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Please ignore my question – I googled your videos and it’s explaining everything!


You have the videos in an ordered fashion in the documentation folder that comes with the theme pack. Glad you solved it anyhow.


But one thing I didn’t see in the tutorials is whether you get to set a spot to crop photos from, i.e., crop from left corner, right corner, center, etc. for the thumbnails in the Duotive gallery slider. Does it not crop photos and accomodate whatever shape the actual photo is in, or does it crop in some default fashion that we can’t control? BTW, the videos are fabulous – just helped me make my decision.


I am sorry, but there is no such option defined. However if you have one place you want to change the crop location tell me on the forums and i will help you change a file for the particular location. The forums are located here – http://support.duotive.org/

Thanks for your kind words about the videos.

egosum Purchased

Just upated the german translations for your very well theme. Where should it been uploaded for your next relaease?


Sure. Thanks for that. Send us an email to duotive at yahoo dot com with it :)

egosum Purchased

Will be done tomorrow…



I am trying to access your support forum however, it is saying that my purchase code/license code is not valid and it is the correct code. Can you please advise?


Replied to other post.

There is an issue with the way the image display in lightbox mode in IE7. I can send you a snapshot but I need an email address or access to the forum to post this is issue. My purchase/license code did not work when trying to register for the support forums.


Make sure that you use the purchase code without any spaces before and after it and also just the alphanumerical code and nothing else. Will reply when you get on the forums. :)


It still did not work. I have now tried it 4-5 times. Can you please just email me? stacee@stacee.co


Can you please just email me your purchase code to duotive at yahoo dot com and i will see why it does not work?

Really interested in buying this, but the live preview isn’t working, and I can’t connect to your website either :S


Please try again. It seems just fine for me.


Tried in two different browsers, as well as ran the site through Troubleshooting. In all cases, I’ve been told I have no internet problems, but the site is taking too long to respond (or is unresponsive). The same happens when I try to go directly to duotive.org Should add that I have no other internet issues, and previewing other wordpress themes here from other authors also have no issues.


It’s not a browser problem. It’s an ISP problem. Try at another location. We are hosted at mediatemple so the host is surely fine. Maybe a router problem somewhere in between the host and you. This is something i cannot check. Do a trace route from you to duotive.org and see where it times out.

Really interested in buying this, I was wondering weather this theme has any background color customization. My requirement is a dark color rather than the white(which is available in the preview)


Thanks for your interest in our product. The theme was designed to have a white background and it looks really bad in black. Please trust our design :)


does the package of this theme includes necessary plugins?


No, but the installation video what single plugin you need to install.

How do I override the default predefined colors?


Did you take a look in Duotive Admin Panel – General Settings? Also did you watch the videos from the documentation folder found in the pack you downloaded from themeforest?

How does this site look with tablets and phones?



The theme was developed long before responsive design was adopted by the masses, so if that’s what you’re asking, then no the theme is not responsive. It works on mobile devices, but pinching/double-tapping is needed to zoom in on the content.

I hope this answers your question. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Best regards!

Is this in html or html5?


It makes no difference. Why do you think it matters? It’s html4 strict.


I think it matters because our distributor, The University of Chicago Press, says that their environment doesn’t support HTML5, which means, basically, that if our new website uses HTML5, their system won’t be able to work with our system.


Than it’s fine. It has no HTML5 elements.

Hello I have one question … In presentation page right next to “Recent tweets” box there is some boxs with icons/title and than content .. how is the code for all this boxs ?!!! I try it [icon size=”48” number=”76”]

Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Nam feugiat laoreet erat.


BUT the Icon doesn’t next to the to the icon and there is not the line to divider the content .. plus which is the link for each one

-Read More -download picture -watch video -send us an e-mail


Hello. I will share that code with you on the support forums. Please join the forums and we will talk there, because theme support is offered there and not in the comments section.

jkdavis Purchased

A great looking theme to say the least but I wanted to point out some major concerns for anyone looking to alter or deviate from the designs presented in the live preview.

The CSS in this theme is poorly written and overwriting something simple like a color often requires either an !important or a very specific selector.

A huge flaw with this theme is the lack of classes for the tag. They seem to be have been omitted completely from Wordpress with this theme! This is a horrible design flaw and is a required feature of Wordpress for anyone looking to style anything on specific theme page-id.

Standard Wordpress features such as gallery captions are not included with this theme, which is poor design and coding. A “featureless” gallery should be handled by shortcode and should not replace a great gallery solution such as the 3.5 Wordpress gallery.

All in all this theme is a nightmare when you look through the code (espcially the .css) file. If you are looking to manipulate this theme any fashion whatsoever I urge you to choose another theme.

I am a web designer and have been buying themes from Theme Forest for over a year now, and I have to say that this is the worst theme so far. Requests from my client have to be turned down solely because I just cant correctly select pages or add basic Wordpress functionality back into the theme on the budget.

If you do not plan on touching the theme and are fine with a website looking exactly how it does in the live preview, then this is a fine theme for you.

For and advanced user, steer clear of this nightmare.

Also a word of warning for people who rely on support. The support for this theme is lackluster. Knowledge is often held back about the theme because he/they do not believe it should be supplied. Often people are replied to in a very abrasive manner on the support forums, in a way that leaves a sour feeling in my stomach. Luckily I do not rely on support so this does not bother me, however the one question I did ask was answered in a very lackluster way. I spent a good hour or two browsing the support forums, seeing abrasive replies everywhere I went.

I understand that support for a theme with this many sales is a hard job, but as a paying customer I (and others seeking support) are often left feeling discouraged.

I am rating this theme a 1/5 stars because I feel that is does not measure up to the standards I have grown acustomed to with themes I purchase on Theme Forest.

Buyer be warned


The css is written properly. To overwrite a color you need to respect the hirecracy of the css classes and what is more important to the browser. If you do not know what that is do not call the theme poor written.

I never heard of tag classes. Your description is not correct.

You have seen what galleries are included and you still bought the theme, so you did not need caption galleries. That is not a fault, that is a choice.

You are probably editing the minified file. Of course it’s hard to edit and that is just your now knowing what to edit so calling out faults that are not there is just your bad attitude.

Your budget and your capabilities have nothing to do with the theme and the way it’s built. The theme can offer what the demo shows. Nothing more. Extra functionality is added by you and you cannot blame the theme for how much it takes.

Thanks for your rating and your comments and i have to tell you that you are the first one that has such a bad impression.

jkdavis Purchased

A better idea so that you properly understand body classes (My previous comment removed body before the word tag):

<body class="single single-post postid-56 single-format-image custom-font highlander-enabled highlander-light">

Taken from Twentythirteen demo as seen here

As opposed to your theme:

<body class=" customize-support">

You can read more about this here: Wordpress Codex Discussing Body Classes

Your CSS is written with unnecessary specificity in your selectors. A good example (However a mild example, an even better example would be the entire list of selectors from the font.php to overwrite your own themes font-family ), pulled straight from your CSS for the font style is:

#content div.quote-float

It is bad practice to preface a class with something like div and makes it more difficult to make changes to your CSS as one might look at the HTML hierarchy and assume #content .quote-float might be sufficient to overwrite the style but it is not. There are many examples of this.

On the topic of CSS, I am not examining the minified CSS haha! In fact I would love to apply styles through a child theme but your theme does not allow child themes.

You can fix this by changing your php in header.php:

<?php $template_url = get_bloginfo( 'template_url' ); ?> ...... <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="<?php echo $template_url; ?>/style.css" />

To correctly allow stylesheets to work from a child theme you must use stylesheet_directory instead of template_url. This is good practice for theme developers so that they do not have to edit your CSS and can simply create a child theme to make edits.

Here is a Topic on the Child Theme Issue

Thank you for your reply. I am just sharing my feedback about your theme as Theme Forest allows, as I have spent the $50 dollars to have the ability to voice my concerns.

Thank you



Although you’re somewhat right, anything can be improved, you need to take into consideration that the theme was developed and release in April 2011 (you created your account in May 2012). With each theme we tried to make our framework better and as a result make better products, better Wordpress themes than the ones we created before.

If you look closely at our portfolio, you can see an evolution in terms of functionality and code improvement.

Having that said, your comment is completely bashing our work and make it sound like it is useless. I find that offensive, even if it’s intentional or not.

Yes, you have your opinion and we have ours, but that doesn’t mean you can ridicule our hard work the way you did. If we can do something to help we’re happy to help, but if you don’t need our help and you want to customize the theme on your own, we can’t argue with that.

We’re trying to make our themes to be ready to use out of the box without too much work from the user. We like to make them user friendly, so when a person whats their website to be online in a few hours, he can do that. The theme offers lots of options and functionality and as I said it could use some improvements, for it is an older product, but still these expressions: horrible design, poorly written, a nightmare, etc. shouldn’t be used lightly.

We helped a lot of users get their website running even if the things requests were out of the scope of our free support services. There are a lot of support requests both on forums and email, if you think our attitude isn’t a welcoming one you’re mistaken, it isn’t intentional.

Thank you for your comments, we’ll keep things in mind.

Best regards.

Duotive – Great theme! First, I purchased it from themeforest and have the license, however, it is not showing up here. I’ll need to send them email and figure our what it what. Another client is interested in using the theme and I need to know how to install Nivo Slider for this one. IF I can get Nivo installed, I can sell another copy of your template. The other client is coylestudios.com if you want to check the license.

Thanks in advance,



Thanks :) No problems. But nivo slider is already included in the theme. Didn’t you see the option for it? And i cannot check licenses and no body can :( because of privacy matters :)

Never mind – I found it. Thanks!~


Glad you found it!

Is there any way to remove the overlay, Title, Description and “Read More” from the Nivo Slider in this theme? We just want the images and nothing more.

I found the other account.



Sure, we can give it a try, but please join the forums, as we can take a look there better than here and have a proper conversation. Thanks. The forums are here – http://support.duotive.org/

I am having issues with teh slider on this theme and timthumb. The images do not show up. I have tried umteen amounts of fixes tweaks updates to timthumb.php etc… any help would be appreciated. Is this a known issue or am I on my own …?



You are not on your own, i can take a look here – http://support.duotive.org/ – on the support forums.

Good day! I purchased your theme last year It’s nice but when i tried to test the slideshow it seems not working…I already read some same issues with this problem in themeforest. I already tried it. but it’s not working..please help..ASAP…


Good day. Theme support is offered on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

is possible create pages with password?


That is a default wordpress feature and for the standard page templates, yes it’s possible.

Hi I love the them but I really need to change the size of the fonts in the headers and in the intro – the size of the fonts within the pages is spot on, the others too large – please help! :’(


Hi. Please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and show me the page where you want and exactly what you want to change, and i will tell you what to do.

BTW I have read your posts about inserting #frontpage .frontpage-intro { font-size: 17px; line-height: 25px; } into the advance settings and it hasn’t made any difference… Website is www.oursecretboudoir.co.uk and currently using the INFO section as site under construction as it looks awful with the full intro on


Replied to the other.

Ok please ignore previous posts, I’ve just found the style editor thing and changed all fonts to 12px… hope it works now LOL


Ok, but still join the forums for future problems.