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hi in slider,when there is just one picture(slide) there is no problem and in the homepage it will shown,but if i add more than one pic(slide),the slider doesnt work any more! what is the problem?!


Haven’t seen this issue yet. Do you mind sharing the URL in question? If you want to open a ticket that would be best – wpthemehelp.com – it’s likely it’s probably just a plugin conflict.


Do you have instruction to get easily get the donation buttom/function to work? Thanks



All you need to do is go to Appearance->Theme Settings and enter the URL for your donate button under the General Tab.

i got it. the problem refer to the version of my wordpress. ThanX a lot.


Glad you got it working!

Thank you for the purchase ;)

Can upload template to wordpress. I have tried 2 different hosts and the same result. The link disappear when browse and click on install now.

When using the Accordions, Is there a way to keep them all closed when you first visit the page? On my site, there is always one expanded or another. I can’t closed or minimize them all.


Accordions by default always have the first 1 open. I would suggest you use the toggles instead if you want to keep them all closed.


Were can i customize the instances of the words Month and Comments at the blog page next to the blog item. I would like to rename to not English. Please tell me were to find them in .php files.

Regards Mark


1. For the month, this is pulled directly from WordPress (locale.php) – http://codex.wordpress.org/Translating_WordPress#Date_and_Time_Locale_Settings – so you would have to either hack WordPress core files or change your WP install language.

2. Comments can be changed in loop-entry.php line 15

thanks for the purchase Mark!

Hello AJ,

Would you please be so kind to help me out, i would like to put a small flag within the “english” main menu item is there a way to do that? The menu item is: “menu-item-3578” here is the link to the website as well if that helps – http://www.permacultureinternationale.org/

Thank you so much i am new to wp, so any help would be greatly appreciated!



Should be really easy with CSS .


li.menu-item-3578 a:before{ content: url(http://go.veeam.com/rs/veeam/images/netherlands_small_flag.png); margin-right: 5px; }

Just change the URL to your image URL

Hello it’s Anya again i forgot to ask you:

you once told me how to make the homepage slider rotate every 5 sec, is there a way to keep the rotation but to have a function of something like “mouse over the slide = pause rotation” or some pause button on the side where the arrows are, just so if i do use a video there people can finish watching it before it switches to the next slide.

Thank you !!! Greatly! Anya


You can set the slider to pause on rotation (hoverPause: true). It’s a pretty powerful slider, you can see all the options here:



Hi thanks for the reply, look this is what i have and it works but as soon as i press the arrow to change to the next slide it no longer pauses with the mouse over.

$(’#slider’).slides({ effect: ‘slide’, preload: false, generatePagination: true, autoHeight: false, next: ‘slides_next’, prev: ‘slides_prev’, play: 10000, pause: 2500, slideSpeed: 600, hoverPause: true, slideEasing: “easeOutQuad”, slidesLoaded: function () { $(”#slider a.slides_prev, #slider a.slides_next”).fadeIn(300); } });

thanks. A


Humm…not really sure. There is another option though:

pause (number) Pause slideshow on click of next/prev or pagination. A positive number will set to true and be the time of pause in milliseconds.

Thanks a lot! :)

My first time using wordpress. thank you for making it easy. One question on the home page, it shows events and blog. I want only the blog. If I have no entries in my events. then no events.. but the blog spacing is to the right. I want it to fill in the space. how can i do that?

thank you! d


Basically the blog and the events are a unit as shown in the demo and they show up side by side. Your options are either to disable the module in the theme panel and not show either or to edit the theme files.

I wrote up a quick little guide since this has been requested several times already, I hope it helps!


Thank you for the purchase!

Trying to add RSS to #mastersocial without hard-coding. On the theme dashboard >Appearance>Theme option->social , there is not an option for RSS . I see the code in $social_links = array () in header.php , but not on the template options page.

[Update] I added it to functions.options.php but now it is not in my child theme :( Also I needed to get the rss.png from your demo site, and add it to /earth/images/social But now it works. Need to fix in next update, please.


Actually, In the latest update there is an option for RSS , Mail and Calendar 8-)

If you download the latest version you can update functions.options.php, header.php and the social images folder and you’ll have that new option.

Sorry I think I forgot to add this to the changelog!


Hi AJ,

I want to grant access of adding/updating HP-Hilites/Slides only to Editor/Admin users. How can I achieve this?

Can you give me some hint on which paragraph of code to modify?



Would one of these plugins work for you?


If not, let me know and I’ll try and guide you via the code, but it’s not as simple as it sounds.


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Hi, Help I can’t see my homepage modules!

If you open the url http://www.monsite.com >> don’t work If you clic on “Accueil” ( http://www.monsite/homepage/ )>> it’s ok

I don’t understand !?



Correct. You need to do as instructed in the docs.

Under Settings -> Reading, set your static homepage as the homepage you created.


Make sense?

Thanks for the purchase, AJ

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Great !!!

Thanx ;-)

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Hey, three questions.

On your main home page, you have the 3 columns, how do you have the headers above them in the 3 columns as well, I cant seem to make it not one large bar across. ( Make A Difference,Protect The Rainforest,Save Our Planet) along with the image under them.

2nd question, main home page again. How do I get the Featured Events to not be half a page or half column. I just would like it full width.

Last question, home page. FROM THE GALLERY . I have it set to a category, but its not pulling any images. In fact its not even showing my title anymore when I set a category. How can I get this to function properly?



I recently recorded this video, it should help you out:


To make the events full-width you would need to add some custom css to simply make them 100% width.


.home #recent-events{ width: 100%; }
.home #recent-events .event-entry-content{ width: 800px; }

There was a bug with the gallery category a while back, but it should be fixed now.

If you have an older version the fix is to edit includes/home/gallery.php and replace where it says (line 18):

‘taxonomy’ => ‘category’,

to say:

‘taxonomy’ => ‘gallery_cats’,


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Ok, sorry for the multiple posts, I got the last question I asked. I guess it had to have a featured image for the gallery. But when you have a gallery why does it have multiple images.

For better understanding, here I am:


having it show my 5 images is correct, but then it re-shows them.


This is because you are inserting the gallery into the post. There is no need to do this. Please refer to this video:


Hi, I’m interested in this theme and have a couple of questions before purchasing:

Can the homepage navigation be modified to include customized tabs? Can the donate button be taken off the homepage?



You mean have a different navigation on the homepage then on other pages?

If so, this would actually require you to add a new menu location to the theme and edit header.php so that you can show 1 menu on the homepage and 1 on all other pages.

You can completely disable the donate button by leaving the option blank in the homepage. If you wish to show on all pages except the homepage then you’ll need to edit header.php and use the conditional is_front_page() so you can exclude the button from the homepage. Or you can simply hide it with CSS using .home #header-donate{ display: none; } (easier method).


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Awesome theme!

I need help. Why are both images and thumbnails showing up on this photo gallery. I’d rather have it just the images or just the thumbnails. Please help and thanks in advance!


This is because you are inserting the gallery into the post. There is no need to do this because it’s all setup in the template file. Please refer to this video:


Thanks for the purchase ;)

AJ, I owe you an updated review of this theme. about four months ago I was pretty hard on you about the way the backup Theme options work. You provided amazing support, quick and exactly what was needed to address the issue.

I have almost completed the site for the client and I have to say that they had me doing a lot of custom codes. I changed the Events to Products, installed a faux E-Commerce Paypal page, and many layout and css changes.

It was the easiest custom job i have done! This theme is so easy to manipulate. i love that the framework is not so intricate that I need to bring in a developer. The Child theme was a breeze to create and the client Loves it!

5 Starts on the theme, 10 stars on support. Im so impressed I’m off to Alpha… See you there!

Thanks AJ


Hey man. No worries about being hard on me, I understand the frustrations of working with new themes as well as doing client work ;)

I am glad your project is almost finished and that you are satisfied! Would love to see the finished product!

Alpha is going to be a giant switch – hopefully it’s still simple enough for manipulation! Of course if you need any help, I’m here to help ya!

Thanks for the kind words 8-)



Still tweeking, but here is the site http://thewayhomeafrica.com


Nice job and great cause!

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Hi, i need some help i downloaded and istall the theme but the menu is not apearing, can you please help me?? www.juntoadiestramiento.com


Looks like you figured it out. yes?