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Although this template does not fit my typical need, I must say.. this is a terrific piece of work. Very clean and a great template for any kind of adventure company in my view. Nice job!

So awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Really nice theme dude – great work!

Just a note, you’ve missed out an “s” in “WordPress” in the theme title ;)

- Ed

good job, nice idea and well done, sure there are lot of ppl who will need such good file

Lovely theme! And I personally like the features! Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks everyone! 8-)

awesome work as usual… typo error on title WordPres :)



yes, I know – but I couldn’t fit all the letters in the title input field when submitting the theme – hopefully it can be fixed ;)

As always great theme AJ, I expect nothing less from you. This theme will easily sit at the top of its niche market. Good luck with sales! :)


Thanks bud!

Quite beautiful AJ.. If I had a client for this one, I would use it right away…


Thanks man. ;)

Go find a client!


Ahh better idea, you find me a client, I build out the site and we split the difference… that way I get to have fun with this theme… ;)



wow, this is nice!


Thanks Kailoon – means a lot coming from you!

Wow kailoon, that’s a lot of badges you have :)


He is quite the badge master 8-)

Like others before me, this is just lovely. Refreshing to see, but then again, no surprise from WPExplorer. :)

Truly great work, here is to many many sales!



Really nice work! The design has your “mark”, but I love the way you adapted it to be nature inspired. I had my eye on View.js ever since Rogie launched it, it definitely adds a lot to a photo gallery.

I’m working on a few niche WordPress themes myself and I really hope we see more of these on ThemeForest.


Thanks for the kind words!

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with ;)

The title of this theme is very fitting to your name! Well done Mr WPExplorer!


haha, thanks!

Can the homepage be changed fairly easily? Also can events be renamed to something else?

Can the donate button be changed?

  • Depends what you mean about the homepage. Check out the screenshots on the theme page – the homepage is made up of a few sections that can be re-arranged/removed. Also you can additionally add a blog with content from any page you wish if you want to throw in some other content into the mix.
  • You can rename events on the front end by changing the labels for the post type then you can edit the slug by changing the rewrite function. I can point you to the lines of code in functions.php if you can’t find them.
  • Changed how? You can add your custom link in the admin, as well as change the font and text. To change the little icon you can edit header.php – there are several options because I use this web font for that:

Language Localization Support, Yes or No?


.po and .mo files included with all my themes ;)

Hello, Comments can be accepted in Events custom post type?


Not currently, but it would be fairly simple to add a new tab with comments for the events and I can update the theme if you think it’s something people will want.


This is great. Nice and simple. Love the color scheme and especially the calendars.

Good luck with the sales.



thanks! ;0

Great work, AJ.

Good luck with sales.

Regards. :)

Oh yes, this is just awesome.