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Hey! Awesome theme. The homepage slider images are perfectly set in place in Chrome and Safari, but the image kicks out to the right in Firefox. Help!


You can try downloading the latest version of the theme and checking it with live preview. I’m sure you’ve edited something before that was causing the original issue and now the new issue.

Looking at the original theme there should be a positive 20px bottom margin on the slider, looking at your version there is a negative 20px bottom margin – that’s what is causing the issue. Have a look at your #slider-wrap div in firebug so you can see what I mean and you can compare to my live demo – http://www.wpexplorer.com/premium/earth/

mattpav Purchased

Dude you are so freakin’ awesome! Thanks so much!!!


Haha, I feel like I didn’t help you much. But it sounds like I did, I’m glad ;)

Wish you best of luck with your project! AJ

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Hi AJ,

I have created a page called News in my site and i set the blog template of the theme as News page template till now it works fine. To test i have set News page as a blog page in Setting-> Reading -> in wordpress setting. after sometimes i change back to older way set the theme blog template as News page template now nothing is showing in the page. http://ecoyouths.org.

Thank you.


Because the blog page is a page template, if you go to settings->reading and set that page as the latest news page it will actually cause it to break. Leave that field empty, the blog page should work on its own.


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Hey man! I hope you are well :-)

I’m having issues with my pictures and my events pages. Every time someone clicks on either an image in my gallery to enlarge it or an event on my home page too get more info it sends them to a 404 page… Can’t figure out why.


Try going to Settings->Permalinks and clicking the save button to make sure it’s not just a permalink bug.

I’m doing well, thank you ;) AJ

Hi AJ,

One simple question, how can I display one same picture both in the event gallery tab and some other gallery post. It looks possible in the demo, but I didn’t figure it out.



You will simply have to upload it twice. The reason is because WordPress attachments can not be attached to multiple posts. You would have to add some crazy hacks to do that.

Hi, AJ!

I’m stumped on an aspect of your calendar/events feature. In Upcoming Events, the event displays a calendar icon that lists the month and date of the event. When I click on Event Details it pulls up a page with the event title and cool countdown clock. But nowhere are the actual start and end times displayed. Right now the only way for people to know what time the event starts is by trying to figure it out based on the number of days and hours left until the event begins. :-) Am I missing something? Thanks so much!


Correct. I didn’t add the time for the events built-into the template itself because I thought this might be something people would want in their description – gives more freedom (you could show it off with an image, plain text, above or below description..etc).

See how I’ve done it in my demo:


Hi, I am very new to this. I keep getting errors when I try to upload this theme. I looked up what was wrong, and I tried to unzip the file and take out the style.css and rezip it to upload but it still won’t work. I know this is probably a very stupid comment, but I really need help!


Sounds like you might have flash installed on your computer. Try clicking the symbol.


This is the error that I am receiving. PCLZIP _ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature


I just added the URI to the style.css

I don’t see how to create the menu in the footer widget area like in the demo. not the footer menu on the bottom, but the vertical menu with what looks like some jquery hover effect. On the demo ir it header “browse” and the tabs are Contact, Events, Gallery, News…”


In the demo I am just using the “Links” widget. and have the pages added in the links dashboard.


I want to swap out the events/calendar included in the Earth theme with one that better meets my specific needs. Can I swap out the native upcoming events widget with a short code or 3rd party widget?


You wouldn’t necessarily have to “swap it out” but you can definitely add shortcodes to your text-widgets if your plugin’s calendar has a shortcode option.


Greetings and/or salutations AJ.

I am almost finished dolling up the Earth theme. I have run into a bit of a snafu with regards to the events. I have created an event. It shows up on the homepage fine. However, when I k on the event to view more information, I get a long lag and then a ‘Failed to Open Page’ message. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

Here is the link to my site, if you need it for more assistance: www.ectocritterz.com

Thanks a bunch for your time and expertise.

Best regards,

Scott Robinson Ecto Critterz www.ectocritterz.com

D’oh ! Cancel my events question. I finally figured it out. Sorry to bug ya. Peace out and love the theme !!

Best regards, Scott Robinson Ecto Critterz


Glad you got it working!

Thank you very much for the purchase Scott,

Greetings and/or salutations…

I was wondering why the search button does not work. Just keeps retrieving ‘No Results Found’. No matter what I type in. I have lots of tags and several posts.

Any ideas?

Thanks a bunch.



The default WordPress search function isn’t the greatest in the world. It actually uses the post/page Titles mostly for search results. It isn’t anything controlled by the theme. I personally never use the WordPress search on my sites and I use a custom Google search bar because it’s much more accurate. There are also some plugins out there designed for better searching (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=search). I suggest one of those 2 methods if you need more precise search options.

Thanks for the purchase, AJ

Thanks for the quick response, AJ.

Other than that search dynamic (which is no fault of your own) I love the theme. Great work, dude!

All my best to you and yours.

Scott Ecto Critterz


Sorry I couldn’t be of more help ;(

Thanks for the kind words! AJ

Hi there!

I’m using the earth theme and I really like the look of the homepage. However, as you can see here, for now, I don’t really need to display a calendar.

Consequently, I was wondering if it is possible to “extend” the section dedicated to the blog posts and make it looks like the one dedicated to the Gallery ?



You can edit template-home.php (or copy into your child theme to edit) and remove line 27:

get_template_part( 'includes/home/events');

That would remove the events. Then with some CSS you can make the blog container have a width of 100% instead of the default width.

Thanks for the purchase, AJ

Oops, here is the url www.metanoeia.org


I answered to the previous comment – please have a look above ;)

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Hi WPExplorer,

First of all… great theme! I’ve got a little problem with the activities on the homepage. After changing the titles and dates, the calendar icon isn’t showing the months anymore. For example: OCT now gives 10. (monthnumber) Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.



There was a small bug in an old version of the theme which can be fixed by simply updating your file at includes/home/events.php with the latest version.

It’s crucial to know what version you are running, because if you are using 1.0 and you update it could cause some major issues. Please let me know what version you are running.


parthomp Purchased

Can you change the order of the the slider slides? Every time I create a new slide it’s add to the end of the slider.

I am a purchaser. Is it possible to build a sign-up page on your site/ template? Thanks ahead for your insightful feedback.


By default WordPress has a signup/login page at your-site.com/wp-signup.php

If you want this form on a front-end page you’ll need to find a plugin that can do so (search the WP CODEX for something like “front-end registration form. or create your own custom template and use that.

If you create your own template you can see in WP 3 .0+ there is a nice function for creating a front end registration form:



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Hello I just bought the template, but by making some tests I’m able to modify the HP. Despite all my modification in the theme option, highlights, events, etc aren’t shown.


Do you have any advice? Thanks in advance


Make sure to setup the homepage as described in the included documentation file.

You’ll need to create a page, select the Homepage template, then under Settings->Reading make sure to set that page as the static homepage option.

Thank you very much for the purchase,

MrAlixB Purchased

It works, thank you @