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To Envato.

If you are going to let users like these guys to continue sell their themes, I will in future choose other places to buy in future.

This is just plain stupid since they have no support anymore and it should at least be removed from sales.

No support for Durus. Sub-par support in the beginning and non-existent for a product prior to its one-year anniversary.

I will never buy another bradweb theme. (Warning, they still create and sell new products.)

Just wondering if it is possible to add visual composer to posts as well through durus functions.php file??

Last Update – 3 July 15… Any Change LOG description?

We have not add major changes to theme , just a small fix for heading shortcode , icons bug in footer and prettyphoto xss


CASTLE33 Purchased

Hi I’m trying to add Google Event Tracking to our website but after almost 2 weeks waiting, no data is being received. I’ve added the following code to a button I’ve created:

onClick=”_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘PDF’, ‘Download’, ’/EMC_XtremIO-Flash-Arkphire.pdf’] );”

It’s the same code as I’ve added to a previous website I was managing (different theme) and it worked fine. But with Durus it doesn’t seem to be tracking in Google Analytics Events.

Can you advise? Thanks