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I love the look and feel of this website and it has an instant wow factor. But when i look on an ipad, iphone or android phone the theme doesn’t work properly.

The main faults are that the image background slider doesn’t work, the main body of the webpage shifts off to the left whilst the footer stays the same.

I really want to purchase this item but need to know if this theme is not mobile or ipad friendly.

I have seen that you have been asked this question before and have directed them to your developers forum. I would ask this question on there but i need to have purchased this theme in order to register.

Can you please help?

thanks in advance



Thanks! :D Please check again. I updated the demo theme to the latest version.

Hi there still the same i am happy to send over screen shots if you send me an email address


Hi. Unfortunately on my android phone with ics, it looks fine. And without an i device there is nothing i can do to repair it :( I do not have an i device.

Hello there, This theme is Very nice! I paid it 2 day ago and I need support but I canĀ“t connect to the support forum :(

Question there: Is it possible code [dt-galleria link=”file”] show in another page? This code work on page with images. But I need show [dt-galleria link=”file”] on another page with no pictures. Example: [dt-galleria utr=”http://www.page with images/” link=”file”]

Is it possible? Thank you


Hello. Thanks :) No worries i can create you another account if you have issues with it. Please send me your username that you used to register on the forums and your purchase code to duotive at yahoo dot com and i will see what i can do :D I am not sure i quite understand what you want to achieve. The dt-galleria shortcode does not have such parameters.


Follow the instructions! Now someone can tell me that they bought the theme with that code and you are out of the forums…. use the email.


I need to paste [dt-galleria link=”file”] from page 1 to page 2. On page 1 there are some pictures, on page 2 there are no pictures. I need to view [dt-galleria link=”file”] on another page than on the page with pictures.

Is it possible?

duotive I write it there. Can you help me? I dont know your email… I am using Password Recovery on http://support.duotive.org/bb-login.php 10x and nothing… Or show me you instructions…


And anyone can signup with that code. I was clear:

“Please send me your username that you used to register on the forums and your purchase code to duotive at yahoo dot com and i will see what i can do”

I will write again the email in case you did not see it. I cannot write the proper mail because i do not need spam:

duotive [@] yahoo [dot] com

remove the [] and replace the dot with . I hate spam that is why i need to code the email. And if you read carefully i have already did that before.

Thanks :-)


You’re welcome!

just purchased! hundreds of themes here on themeforest. but your theme is best. My first purchase!!


thanks! :D

just bought the theme but i have not received the username and password


did you sign up for the forums?

Just wanna ask that is there any future plan in making Duotive Fortune a Responsive theme ????


Unfortunately no.

elimateo Purchased

Awesome job! I love the theme! How can I remove or change the “undefined” text on the Duotive Gallery?

Thank You


thANKS :) Please join us on the support forums so we can help you with that and if anybody needs it done in the future, they can find the answer by searching. Thanks. The forums are here: http://support.duotive.org/

cphone Purchased

Hey Duotive,

Any news about the release of your new theme? I feel like a kid at Christmas ….:-)

Many thanks.


Hey :) Thanks for your interest in our themes :D We are working as fast as we can to get the theme done. It will not be long, before it will up for sale. It will be a nice theme with a lot of new changes from fortune. You will see it and i hope that you will like it :D

just purchased this item. installed the theme. but i dont see any demo content.


Replied on the same question on the forums.

Hello, Nice Work MAN … Is it possible to translate your template to the Hebrew language? Hebrew-language Websites work on RTL , If I will perform changes to the Css documents & JAVA , the ADMIN PANEL will work as usual?


Hello. Thanks :D The theme can be translated to any language. THe problem comes with the RTL orientation. The theme does not have a RLT stylesheet so it requires some work to make it work with the orientation :(

Hi,i would like also to ask about languages:How many and which languages are available in this theme,thanks


Hi. You can have as many languages as you want. There is no limit. It does not come with any languages made, but you can translate it as you want.

How can increase the speed of movement of Partner Scroller?

Thanks for your prompt assistance.


Please ask support questions on the support forums: http://support.duotive.org/

hay i cant find the html files, it is not Included? nur


Hey. This is a wordpress theme. Not a site template. The HTML files tag is enabled because HTML is generated by wordpress.

I am pretty new to all this but love this theme. I was wondering if it is okay for a first timer? Is there videos to show how to change everything? I know HTML pretty well and I can figure out CSS . I just want a really nice theme I can customize and have a killer blog. I was pointed to this theme by a friend after a disastrous purchase of Ultimatum. I forked out a lot of money and it is so hard to use. I really don’t want to waste anymore money. Thank you so much for your time and btw, it really is an epic them. Kudos!


Thanks :) Your new to this, and choose to start with a harder cms, an that is joomla :) Wordpress is way easier and this theme is easy to setup. It has a lot of videos and you also have the support forums if needed, but if you watch all the videos, you will know everything that you need about the theme. Thanks for your kind words.

Thank you so much for such a quick response! I am purchasing now :D


You’re welcome and do not forget to unzip the theme first and than look in the documentation folder. Thanks for the purchase.

I already have it installed and I am playing with it right now! It is awesome :D Thanks again!


Thanks for the purchase and good-luck with the install :D If you run into issues please ask your questions on the forums: http://support.duotive.org/

Hello guys, this is the most amazing theme I have bought in the last two years. Its professional, easy to use, knows more than I expected, simply just awesome! This is the website I have created with it: http://demeterpalinka.hu/ Have a great week: Katalin


Hello. Thanks for your compliments :D And congrats on a well done website :D