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Hi there – slideshows not showing – see page http://www.ecological-services.co.uk/ . Theme has been updated to latest version. Please advise…

The “Custom Facebook Feed” plugin has a javascript error that is breaking things on the site. If you disable the plugin does it work?

Thanks for getting back Disabling CFF has no effect. The slides are there, just hidden.

I would still recommend contacting the plugin developer because it is creating a little error on the page – http://cl.ly/0D1F0I2f2j1J

Purchased theme not too terribly long ago, worked great and I love it. However, I did a plugin update and now see this error: Uncaught TypeError: _.template(...).trim is not a function

Which according to this thread: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/visual-composer-is-not-working

Is a theme issue? I’m not sure. Either way, my visual composer is Version 4.6.2 and says it is the latest version, and I believe it came with the theme purchase. So not sure what to do now.


You will need to update your theme and bundled plugins. To update the theme this is the easiest way: http://www.wpexplorer.com/envato-wordpress-toolkit-guide/

Once your theme is updated, log into WordPress and go to Appearance > Install Plugins and here you should be able to update the Visual Composer. If you have any errors updating the plugin then simply disable the plugin and then proceed with the update.

- AJ


In panel ’s administration, the page visual composer didn’t work. I cann’t add the functionality of visual composer. Then I have to switch to classic mode.

How to fix this problem with visual composer?


Make sure your theme and included Visual Composer plugin are both up to date:

- AJ

Thank you for the guide.

I installed the version of lastest theme and wordpress. And the edtion page dont’t always works as I indicated above.

So I tried with the old version of wordpress, it worked.

I understood that the new version of WP has a confilt with Visual Composer. Aside from you, it goes correctly?

Earth includes the latest version of Visual Composer with the WP 4.5 fixes.

After you update your Earth theme de-activate your Visual Composer plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins and update your Visual Composer plugin to the latest version. It should show a link to update it.

Or delete the plugin then the theme should display a notice at the top of the WordPress admin asking you to install the plugin and it will install the latest version.

Then clear your browser + site cache and re-test.

- AJ

Please, I have imported sample data but I have not slides. How Do I also import slides? Thanks a lot


The slides are created with the LayerSlider plugin so first you’ll need to activate that plugin. Then you can import the slides via the main LayerSlider admin page. The sample data for the slides are in the same location as the theme’s sample data but under the “LayerSlider” folder. If you still can’t figure it out let me know I can make a quick video guide or write a doc page for this.

Perfect, I have imported from the main LayerSlider admin page. Thanks a lotMr. WPExplorer. Best regards and congratulations for your theme __


I don’t see anymore the menu browse on mobile size. On desktop there are menu, but on mobile the one bottom for menu disappeared. (On WordPress 4.5.1)

Please help.



This has been fixed in the last update:

The latest version also includes the latest version of the Visual Composer so after updating be sure to go to Appearance > Install Plugins and update your Visual Composer plugin if you are using it (if you have any issues while trying to update the plugin, simply de-activate it then run the update then re-activate it).

Let me know if you have any issues with this!

- AJ

I do kindly ask that you purchase a support license. I spend a lot of time and money supporting and updating the product. Thank you!

I’m experiencing the same problem as others with a mobile menu not showing up. I understand that you’ve addressed this in a new version of the theme, but I’ve updated it through Wordpress and even installed Envato Toolkit to install the latest theme. Then I cleared my cache and still have no solutions.It seems stuck in version 3.13 with no way to update further. Help!


When you update via FTP it should just replace all the files on your server, which means it’s impossible that it wouldn’t update. That’s very weird.

I don’t know of any current bugs with the Toolkit, you could try this plugin instead – https://github.com/envato/wp-envato-market

You can also submit a ticket with temp WP and FTP logins so one of my support staff or myself can look for you – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/support/

- AJ

Yep, I’ve also tried that plugin and have not been offered an update. I also submitted a ticket through the site you offered but haven’t received a response yet.

Oh ok if you submitted a ticket someone should get to you shortly. Thank you for your patience!

I am having a problem with the slider when I try to view it on a mobile device, or even on a browser that I have reduced the width on and then refreshed the page. The slider doesn’t show. It just gets stuck on the loading animation. The slider works great on the home page, it’s just the mobile page that has issues.

ruttger.com is the page. Any help would be great.

I see an error coming from some facebook code added to the site – http://cl.ly/3t01270U3F0Y – can you try removing that code (not sure how you added it, maybe via a pluigin). To see if it helps?

- AJ

Hello, I am having the same error as another user who recently posted here (DavSign). I can not get the most recent version of this theme. I’ve used the plug in you suggested in many threads, I’ve tried uploading the theme again and get an error. I need the updated version of the theme bc I think it is causing one of my plug ins (Calendarize It) not to work. We’ve determined it is not a conflict with another plug in, from the java errors it looks like it’s with the theme. It was working fine up until a month ago. If you could just tell me what to do to get an updated version of the theme that would be helpful.

I’m not seeing any white screen of death on the admin page: http://cl.ly/3H0j3O1y0r1j

Did you manage to fix the issue?

Yes running the Visual Composer could increase memory usage and I would totally recommend making sure your server is using at least 128MB of memory – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/increasing-memory-limit-to-php/

If you are able to request server error logs from your webhost that would be a good place also to see what recent errors your site has had because a white screen is very unhelpful as it could mean a lot of things :(

- AJ

It was indeed memory related!! I just fixed it. It is now set at 128. It was extremely low before. It’s now up and running!! Thanks for helping!!

Oh great! ;)

We are using the Gallery functionality a little different then its supposed to be. We have a few pages like this – http://www.fiferorchards.com/stewardship/ – that use the gallery functionality just to display a featured image then take readers to more info; not an image collection. Before we updated versions recently, we could have text on the main page – http://www.fiferorchards.com/stewardship/. Did that get turned off in a version? Can we get it back?

Oh there is a small typo in the gallery template file. Thanks for the heads up!

If you open the file locate line 19 which reads:

<?php if ( !empty( $post->post_conten ) ) { ?>

It should be:

<?php if ( !empty( $post->post_content ) ) { ?>

It’s missing the “t” at the end of “post_content”.

I will push out an update as well, thanks for the heads up!

ps: You can now also insert a gallery with the included Visual Composer plugin on any page as well.

- AJ

Is there any way to link to an external blog with this theme? Meaning, I have two sites that I would like to work together. One is strictly a blog and one (that I am using your theme with) is a business website that I would like to showcase blog posts from my blog site—Is that possible? Thankyou

I am not 100% sure what you are asking – sorry. If you want to “link” to another blog you simply go to Appearance > Menus and you can use the Custom Link setting to link to any site you want.

If this isn’t what you are looking for can you please explain? Thank you!!

- AJ

Hello there,

I am having really hard time to find these two plugins: LayerSlider WP and WPBakery Visual Composer

The descriptions said it’s included in the package. Please guide


Sorry for the delay on this. Basically this functionality isn’t built-into the theme and I’m not really finding any good 3rd party plugin out there for this. But I could easily add a new module for this in the upcoming update where you enter the label and the price (not really sure if that is the right name since you could technically add anything, do you have a better word for that?).

Anyway, I think that would be best and this way others would benefit as well, so make sure to setup auto updates to be notified – http://www.wpexplorer.com/envato-wordpress-toolkit-guide/

And let me know if you have any suggestions for the new module, thanks!

- AJ

Thank you AJ.

It’s great that you are adding to future modules :)

I’ll be updating the theme today with the new module. It will work very similar to the one I just added to my Total theme – http://totaltheme.wpengine.com/features/builder-modules/css-leader-menu-item/

Thank you for your patience!

- AJ

Is anyone experiencing the map tab on an event no longer working?


Can you make sure your theme is up to date? There was a javascript error caused by the WordPress 4.5 update and this could have broken the maps. It has been fixed though since:

- AJ

Our slider stopped appearing on our homepage. I have disabled all of the Plugins with no success. http://assistancedogsnorthwest.org Any suggestions?

This is caused by a small issue from the WordPress 4.5 update which has already been fixed in the last theme update – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/earth/changelog/

Once the theme is updated it should fix the issue – http://www.wpexplorer.com/envato-wordpress-toolkit-guide/

- AJ