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I’m trying to get videos in Featured Preview to work like in your preview, can’t get them to. How’d you make them 100% width and responsive? Tried youtube and vimeo.

Nevermind, solved it. Thanks Hypha for such a nice theme!

Hiya. How can we disable notices for “This theme recommends the following plugin: .... ” ?

Hey, if you go into the functions.php, on line 18 just add two slashes to the beginning of the line so it reads:
//add_action('tgmpa_register', 'my_theme_register_required_plugins');
That should disable the notices.


I purchased your theme in another life (with another account in fact:p) and your theme is not child-theme-ready.

Could you read the Codex and do an update of your theme ? ChildTheme – Using functions.php

It’s not hard and the benefit is real for your theme. Thank you very much, Geoffrey

Thanks a lot for this. I am definitely going to get an update out for Duplex with a lot of new features.

Hey Hypha – I have been using the Duplex template for over a year now as a blog and love it. I have noticed that since moving to WP 3.8.3 and now WP 3.9 that the ‘Gallery’ layout will no longer function. Older posts work fine, but anything created since the update won’t load. Neither the main image or thumbnails load. Do you have any idea? I have turned off other plugins and still no luck.


Thanks Hypha. Will email you now. Again – thanks !!

Hi Hypha – I am still after a fix for this issue with the shortcodes – can I email you now? I am now running Wordpress 4.2.2. Are you able to send me the latest build of your shortcodes plugin with instructions?

Hey, I just sent you an email reply. I’ll take a look at the shortcodes plugin and update the theme with the latest working version soon. Thanks!

Hypha Shortcodes is not working. It is installed and active and I can’t find it in the visual editor.

There has been quite a few changes to WP since this theme was created. I’m currently working on updating this to work with the latest version. Thanks!

Really need an update on this fab theme! Having issues with Shortcode.

I’ve updated the Hypha Shortcodes to work with the latest version of WP. If you’d like the file, just send me an email (through my profile page or hypha.labs[at]gmail.com and I will pass you the zip with instructions.

This was my 1st theme here, and since then I’ve standardized the code structure of all my other themes (in the real world). I plan to change the Duplex code structure to be like all my others. It’s a big change and this is the only reason it hasn’t been officially updated yet.

Hello (im french sorry for my english), great theme, our blog is starting to be nice! :)

I need help, I would put the header of the home page on my article pages. http://kirk-agency.fr/blog/

Add the baseline “Le journal de bord de l’agence Kirk.” on my article pages under the logo.


Thank you!

It is in the php file ?

If you go to the header.php file, look for the following:
//Site Blurb
if (is_home()){
    $site_blurb = ot_get_option('site_blurb');
if ($site_blurb) { echo '<h2 class="logo-subtitle">'.$site_blurb.'</h2>'; } 
Change that to the following:
$site_blurb = ot_get_option('site_blurb');
if ($site_blurb) { echo '<h2 class="logo-subtitle">'.$site_blurb.'</h2>'; }
So basically you just delete the “if (is_home()) {” line and it’s closing tag. Hopefully that works!

By default it’s in header.php lines 55 to 58. Just delete lines 55 and 58. Don’t touch lines 56 and 57.


How can i make a Vimeo responsive in a post?


Got it with fluid-video-embeds.


Is it possible to make next to the plus-icon in the header, social icons?


Hello. I cannot figure out how to set a video as featured image. Using wp 3.9.1 and HyphaShortcodes plugin is activated. Furthermore, i can’t see any HyphaShortcodes button in my post edit page. Can you give me some hint please? Thank You.

Hello, same problem here as ukbobhicks. But now i try to press option tree and gives me a blank page and never charges my logo.


Hello -

I see there’s an update available. How do I download and apply it?


Very responsive blog. But does any one know how to add a Creative Commons in the blog? I went under Appearance>Widgets>Texts and it still wouldn’t show. Can any one help me please?


Hmm, I’ve tried this and it seems to be working fine for me.

This is what I did:
  • Go to http://creativecommons.org/choose – copied the code in the bottom right box. I didn’t make any custom changes or anything.
  • Dashboard -> Widgets – Dragged the Text widget into the Cabinet area.
  • Pasted the creative commons code. Click Save on the widget.
  • Go to Duplex and click on the ”+” button on the top right.

It seems to show up fine for me.

If those directions don’t work for you, can you let me know if you have made any custom changes to the theme? Or are you using any particular plugins?

It worked! All this time I assumed it’d appear at the bottom somewhere. Thank you so much, Hypha!


Just for your information, you can put it at the bottom if you want. In the Theme Options just paste the code under Sections > Footer > Footnote Text. That will place the code in the bottom of your website, but it will replace whatever you originally had there at the footer.

Hi how do I get test in the body to go 100% I thought it was responsive I want the page to go width of the screen is this possible? thanks

any idea?

Hi Rooon,

Sorry for the late reply. I was on holiday.

If you get the Jetpack plugin, activate the Custom CSS module, and add in the following:

.post .entry-wrapper { max-width: 100%; }

.post .entry-post { padding: 0 5%; }

Those lines will override the default settings. Right now, the max-width is set to 1600px. The code I give you will set it to fill 100% of the width. For the padding setting, the original setting is set to 20%. That means the content will have a padding on the side that is 20% of the window size. The new setting I gave you is 5%, but you can type whatever number you want there, including pixel settings. The larger the number, the bigger the padding. For example, you can type this for a small 10 pixel padding:

.post .entry-post { padding: 0 10px; }

Hope that helps!

Hello guys, I want to deactivate the excerpt(); on category-pages, tag-pages and archive-pages. How can I do that?

It looks like this theme has been customized quite a bit. There is a “u” tag that is wrapped around the titles, which isn’t in the original theme. You can either take out that U tag, or add the following style:

.archive .post-content header u { text-decoration: none; }

Thank you so much. The last point: In this category there is an excerpt, or? http://www.kredit-fuer-unternehmer.com/themen/banken

It doesn’t seem to be working for that category. The excerpt isn’t being wrapped between tags. If you can somehow wrap them, maybe in a “P” tag, then it will work.


Firstly, amazing work.

I am looking to buy the theme this afternoon but only have a few general questions before doing so:

1. Is the theme ok to use Visual Composer plugin? 2. Is it possible to customise the homepage content or does it make use of pre-defined templates?

That’s the main questions.

Many thanks in advance,


You mentioned in my other theme, that these questions were actually meant for my “Publisher” theme. I’ve answered your thread over there.

However, for anybody wanting to know the answers for this Duplex theme:

1. This theme wasn’t designed for Visual Composer, but could probably make use of it with a bit of coding. I do plan to update this with Site Origin Pagebuilder support in the future though. It’s not VC, but it would accomplish the same thing.

2. The homepage on this theme is just for blog posts. In the future when Pagebuilder is supported, you will be able to make different templates.