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I’m having trouble posting an image in a TEXT WIDGET on the sidebar, the image doesn’t show, please help =)


Please post your question on the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ :D Thanks!

turner2f Purchased

Just purchased the Duotive Three template

1) Do not see a WP XML file for getting it set up to look like your demo site.

Is there a WP XML file or is the configuration downloaded from the Admin panel?

2) I do not see a link to access the forum

Look forward to your reply.

turner2f Purchased

It probably does.

I noticed it duplicated the Featured Images for each cloned article.

You should try it out.

By the way, will you ever be creating a “Responsive” version of this?

And what about one that looks like Duotive 3, but for WooCommerce?

What is your timezone and hours for support?

We are eastern standard time

turner2f Purchased

Also found that it allows you to duplicate (clone) pages too.


We will create a new minimal looking theme, that is reponsive. I do not know about woocommerce support, but we will consider it. The problem is with the slideshows, they look great on pcs but i do not know what we will do for the phones. It’s pretty complicated. To see what i am talking about look at 5ive. ( http://themeforest.net/item/duotive-5ive-for-wordpress/2575024 ) It has the latest slideshows and we are very pleased on how they look and feel.

I live in Europe, so it’s like 7:00 AM here, and time for sleep :) You can imagine that support is not offered at this hour in most days, but i liked to go to bed with all the questions answered. To me more precise we are GMT +2 :D

Unfortunately you liked me to the same duplicate post plugin. I will use it when creating small themes that i often do. Very helpful. Thanks :)

HI, thank you for your great theme.. I really love it… But I have a problem with it.. when i am in “Duotive Admin Panel” i am unable to for instance Upload any file like LOGO .. even in Localhost mode… I am really in harry… please Help me.. to figure it out.. Thanks a LOT


Hi. Glad you like it. Please post your question on the support forum – support.duotive.org

turner2f Purchased

Do your video tutorials show us how to set up the “Duotive – Slideshow” widget as seen in the right side bar here…


We cannot seem to get ours to work.


As i mentioned before it was 7:00 AM. You have to have patience because we are not in the same time zone. I will answer questions as soon as i can and please just post them on the forums. I check the forums often so no need to tell me here that you posted there :) Thanks.

turner2f Purchased

OK. the “Duotive – Slideshow” widget apparently ONLY works if you use images already uploaded and stored inside your WP Media Library.

So this means we cannot use URL ’s from other sites.

Is this correct?


That is correct, because of the timthumb resize script.

I am considering this theme and I wonder if it is compatible with mobile devices? Thank you.


It works on mobile devices, but it does not resize down form them, so you will see the fully sized website. Thanks for your interest and you’re welcome!

unmafa Purchased

hello!! Duotive 5theme, wp_pagenavi not working.


Hello. Support questions are answered here – support.duotive.org

jbbman Purchased

Not sure if you covered this already, when hitting the checkbox next to “Make this post sticky” doesn’t continue saving…. and this message shows” Are you sure you want to do this?Please try again.”

Just hit once…. :) something fixed in last update?


I need to have a closer look, so please post a question on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and when you signup add your WP and FTP details.

I would like some direction on where to locate the right CSS to customize the site even further. For example, I want to change the background color: http://amorysabor.com/ and I inspect the element and it says it is ‘front-page-posts-wrapper” so I find that in the style.css and change it but the color stays the same.

Another issues is that when I try to use the Business layout for the frontpage I get an “unresponsive script” error.


Theme support is offered on the support forum – http://support.duotive.org/ – please add your WP and FTP details when you signup so i can see the problem with the business layout for myself. Thanks.

No puedo entrar al foro de ayuda, me dice que ya estoy registrado, pero no reconoce mi usuario. Tengo un código de compra.

I can not go to the help forum, tells me I’m already registered, but does not recognize my user. I have a purchase code.


Send an e-mail with the purchase code to duotive at yahoo dot com and i will reset it for you so you can create a new account.

jjghatt Purchased

Is it possible to upload this theme on a wordpress.com blog when the owner has purchased authority from wordpress to allow theme and layout customization or is this theme only capable of being used via a wordpress.org blog? Please confirm.

The company I hired to install the theme says that you can permit their CSS coding manually by dong something internally. I am not certain what they are referring to.

Thanks for your help!



The theme is like any other theme that is not a free theme on the wordpress database. It can only be installed on a self hosted wordpress instalation or a premium wordpress.com account ( from what i heard – i never used it )

I can take a look if it can be installed if you add a question on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and when you sign up you add the relevant details.

Hello I ‘m trying register my user on suport forum. I use the Purchase Code and give me the message “This purchase code has been already registered”.

Can you help me?

Thank you


Hello. Okey. Please send your purchase code to duotive at yahoo dot com.

Hi.. Have a question before purchase. 1. The theme is not responsive as what I read from a previous post? 2. Do galleries have selective password protection? Thanks and I appreciate your response.


Hi. Thanks for considering our theme. The theme is not responsive and only the columns galleries can be password protected inside pages. Sorry.

When I try to use the Slideshow shortcode the images won’t show up on the page. The arrows do but not the images. What’s the problem?



The problem can be looked at on the forums where you i will ask you to share the page where you have the slideshow. The forums are located here – http://support.duotive.org/

Hi! Really like your theme! Noticed that there is support for self hosted video – does that apply to the homepage “presentation” layout too? I’d like to self host and not use vimeo or youtube on the homepage and LOVE the look of presentation.


Hi. You can use the self hosted video at the top with the presentation frontpage.

rthapa Purchased


Under the license, am I allowed to modify the CSS ? A client of mine likes the template, but needs some adjustments in css. I just wanted to confirm before purchasing a second copy.

Thank you.



Hello. Sure :) You can make any changes you wish :D Thanks!

Hi, I was told by a friend that my site is not visible on his browser. Is it true that Duotive Three is not visible on IE versions below 9? Please advice if there is a solution to this, or if you could kindly show me a previous comment on this that I may have missed. Thanks



Hi. It works on IE8 and IE7 , so i do not know what your friend is talking about.


love the theme, few questions,

is there an easy way to install the new updates to theme, currently running V1.54

also it is possible to add a captcha to the contact form widget, I have one on the contact page but use the form widget on the websites home page and am getting a lot of spam as a result.

Many thanks


Hi. Thanks for your kind words.

An update is not simple as free themes because they are not in the wordpress repository and therefor the only way to update is to delete the old theme, download the new one and install it. Settings will not get lost, but if you changed files you need to make a backup.

Unfortunately that is not possible. However you can use a plugin ( http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/contact-form-7/ ) and use the shortcode it gives you with a text widget. It will not look good, but i can help out with that on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

You’re welcome!

Hi Duotive

I’m still loving this theme!

Just one small problem….I’m using the Doutive-Recent Tweets widget and the Twitter feed as dropped off.

Any ideas on a fix for this??

Many thanks Andy


Hi. Thanks :) I am glad to hear that! We made an update to the theme. Please join the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and than please read this – http://support.duotive.org/topic/duotive-recent-tweets-widget-stopped-working

Hello, I have finally managed to finish constructing my site and I am very happy with the end result. It’s looking great(thanks to you) and have received many good compliments from users. There is however one comment that I keep getting from many visitors to my site—that my site does not load properly or just takes forever to load. Is there a reason for this? Or have I done something wrong somewhere? Here’s my site http://easycooking4one.com Thanks

regards, S



I agree! Your website looks great! Hehe Job well done, sir!

About your issue, I believe you have too many images on your frontpage, especially in the Gallery Slideshow. When I opened your website, with my internet connection, everything loaded in 10-15 seconds. Taking into account how many images you have there, that loading time is pretty good.

Please try what I suggested above and see what your feedback is. Also, please note that support is handled on our support forums. http://support.duotive.org

Thank you! and Have a good one!


Thank you so much! My site loads a lot faster now. I have disabled like 20 images from the slideshow. Still yet to hear any comments from anyone though, but I suppose it’s alright now. Thanks again.


You’re welcome.