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Greetings and/or Salutations

I have been using your Earth theme 1.7 for a while now and love it. However, I wanted to know if there was a way to display the events on the home page in either ascending or descending order. Right now, it shows the nearest upcoming event first. I’d like to show the furthest out event first.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time. Hope all is well.

The site: www.ectocritterz.com



I wrote a little post on this:


Let me know if that helps or doesn’t help you.

I’m glad you like the theme! Thank you very much for the purchase, AJ

Thank you for your expertise. Works perfectly. Now its absolutely perfect.


Great, I am glad! Best of luck with your project ;)

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Hi Aj,

i am using your theme for a while now but i am not up to date. I would like to know which files you have made changes. Coz i have made some changes in code here and there.

Thank you.


I could definitely let you know, but it depends what version you are using now as some updates might be better avoided if you’ve already made significant changes and are using the very first release.


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Hi, I have some questions: 1- How can i make the video header biguer instead of 900×400 900×500 2- How can i change the colors of the words in te main menu? Thanks


1. You mean a video in the slider? The slider itself has fixed height. You’d need to change the dimensions of the slider:


2. You’ll need to add some custom CSS for this. You’ll want to do it like such:

/* make nav links white*/
#mainnav .sf-menu a{ color: #fff; }

Thank you for the purchase, AJ

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why does it take too long like an hour or twoo to update some changes on the structure of the webpage? i already tried deleting cookies and cache.


Are you using a service like CloudFlare? Or do you have a caching plugin installed? It sounds like it’s cached to me.

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This is the webpage www.patitapatita.com i made it! now im going to do the menu. Other little questions: 1- Hoy can i use the gallery on a page into my webpage? 2- how can i take off the featured work of the main page?


Thank you for the purchase!

1. Adding galleries video – http://www.screenr.com/Vkq8

2. You can drag the module to the disabled side (Appearance->Theme Options->Home)


Hey AJ, How are you? I was hoping you could tell me how to change the leaf icon that’s used in the divider. It looks like it’s using a font and not an image?


Hey there.

This would be pretty easy to do. If you want to change it for the blog for example open loop-entry.php and on the line before last you will see a span with a class of “awesome-icon-leaf”. Simply change the icon-leaf part to the name of any other icon font from this list:




I just purchased the theme and installed it here: http://aleyarok.org.il

I can’t see the events and featured “causes” and the two columns in homepage.

How do I style it?



Forgive me for my delayed reply.

1. Glad you figured it out. Thank you for letting me know.

2. I’ve tested and you should be able to have multiple video slides. It’s possible there could be a Javascript conflict on your site… Does this video help you at all? Maybe the slider isn’t setup correctly: http://www.screenr.com/UOb8

3. You need to edit wp-config.php : http://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php#Language_and_Language_Directory

4. Glad you figured it out. Thank you for letting me know.

Thank you for the purchase Oren!



[1] Why would there be any JS conflict? I didn’t touch anything… I did everything according to the video and again – When choosing to show only one slide (either video or an image), it displays well. Once trying to add second slide (video or image), it doesn’t display anything but the loading icon.

[2] Is there a way to make the featured columns under the slider to be clickable?

Thanks again :)


  • There could be a conflict if you have any plugins installed – I didn’t realize you posted the link above. I just looked and I see no js error.
  • I just tested on my version with the same video you are using and see no problems. I would really need to log in and have a look for myself just to make sure nothing important has been changed.
  • Take a look in includes/home/highlights.php for editing those.

Great Theme! Question.. I am trying to change the size of the thumbs on the home page Recent News section. Where is that set? thanks


Glad you like it ;)

Open includes/home/blog.php edit line 49:

$featured_image = aq_resize( $img_url, 120, 100, true ); //resize & crop the image

120 = width 100 = height

I think that’s pretty much it. When you refresh your page it should use your new dimensions.

Thank you for the purchase, AJ

Hey Man!

Love the theme. I was having the issue with the gallery pages coming up 404, and found the solution here to save the permalinks. My question is, do you have any experience with that in regards to frequency? Should I make it a habit to do that every I update the gallery, or is it a one shot deal to fix it after the initial install? Thanks for any insight you may have!


Hey there,

Usually this is just something you should do every time you activate a new theme or install a new plugin (your .htaccess file needs to update to reflect new post types included in the theme/plugin). There is no reason why you would have to do it frequently, if you do have to, then you might be having some sort of server issue.

Thank you for the purchase!


Hi, it’s possible to make home page slider do transitions every x seconds?

And it’s possible to remove link to image lightbox in the same home page slide?



Please have a look here:


To remove the lightbox you will want to edit includes/home/slides.php.


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i have a question: is there any way, when creating a highlight to only have a summary show on the front page rather than the entire content of the highlight?

rlking87 Purchased

nevermind! I think i figured out what I was trying to do :)

but I do have another question. How can I create the “contact” page that you have in the preview? and also, where do I get the google map embedded code to put into the events? and I cant seem to get my tagline on the front page. I put it in under settings>general>tagline but it doesnt show on the homepage :\


Basically the contact page in the demo I made using the column shortcodes for the 2 column layout. I used the “Contact Form 7” plugin for the contact form and then set a “featured image” for the top image.

I can send you the exact code I’m using on that page if you want. Let me know!

Can you change your theme’s colors at all?


You can change all the colors, but it will have to be done via CSS , there aren’t any built-in theme panel options for that.

Can you delete the donation button and search bar?

Does the theme come with a search bar widget for the right column?

Can you move your social media icons down closer to the nav bar?

Can you add social media sharing buttons at the bottom of individual event calendar pages?

Can you remove the “time left” until day of event line?


1. If you leave the option blank in the theme panel the button won’t show.

2. The sidebar widget doesn’t have any specific styling – it looks just like the one in the menu.

3. Yes, but you need to edit your css.

4. this would require a plugin.

5. Yes, you just need to delete 1 line in single-event.php

On map tab on the event calendar page, does the map automatically pop up when the address is entered?

What size do images have to be for the full size slider on the homepage so they are not stretched?

What size do videos have to be for the full size slider on the homepage so they are not stretched?

Hello, Nice to come across your theme and I tried to install it but getting this message on wordpress: “The package could not be installed. PCLZIP _ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature”

Requesting you to please resolve this as I want to get this up and running for my client.

Thanks in advance !


Are you using the latest version of WordPress? When I Google search that error it sounds like it was a possible bug in an older version of WordPress.

Have you tried uploading the theme manually via FTP ? I’m sure that would be the quickest/easiest way of getting the theme installed. Especially if it’s an issue with your server/wp install.


How are can I remove the “Donate” button from the top bar? ASAP response will be appreciated. Thnx.


All you need to do is leave the options in the Theme Panel blank for the button and it won’t show up.



Two questions please:

[1] I want to remove the “entry-left” (comments, author etc.). Is there an easy way to do that or with css?

[2] Is there a way to make the images in slider change automatically?

Thanks :)


1. Answered below.

2. Please see here

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I purchased this theme and tried to install it and got an error saying:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.”