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I got the Durus theme a while back and i have a simple question. I am trying to to create a portfolio with multiple images under one header. Now i only have the highlighted image, but i can not put more images so i can go back and forth. I want to group my images this way.

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Fatih Demir.


I have a problem with spamming links hiding in pages? When I remove they are still there?

Any ideas here?

Uh, seems that DURUS Support is not given about months ago!, I was so happy for buy this beautiful theme, but I can’t buy it in this conditions. So sad.

Hi there, I have created a navigation specifically for my sidebar navigation. I then chose the sidebar format for the page but there is no option for selection which side navigation goes on that page. Please help.


create a parent page and choose side navigation template and then create other pages with side navigation template assigned the first create page as parent

Thank you for quick reply on my other question! I have one more question. I have built a sortable gallery but when I click on one item and it opens in the lightbox, the arrows do not advance to the next photo. Is there something I’m missing in the settings? Thank you.

Firefox isn’t registering some of the custom CSS updates, but other browsers are. See the difference in the “start now” areas on this site: www.HarvestLending.com . How do I get Firefox to read the css updates?

plotino Purchased

I can upgrade to 4.1. unresponsive in his support page?

Hi – Great theme – I am working on it for a client that purchased it. Please would you advise how to recreate the CSS based buttons that are in the RevSlider on your demo for Buy Now etc?


Great theme, but I haven’t heard back any response on a ticket I submitted. Was curious about the header top bar display (email is hidden on desktop) and the mega menu (can’t get it to work).

Any help would be great!


Hi , i have some problems with the footer, i am not able to fix the footer at the bottom of the page if there is not enough content. I have tried to fix it over HTML, over the stylesheet and over the footer.php. But i can not find a solution for my problem.

Hi, until yesterday I used to have an footer widget which was displaying a single picture. Today the widget is gone. I can’t find it anymore within the widgets area.

Any ideas?

I need support. and I filed a ticket with https://bradweb.ticksy.com/ 2 weeks ago and there hasn’t been a response.

@bradweb can you help me?


Still haven’t heard anything. I need help.


I see “video background” in the theme description, but i can’t find an example. Have you got it ? Thx you

We bought this theme maybe one year ago and have been using it ever since without a problem. However, I understand your concerns about not having any author support. Hopefully Bradweb will return to support you.

Important Question: In front of heavy security issues and many themes are already work on updates immediately – I am afraid that DURUS has no FIX till now.Theme security vulnerability. Is there any comment from Bradweb?


we are also working on this and new update will be available soon..

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Theme needs fix for WP 4.2.1

the register_sidebar call needs an id in Wordpress 4.2 and up

i fixed it in durus/functions.php for the blog sidebar and woocommerce sidebar (footer has id already). just add the ‘id’ to the array

Just a heads up for this theme, support is nonexistent.

I noticed that the social icons in the footer of my site and the theme demo stopped showing up in Chrome. Any ideas why?

plotino Purchased

This theme does not work anymore, NOT BUY !!!, No support no one answers, do not buy this them.