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1. buddypress updated 1.7 version fully compatible?

2. My website need to upload multimedia(soundcloud widget, youtube) in forum like this = http://www.collabotation.com/forums/topic/bzb-5-beatz-battle-%ED%85%8C%EB%A7%88-%EB%B0%B0%ED%8B%80-swag/

so i want to test forum.. where can i test forum?

my website i dont like it MADE theme

so want to change Dynamix theme

plz answer as soon as possile




1, By early next week it will be fully 1.7 compatible, it works absolutely fine in it’s current state, however I’m adding the few extra features 1.7 has.

2. If you mean embedding code, yes it does accept YouTube etc embed code.

i wonder it

html editer availble for forum user ?

webbybrad Purchased

Hello NorthVantage

I must say this is absolutely amazing. The support has been outstanding and the design is absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much for all the hard work and support.

Take Care :)



Thank you Brad, really appreciate you taking the time out to give feedback! :)

ondesign Purchased

The way to add image gallery (Gallery Type), with “Slide Sets Manager” gives errors on page, appears several lines with a script error in file: BFI_Thumb.php on line 336

web site: www.on-ceramics.pt



One or two users have experienced something similar, I’ve hopefully found a workaround for this here:


Would this theme be compatible with real estate plugins such as Property and Real Estate Management Plugin, WP Realty Plugin?

Thanks, Alisa


Hi Alisa,

I can’t see any reason why not. If you encounter an issue, just post onto the Help Center @ http://help.northvantage.co.uk

uknebari Purchased

Hello there i was wondering if you could help me please,

I’ve downloaded the latest version of this theme installed it on my wordpress but when i go to activate it i get the following:

Warning: Illegal string offset 'param_name' in C:\xampp\apps\wordpress\htdocs\wp-content\themes\DynamiX\lib\adm\inc\js_composer\composer\lib\mapper.php on line 75

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘param_name’ in C:\xampp\apps\wordpress\htdocs\wp-content\themes\DynamiX\lib\adm\inc\js_composer\composer\lib\mapper.php on line 77

This theme is supposed to come with visual composer but it appears that its not hence the errors.

I love this theme i had it working on the older version :/



Hi, It 100% does come with visual composer. You’ll find the solution on the Help Center, it only occurs on a few setups and is easily resolved, in the mean time, I’m hoping the developers of VC will address this permanently.

Help Center @ http://help.northvantage.co.uk

Is there a problem between the theme and the yoast seo plugin? Analytics stoped working. Can you guys help me with this please?




No shouldn’t be any issue, however, in order for me to help you’ll need to login into your account from which you purchased the theme from. For further help visit the Help Center @ http://help.northvantage.co.uk

hanse00u Purchased

Hello NorthVantage I must say this is absolutely amazing theme. We love it!

We’ve just enabled the theme on Wordpress 3.5.1. After enabling the theme our menu items does not show up?

Just a brand newly installed wordpress, no plugings or anything! http://www.windconsult.dk


Thank you for the compliment! I see you’ve seen where you apply the menu again? :)

jojoraiel Purchased

Hi NorthVantage,

Firstly great Theme and so easy to use! I’d recommend to anyone wanting a website, secondly, I have a small problem: I’d like my main content holder to show 100% of the screen such as here http://hurricogaming.com/wp-content/plugins/zingiri-forum/mybb/index.php instead of this www.hurricogaming.com

I’m embedding the forum into my wordpress site using iFrame which works, but of course I don’t get the full width of the screen. Thx for reading and hope to hear from you soon :)



It looks full width to me, for any further help, please use the Help Center @ http://help.northvantage.co.uk

ondesign Purchased

With the proposed to change the file (BFI_Thumb.php), it is everything fine now. Thank you.

Joaquim Freitas



Thank you for the feedback, it will be implemented in the next version.

selone Purchased

welcome back Why have the registration information: Invalid Purchase Code?

Than you :-)

selone Purchased

Please delete my posts, I was able to log in to support and there I found the solution.

Thank you and sorry :-)


No problem, I’m glad you resolved it :)


i am not able to set up the social icons in the color mode. I have tried the same from the Theme options and on the page itself, but seems no luck. Can you please tell me what can be the issue?



Please post this onto the Help Center @ http://help.northvantage.co.uk

A few questions to start…

1. Are there any issues using this theme with WP multisite? Probably not, just want to be sure.

2. I see the pre-set and customization for skins, but should I assume changing simple things like fonts and other aspects of the theme are just as easy and has many options??

3. Has this been tested with Ubermenu? I need to be able to create menu links for about 20+ WP networked sites, it’s critical I can make a manageable menu system using some form of plugin. And if you have any other suggestions, you may have a new customer sooner than you think.

Thanks in advance, appreciate any and all replies.



1. No, none to my knowledge, I’m sure you’re aware of the use of multi-site and licensing, if not, please check the license use first.

2. It’s within the same area, you can set the skin to have the font you wish and at the same time, another skin can have an alternative font.

3. It should work absolutely fine, I believe I’ve seen a number of users using it without any issues too.

how can i have the tagline show under the logo? I can’t figure it out and need it! It seems to be either I have a logo, or a title and text, but I want empty tite, use my logo image, and show tagline – please tell me how to do or what to customize. thanks

hi, I just posted your forum for help, I hope you reply soon, as I am trying to simply save the home page with adding a row to the existing demo homepage and it won’t save, just trys to update and never does. Please help, I need to work on this site and its not working correctly. thanks for your help.



Please be patient, it will be addressed shortly.

everytime i go to activate the theme weither it be thru FTP, The Evanto Plugin, or wordpress it’s self i get a white page with a small 0 in the upper left hand corner. How can i get this fixed. i have looked over EVERY manual and instructions and even in the fourm and i cant find a solution. and my site is behind schedule for a launch


I’ll reply to your forum post, the reason you can’t find anything is probably because it’s not ever been reported before.

Vmimike Purchased

I installed the theme update a few days ago and ever since then my wordpress had been moving extremely slow from the wordpress admin to the actual load time of my site dont really know whats going on?



Your server maybe blocking a URL which attempts to check the theme version. Try this post here ( it’s for tersus but same applies with DynamiX ) :

Marloo Purchased

we have used your website to develop the following website, however we have changed the files a bit to look different, now that the new version is out we can’t update since you have change the design in big scale.

the site has following mallware issue, please let me know what is the best thing to do:

Malware Security warning in the URL: http://hamidkouchak.com/contact/ *Suspicious domain detected. Details: http://sucuri.net/malware/malware-entry-mwblacklisted35 Location: http://www6.uiopqw.jkub.com/



You’re using a very old version of DynamiX which contained a version of the 3rd party script timthumb, that had security issues.

You need to contact your hosting regarding resolving the malware. The standard Theme 100% does NOT contain malware.


For any further help, please use the Help Center @ http://help.northvantgae.co.uk

keyhanjun Purchased

Hi Andy,

send you a private message via the support forum 6 days ago.

Seems you have overlooked it?

Thanks! ;)


Thanks for the reminder ;)