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Actually very interested in this…BUT the browser view is a little hard to compare to the email view. I understand the need for encrypting, but it also makes it hard to gauge real-world use…know what I mean? :)

I’ll wait until one or two purchase and comment to decide.


Hi bchalker,

If you wish , I can send a non-encrypted example layout for you to examine ; and then you can decide to purchase it ; everybody wins… :)

By the way , comments about my other email templates can also give you a clear clue about the consistency of the layouts accross email clients. :)

Please get in contact with me from my profile page , or just send an email to apkarbedo[at]yahoo[dot]com

Thank you very much for your interest.

akh18 Purchased

I had a client who wanted an email campaign and I had never sent one before. I learned all I could in seven days and got a MailChimp account and bought a email template I thought would work with me as a novice at this endeavor. After I purchased the template and worked with it I wasn’t completely satisfied with it and one day before I was to send the campaign your template showed up for sale and I purchased it knowing it would work with colors and feel I needed for the campaign.

Your instructions are A++ and before I sent the campaign I did the MailChimps inbox inspector that previews ten email clients view of your template and I was satisfied with that result and sent the campaign off.

I am a happy customer of your work/template, instructions and result from the campaign I sent this week.


Your kind comment and taking your precious time to write it really means a lot to me ; You’ve just made my day !
Thank you very much for choosing to email with my templates akh18 !
Best wishes. :)

Bedo, thank you very much for the quick communication both via email and here. Now let me communicate my understanding and offer an apology.

I am not an inexperienced MailChimp user, however, to date I’ve normally used one of their basic templates and just coded it to my preferences and was happy. So, yes, I presumed here that when it said tagged for MailChimp it was ready to go out the box with editable sections included. When I got tired of their limited library even with my paid account, I came here to Themeforest and yours was an attractive template so I purchased.

I definitely understand what you’re saying now and have already begun editing the template with the editable sections I need and all is well. Thank you and 5 stars for sure, for the quality of the template and for your quick attention. All is well and thank you so much.

Cordially, Patricia


Thanks a lot for taking your precios time to write a comment Patricia :)
I appreciate it much.
Wish you the best,

How do you use import for use in Outlook…or can you?

*How to you import for use in Outlook…or can you?


Hi , thanks a lot for your purchase.

To send email campaigns, You should use a service specializes in sending html emails ; like MailChimp , CampaignMonitor or any other service which allows you to import and send html files(And MailChimp has a completely free version with great features).

Just follow the instructions inside the help file’s How to send email campaigns section, and you’re done.

Please contact me from my profile page if you have any further questions.

Wish you the very best :)

Thanks. I’m familiar with MailChimp. The client uses Outlook, however.


Hi ministersisland :)

Your customer must use a service which specializes in sending email campaigns, like Mailchimp or CampaignMonitor , this is the best and safest way to send email campaigns.

Please get in contact with me for any questions by using the address below.

Wish you the very best :)

I purchased this item about a month ago and am just now able to write you and tell you how pleased I am with it! I’ve been able to send out a couple different email newsletters for my client and they’ve been very happy with them. The templates are easy to use and customize and the help file you sent was very helpful!

Thank you for a great product!




Great to hear from you Annette, thank you ! :)

jaxioni Purchased

Firstly thank you – very pleased with this purchase.

I am a complete novice when it comes to creating emails and found the instructions easy to follow and have created an amazing email campaign in a few hours with this template – using campaign monitor as the email client.

Quick question – I am based in UK and need to add a £ sign in. When I enter it, it shows “special rate of ?55 per person” Is there a way around this? *the £ shows as a question mark in a brown diamond but the formatting here changes it”

Only suggestion is that you add a step by step guide for complete beginners (like me) that says something like “1. select prebuilt layout. 2. copy image folder and inline html doc to a new folder (this can be anywhere). 3.edit pictures. 4. edit html (instructions make this v easy) 5. zip pictures. 6. upload both to campaign monitor.”

Thanks again and please let me know about the £ sign


Hi, and thanks a lot for your kind comment and suggestions , I will absolutely consider them… :)

You can add pound sign by typing & p o u n d ; or & # 1 6 3 ;

Without spaces between them, and don’t forget to add “&” at the beginning and ”;” at the end…

jaxioni Purchased

One other thing! I am using prebuilt layout 3 for one of my emails but want to add the tick bullet points (from other layouts) into the one column block. I am having trouble adding this without the border dissapearing at the sides…



Hi, please send me an email to the apkarbedo[at]yahoo[dot]com and I will help you with my best :)

And please state the color theme you wish…

sh22 Purchased

Thanks for all your support Bedros. You have supplied a great product.

Best Shelley


Thanks Shelley, please let me know if I can help you further. :)

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January 29, 2014

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