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Is this a Responsive theme? Thank you.


Sorry for the delay! Duotive Three is not a responsive theme. It was built quite a while ago when responsive wasn’t popular and it wasn’t a main feature added to themes.

If I may suggest, you might want to check out our responsive theme Duotive Keep.

Best regards!


Any chance of selling the slider separately ?

Can’t find one anywhere that does the content (posts) like yours does.



That is not something that we can do. I am sorry.

I really love the grid slider! Is this a plugin I can purchase separately or is it custom? Can you be hired to create a similar slider for a client?

Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately the slider is exclusive for the theme and cannot be purchased or created for other uses.


We are having problems with Internet Explorer, the slide is not working. Is there any way to fix it?


We can take a look. Please come to the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and we can take a look there.

I just updated to Wordpress 3.9.1 and I lost the slide show on my front page and the formatting of an accordion on another page has gone away. Is this theme compatible with the newest Wordpress version?

Yes, it should work, if you update the theme to the latest version. If that does not help, you can come to the support forums and we will take a look at the problem – http://support.duotive.org/

Widget FP Presentation Row 1 2 and 3 not show on my home page this is how I’m have done

not sure if i have the icon uploaded ( what folder do i use to up load)

[icon number=27 size=48]

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Replied on the support forums.

I love this theme. I want to purchase a second one for a different site. I am looking for someone to update my current site and possibly use this theme on my second site. Anyone desiring to do this for pay, please contact me. partyplanner@sacramentofacepainting.com


I think the best way to get some responses on that is to look for someone that can do such jobs. You can find someone on freelancer websites. For example envato has this – http://studio.envato.com/ – try there to find freelancers. ( envato is the company that runs themeforest )

Hi, I have had my theme working perfectly for three years, but suddenly the images of the slider are not showing up. I can see the image with chrome inspector, but it’s not showing.

Any idea of what can be happening?

Thanks a lot!


That is probably caused by a plugin that you have installed. I can fix up the theme to work again, but i need you to post a question on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – by creating an account with your WP/FTP details and we will take care of it.

Hi, I have done what you said. Please, help me ASAP. Thanks a lot!

You’re welcome

I am using this theme on an existing site and want to upgrade the site to WordPress 4.0. Is this theme compatible and tested with 4.0?


From customer feedback and my tests it look to be good to go. However if you have problems with it feel free to come to the support forums and we will discuss the issues.

Around when exactly was this theme updated ?

Is it optimized for Mobile phones ?

What is the exact version number ?

Is there a current changelog ? If yes, where can I find it ?


- turner2f

The theme has all this information on it’s page on themforest. It has been updated when there where problems discovered. However it will not get a mobile phone update.

On your homepage….

1) “UPDATE 1.63 – 23 April 2013”

2) On the right side it says – “Last Update 23 April 14”

As in April 2014

3) The Image Graphic says, “V 1.5”


Seeing these three different things gave me the impression that the “Update Information” for the plugin might not be current.


So, is the information where it says, “UPDATE 1.63 – 23 April 2013”, the most current info ?

Look forward to your reply.

The version is 1.63 and it was released in 23 April of 2014. I am sorry for the problems you are having.

Hello, I wonder if the slide is part of the template or a plugin to share? I wish I could buy the slide to another page


The slideshow is part of the theme and there is no plugin that has the same functionality.


The multi-row slider photo carousel … is that what people are referring to that’s not available as plug-in? (And the theme is not responsive?... could I customize it to make it responsive?)


Yes, that is correct, unfortunately that’s not part of a separate plugin, but instead built directly into the theme. Duotive Three is not responsive and it would mean to rewrite and design the entire theme again to make it behave well on modern mobile devices.

What we suggest is waiting for our next theme, which will be launching in the near future: it will be responsive and it will be build with mobile devices in mind, it will have the Duotive Gallery slideshow which was a widely used and appreciated component and lots and lots of more featured that are mandatory for a complete WP theme for today’s standards.

Thank you for your interest!
Best regards,
Duotive team.

Thank you. What is “near future”? (3,6,9,12months?)

You’re welcome! It shouldn’t take more than a month, hopefully less than that.

Looking for the announcement here! (how else can I be notified of new themes?)

You need to go to our website duotive[dot]org and and sign up to our Newsletter list (mail icon bottom left).


waiting for some support in the forum, but I didn’t get any response yet.

Please check the new topics and get some support.



Sorry about the delay. I’ve just answered your question on the forum.

Kind regards.


I raised a support question on the forum a few days ago and had a question from Vlad about my issue. I came back with more info but not had any further recommendations on what to do next. Just wondered if it’s still possible to get assistance on my issue. I understand as you guys are probably very busy and apologise for chasing you.

Hope you can help.


Sorry for the delay, I’ve replied to your support request on the forums. :D

You realize you have a timthumb.php exploit script in your theme right? I am dealing with a malware infection because your code is very exploitable.


Please contact us at duotive [at] yahoo [dot] com with the following information: version of the theme you’re using and version of WordPress.

Thank you!

Best regards.


manskow Purchased

Hi. I just updated wordpress to the latest version 4.2.2 The widgets don’t seem to work the way they should.

F.ex: Duotive Slideshow I added slides, which also show up on the frontpage but there is no list over current slides and it is not possible to remove them either. When adding new the Upload image button only fades inn an overlay. There is no window coming up to actually upload an image.

Could you please reply on the issue to this email address: katja@eyego.no I took over for the previous developer. Thank you in advance :)


We can surely take a look at the issue, but that will be possible only on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – so please join us there and we will take care of the issues you have.


rwtryb Purchased

Create Responsive for this theme. Everyone love Duotive Three

We have something in the works that has a demo that looks like three :) and it is responsive :D