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Hi, Love the theme and have been looking for a nice clean upgrade to my current site. I have one question, I have had issues in the past when testing new themes with the preview images transferring accross to a new theme, is this straight forward with your theme?




I’m assuming you mean featured images. WP has a slight limitation at the moment of only being able to resize images as you upload them which means any new theme you activate with different image dimensions may look a little odd. You would need to regenerate the images after the new theme is activated, perhaps with a plugin like http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/ or by manually re-uploading them.


Hi, thanks for your quick reply! I will take a look at the plugin as this may do the trick. Thanks! ;0)

Great work :) But, I think that there is maybe a bug,because when I click on some post/link in the middle of home page for example … next page opens scrolled down to the level of the clicked link on home page. Why?

I have one more question before buying … is there a possibility to give different colors for each category (or at least cat. title)?

Tnx :)


The only reason that would happen if if you click the comment link, it will take you to the comments of that post.

As for colours, it depends what you actually mean by different colours, whole theme colour change, text colour change, image border colour change? Everything is possible with some modification of the theme, to change the title colours per category you would need to alter some css.

Tnx for quick answer. But that is not what I mean. Anyway, I see now … problem is premiumpixels.com header, when I remove the header theme works fine :)

As for colours, I mean something like this (for categories and colors): http://themeforest.net/item/cooolzine-magazine-wordpress-edition/full_screen_preview/115116

Each category has its own color, but no problem I will do some modifications ;)


I see, just a few mods and you can achieve this, WP has pretty decent css prefixes for category pages.

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Hi, my “post thumbnail” function is gone (in the New/Edit Post section)! I only have the possibility to use “set feature image” instead of the “post thumbnail” function (automatic sizes of the pictures). I searched in the web and found many post regarding a problem with WP 3 .x (fixes for the default theme). Do you had any experience with this issue (Duplex)? Any fixes? I really need any workaround or bugfix or instruction how to do it correctly. Thanks


The featured image and post thumbnail are the same thing, just renamed in the later versions of WP.

good evening. a very smart theme indeed. my compliments.

some people miss the core blog functionality in the home page, well, I might too. is the number of categories unlimited and thus a clever replacement for a typical timeline based singular blog (since I can see all the changes in any category taking place there anyway) or is it limited to six “slots” (with four of them showing the most recent posts images)?

can I put sub-categories there?

thanks for your time



The homepage is limited to 6 blocks on content as you described – you can choose any category or sub-cat for these blocks.

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thanks man. just purchased. this theme is unavoidable :)


Thanks :)

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you’re welcome. I will head over to the support forum, should I have any further questions.

I’m having difficulties though with the slider and custom tabbed widget. They activate properly but there’s no live functionality; the slider doesn’t slide and the tabbed widget displays all four tabs in one long column, rather than allowing the user to shuttle between them.

I suspect it might be a jquery conflict? Have you run into this before? Any known incompatible plugins or scripts?

I’ll be working on it through the evening and will be cycling between the new and old themes but it’s up here: http://www.sequential-one.com/blog

Thanks so much!


First and foremost, thanks for purchasing one of my Premium files – your support is greatly appreciated! I see that the issue is fixed now? If not, send me an email through my profile page and I will get you access to the support forum.

Support forum URL : http://support.premiumpixels.com/

Hi! Very interested in this item. I just had one question for you – are the number of sponsor spots on the right sidebar customizable? Like, if I wanted to have say, 6 sponsors, could I easily add more in the same size/shape beneath the two slots that are there?

Also, can the text font be changed?

Thanks for your help! Amanda


Hi Amanda, in the ad widget you can add up to 6 sponsors which can appear in a random order if required.

As for the font, you can change this via css – a very small modification.

Thanks for the quick response. Your reply raised one more question then… so if you can have up to 6 per the template, is it very difficult/impossible to expand this via css as well? I need to be able to have several, but I’m open to paying someone to tweak the code as long as it CAN be done…

Thanks so much! Amanda


The ad widget displays 6 ads, but you can display the same widget more than once. If you wanted each widget to show more than 6, it would more than likely require a developer but certainly is possible!

This theme is perfect – I had no problems at all installing or configuring it for my website Curvy List. I did use the plugin Orman suggested for resizing featured images, which was a lifesaver. I’m super happy with my purchase.


Glad to hear that! Wish you all the best with the site!

Pre-purchase question: How much work is needed to change the color of the slider while retaining the texture? I’d like it to be white with texture. Thanks!


Hi, not too difficult, you would need to get the PSD (included), change the colour (the texture overlay is included), save your image and overwrite the existing image used by the theme. If you have knowledge of Photoshop then would be very simple.

One quick question. Is there a way to switch the Post page layout to the full screen layout available to pages?

For reference.. I’m looking for my Vimeo posts to span the page:



Yep you could do that but it would be quite an involved process, everything has been styled/coded to fit that particular width. It’s possible sure, not a 2min job though.


Thanks. Looks like I just wasted $35.


I wouldn’t have thought it would cost too much for a developer to make these changes for you.

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Very concise, neat and client friendly Theme. It’s a pleasure to work with. Thanks!


Thanks, appreciate it! :)

Can I change the background image for the site easily (one image to replace)? Thanks!


That’s right, to change the background you will just need to change the background in the css file. Very simple change.

Any plans to add support for WordPress galleries?


You can use the built-in WordPress gallery shortcode (http://codex.wordpress.org/Gallery_Shortcode) or install a plugin of course.


I guess I meant if you had styled the galleys or created a template for the galleries. Thanks for the reply though! Was about to pull the trigger on this theme and then you go and release yet another awesome theme! Guess I’ll have to get both!

Keep up the great work!

Hello, this theme is by far the best of all, am having just two little problem. The slider used to work before, I have more than one post tagged “slider” but it’s only displaying one post, I also want to know how I can set a portion of the featured image.. thanks

pic.JPG - 0.03MB[/URL]

First and foremost, thanks for purchasing one of my Premium files – your support is greatly appreciated!

Support for all themes and templates is conducted through the PremiumPixels support forums. To gain access, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1 – To register a new account for the support forums, please contact me through my profile page here: http://themeforest.net/user/ormanclark whilst being logged into the account you purchased the file with. In the message area please enter “Support Forum Access Request” or similar.

Step 2 – After your purchase has been verified you’ll receive an email with a username and temporary password. That’s it, you’re in!

Support forum URL : http://support.premiumpixels.com/

One last pre-sale question…

Right below the nav is the “featured” area with multiple posts with their accompanying image and thumbnail.

How hard is it to replace this functionality to use the uBillboard plugin?

I’m not looking for a detailed answer just curious if the code for that section is one giant DIV I could replace and, if so, would it screw up anything else in the theme?



Hey, you could quite easily remove the featured items or turn them off in the options. As for implementing the plugin I would have no idea I’m afraid, I’ve never used it before, but I can’t see why not.


Sweet, thanks!! :-)

I really like the “optional post grid” on your Repo theme… Any way to add that feature to this theme? Is it included all ready?

Thanks! :-)


It’s not included already but wouldn’t be too difficult to add. A little more than support unfortunately but maybe a small dev job.

Hi OrmanClark, The slide effect does not work when BODY or container-element has dir=”rtl” I used Firebug to note this problem. How can I fix this problem? Because I would like to purchase the template.


This can be fixed by changing the CSS values used by the slider JS. By default it uses a “left” attribute which should be changed to “right” throughout. If you do change to RTL you may have to make other CSS changes/tweaks to get the set-up looking 100% correct.