearly see the amount of work you put in this one (like the former ones as well), then again this rather tiny detail spoils it for me.

Bummer, really.


Thanks for your kind words and bummer. :)