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I just purchased your Earth Eco/Econommical Non-Profit Word Press Theme and downloaded it onto my Download file on my PC. When I go to Word Press, download new, find the zip file in the download area, hit download now, I get that the package can not be installed!

The install failed because the theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Please help me get this installed. Thanks


Please extract the zip file and locate the theme under the “Installable-Theme” folder and upload that zip file only.

Is the visual drag & drop editor working yet?


I have not submitted the updated theme yet with the updated Visual Composer with the back-end fix. Simply send me a private message and I’ll zip it over to you.

You can message me privately via the form on this page – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer – and I will respond via email. Make sure to send me all pertinent data and context so we can get this sorted in a timely manner. A link to the original comment works ;)

Tayls13 Purchased

Hi there! Awesome theme and I am STILL playing with everything :-) I am trying to enlarge the font on my pages… I see there are a few threads where you say that we must add css, but I have no idea how and what and would love it if you could assist me with this?


To increase the general font you would do something like this:

body { font-size: 16px; }

And adjust accordingly.

There is a custom css panel in the theme options panel but also you can use a child theme for CSS edits.

jclaybou Purchased

I understand that the theme allows one to remove featured images from blog posts. However, is there a way to remove featured images from specific posts and from the blog page for just specific posts?

My blog is here: http://www.joshclaybourn.com/blog/

While I want the featured image to appear on the blog page and on the post page for most posts, there are a few specific ones I would not like to have them for – specifically, the latest one since I will have a video with an identical image below it. I know that I could simply not upload a featured image to solve this problem, but then I won’t have a thumbnail on the front page or related posts feature.

So, is there a way to remove featured images from specific posts?

Just wanted to post 2 small bugs I discovered in the core files, in case other people run into it.

1. Gallery title on homepage template displays Blog title. Edit the file: earth/includes/home/gallery.php Lines 38 & 39 should request “home_gallery_title” instead of “home_blog_title”

2. The Child Theme style.css file calling the master parent template is capitalized when it should be “earth” in lower case, since its calling the folder name (this is on line 7 of the style.css file)