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Cool theme, wish you a lot of sales. And, welcome to themeforest :)


thank you very much :) apriciate that you like it

Agreed, this is nice!


thank you very much. we put a lot of work in it:) about 2 months with late nights:)

Excellent theme! Good luck with sales mate..

One of the nicest themes I’ve seen on ThemeForest in a long time. Great work! Any plans to make a non-WP version?


thank you. if requested maybe..


Well, here’s one request for you ;-) I’d definitely buy an HTML /CSS version.


why not use a cms, like wordpress? or you are not used with it. saves a lot of time… rather than coding all the html…

oO where can I find the ‘old’ Theme?

Oh haha. Sorry, forget it!

Looks very good. Content silder on Home is great and the Blog two column layout is great.

A browser issue or a generally bug maybe: If there are more than one photo inserting in the post (it si prettyphoto?) the firstpreview image will swapping the text and the post preview image isn’t correctly framed.

Is it possible to see a shortcode overview?


hello. show me what you mean with the not aligning picture. all the content in the styles menu is done using shortcodes, so have a look :) ps. you have a shortcode listing in the documentation.. dont worry about that.


Hi, follow these clicks

1. Home 2. News Flash Widget 3. Post 4. Post Preview Image

If nessecary I will sent you a sreenshot. Browser: Mozilla Firefox.


you maybe referring to the homepage with the blog. the only time the pictures can do that is when the user makes a mistake and inserts a bigger picture than the actual size of the blog. that is no issue :) but just to be sure please send me a screen shot with that, and i will take a look and make sure that we are talking about the same thing. thank you

How does the theme choose thumbnails and featured images? Does it use Custom fields or does it use Wordpress’s built in thumbnail and featured image features?

Also can you have all three styles of blog on the front page?

Do you have a screenshot of the admin area pages?


it uses the wordpress’s built in thumbnail feature but you can olso add those picture yourself if they are the right side, and align them to the left,or right using the wordpress editor and the theme will add the borders. you have in the screenshot area of the presentation here on themeforest pictures with the admin panel. please check them out. thank you

Hi, sorry for my bad english. Is it possible to get the theme to black in color?



black with grey would have beed an all dark theme so no. but you will recive the psd files and you can do as many colors as you like :) it’s easy. just change 7-8 png files and a couple of colors.

And I was so hopeful. From what I see on the admin screenshots, you have to add each slide manually? instead of having the theme pic the slides from a chosen category such as featured?

too bad, deal breaker I’m afraid. Excellent design though!


im affraid that if you have that feature you will not be able to put an order for the slides. so that is not a deal breaker, that is a plus:)

i like the lights on the homepage. But it some respects the “slider” hides the beauty of that image.

Is there a way to just have a static image on the homepage? I would want to make use of that great image with the lights



i could help you do that. by the way there is a 3 image slider that is not that oclusive.

This one is beautiful! Love the details!


thank you ! we are very happy you guys like it :) all these comments are rewarding

Beautiful theme. I just purchased it and cannot figure out how to edit the content of boxes already created using the Front Page Manager.


im sorry that is not available, it is on the list for the next update

That would be very helpful! Thank you for the quick response.


when we have more feedback we will post an update…sorry for any inconvenience created.

Hello this site http://demo.duotive.com/duotive-one/2010/08/minigallery/ have a issue in Chrome 5. The images are not in the frame and not full displayed.

greets snusnu


thank you… fixed the issues – it was an wordpress issue there

Hi, and thanks for a lovley theme.

I have an issue, but it is probably just me being stupid. How do I make pages show in the menu? I can not find any details regarding this in the documentation.

Best regards, F


hello. thank you for purchasing. this is a wordpress feature. here is a tutorial. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpViIQZ9xXI + u need to select a menu location: main menu is the top one and footer menu is the bottom one.

Men, this so cool! Great Template!


thank you! glad you enjoy it :)

This theme is working quite well for me. I’ll post a link when the site is complete.

Is there a way to make the portfolio pages sort posts alphabetically instead of by date?


i’m happy to hear that. send me the link and the ftp details via support@duotive.com and i will try to make the changes needed.

Thank you. I can do it by manipulating the dates, but it would be nice if it could happen automatically. Let me check with my client first to make sure that is what they want since your change would be pretty permanent. This really is a lovely theme!


check on that and get in touch after… :D


I just purchased this theme and it’s working, but I can’t find an .xml file that I can import to load all the posts from your sample theme.

Can you tell me where to find this?

Thanks! Leah


send me an email @ support@duotive.com and i will send you an export