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Hi! Really amazing theme. I’m going to buy it, but maybe you can before it to answer a few questions. On the featured Post & Carousel Slider: how many posts can I publish to Carousel & Slider? On your live preview Slider and Carousel not moving. Do they run when I buy your theme? Is there a possibility that each category should have its own image? Is there a possibility to make a home page without the sidebar? I have about 20 categories. Is it possible to put all they to navigation bar, as well as the home page with images? Thanks a lot in advance!



1) The slider shows the latest 6 posts selected and you can show unlimited posts in the featured section.

2) I assume you mean moving automatically? If so yes you can choose to make them scroll automatically.

3) You would need to make modifications to have a category image.

4) You do not have to put widgets in the sidebar but you would need to modify the theme to remove it completely.

5) You can add whatever links you like into the navigation with WP3 .0+ custom menus.

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Hi Orman Loving the theme!

I have a question though. Can the homepage display the latest posts as per a normal blog, instead of the columns of different categories?

If so, how?



At the moment this is not included within the theme however with some modification other buyers have managed to achieve this such as http://www.blogarte.com.br/

cal510 Purchased

No worries. Blogarte looks great!

Im no good with programming etc, but I will give it a whirl and see how I go….

cal510 Purchased

Nah, I cant work it out.

Anyone up for some quick custom work? Send me an email with your price!

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I bought this team. Small problem. If there's no sample data or sql file, it becomes quite pointless to install the theme and then have to figure out everything. Seems like a template is purchased and random template words are replaced with real content, so I assumed as in other sites when you purchase a wordpress theme, you're getting the design and content with the garbage words included, meaning the sql file. I guess the question becomes can you send me the sql file for the template demo because that is what I wanted to purchase or am I missing something? Thanks.

eg. home page shows no posts and templates are expected for quick development which can’t be done if debugging has to take place etc.


Not sure I understand, you wanted to buy the demo content and not the theme? You really only need to make one or two posts to get going, this is more than likely much quicker than removing sample comments, overwriting sample posts and options etc. Even with an sql dump you would still need to set up your widgets etc

Perhaps you needed the HTML version? http://themeforest.net/item/duplex-magazine-community-blog-template/145120

jimia Purchased

Exactly, I would like an sql dump please. The purpose of buying the theme wasn’t necessarily to create my own stuff. More for integration with existing systems. Please send it to findjimi@yahoo.com. Don’t need anything else. Thanks.


I will send you the xml export from the theme demo, you can import this via the WP admin.


Is there a “light” version of the WP theme – similar to the HTML version you just released. Love the theme and code btw. Looking for a design portfolio theme next :)




Leland, when you say “light”, how do you mean exactly?

Where is the PO file as it was mentioned in theme description ?

There is no PO File as it was mentioned in item description!


Hey, there is indeed a .po file included with the theme called default.po right in the root of the theme. Is this the account you used to purchase? You are not showing as a buyer.

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I don’t know why it shows that i didn’t purchased it, cuz i did . i can send you the item purchase code that can be downloaded in “My Account”—> “Downloads” section in Privet massage.

Anyway i found the PO file :) Thanks If you need that i send you the license number in privet reply to me…

Anyway great work ! I order it for the client. Have to say that you did a great work.


Strange, it is showing that you have purchased it now. Anyway, glad you found the .po file and thanks for your comments :)

cal510 Purchased

Hi Orman

I am having no luck editing my index file to resemble something like blogarte.com.br (im hopeless at that kind of stuff)

Instead, how can I make the index look like the search results page instead?


Most of the information needed to be able to do that would be found in archive.php – you would need to take the appropriate loop and code from here but omit the parts you no longer need such as category descriptions etc. Then, place that code in the relevant location in index.php after removing the category blocks. Sorry I cannot walk you through it, it is a fairly large modification :(

Hello, I like a lot the theme but like some users I want to put the news like a normal blog, for example like (http://www.blogarte.com.br) Orman, please can yo do a tutorial to put like this? I have done a lot of changes to show but it´s difficult because there are some variables and I don´t find the good result… :( Thanks!


I will put this on my to-do list however I’m not sure when I would be able to get round to it, busy this time of year :(


Great theme! Just one question:

Does the color picker change the background colour and the main content areas stay the same?



The colour picker actually changes the link and accent colours, in the demo it is set to an “orange” colour.

Svipic Purchased

hey, can you please provide dummy text for the theme ? It will be easy to understand how to work with it then…


Sure, grab a copy from here – http://cl.ly/3fC3

Thank you for your reply regarding the colour picker. Is there an easy way to set a custom background colour for this theme?

I am considering this for a client and she wants a specific background colour.

Thanks again


Changing the bg colour would be a 1min css change, I could show you how in the support forum.

Hello Orman, we bought your great theme “duplex” today – great work :-)

We have just one little problem with the featured area. It just don´t work. We did as described in your help file and enabled the featured area and tagged the post with ‘featured’. The area and the ribbon works, but there are no posts inside… have we overseen something? By the way the slider section worked without any problems.

Thanks for any hint in advance

best regards Joe


First and foremost, thanks for purchasing one of my Premium files – your support is greatly appreciated!

Support for all themes and templates is conducted through the PremiumPixels support forums. To gain access, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1 – To register a new account for the support forums, please contact me through my profile page here: http://themeforest.net/user/ormanclark whilst being logged into the account you purchased the file with. In the message area please enter “Support Forum Access Request” or similar.

Step 2 – After your purchase has been verified you’ll receive an email with a username and temporary password. That’s it, you’re in!

Support forum URL : http://support.premiumpixels.com/

It would be appreciated if you could post this in the forum as it may help others with the same issue. Thanks, Orman

gldtn Purchased

my slider stoped working :/ any ideas?

Thank you!


Unfortunately not without a URL and some information. Perhaps you want to take a look at/post your query in the support forum – http://support.premiumpixels.com

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hello, thank you so much for this great theme, it’s unbelievably great, it’s the one for me, and I’m dying to apply it on my blog.

but I’m wondering if there is a QUICK way to have it be right-to-left rtl? the text and the logo at the top, I want it to support rt languages.

please answer me ASAP , I really need to know, and I’m so excited and i can barely set still!

thank you again. :)


I’m not so sure there is a “quick” way yet I know plenty of other authors have managed this e.g. http://n2b.org/

jimia Purchased

Thank you very much for the file. Exactly what I needed. Cheers.

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@suesam I can send you the RTL css if you want, just send me mail through my profile page

i just bought it , but in the category block , the thumbnail is so small. i’am sure the original picture in post is big enough


Hi, I see you have registered for the support forum, I will take a look at this over there :)

Amazing Template!!!

Bookmarked! ;)

Just bought it and it’s a really nice theme! my GF will use it to make a blog :)