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Hello there! I have contacted the support of wpml for the problem concerning food menu links (mentioned in an earlier comment). We tried to solve it but we couldn’t…they said they would contact you…can you please reply to wpml as soon as possible so that we expedite the process? I am sure you will…you have proven to be very fast in your response! ;) Thanks in advance

Hello there! Having any problems resolving the issue with wpml? Thanks!

Hi! The team from WPML as been in contact and we are going to respond today. :) I’ll keep you updated. Thanks.

I’ve made the changes requested by WPML and sent them back the new updates. I think they are going to test and then get back to you asap. Thanks.

Hi, Is it possible to set slider images to link to other pages?

This is what I’ve done, but it doesn’t work:
[slideshow slider_width=668 showtitle=0]
<a href=""><img src="" alt="slider1" width="668" height="275" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1364" /></a>


Hi there, yes you can you just have to do it differently than that. Here’s a link to the section of the doc that provides the syntax:

Hi And thanks for your theme. Very nice and simply. I wandered if it’s possible, in the menu page, to intall just IMAGE, not text (display: none, it’s OK), but I want if it’s possible to upload TALLER IMAGES. In your example, it’s always 100×100 images…. Thank you for your respons. I purchased just after. Erick

Great to hear, thanks :) You could choose to not input any text, or if you want the text to only appear on the single page then yes a bit of custom CSS would work for that (display:none). Changing the image size would be a customization, but pretty straightforward if you’re a developer or at least familiar with code.

Hello, I purchased that perfect theme. But I have one problem. I use qTranslate and there is no way to write Food menu -> Menu Group in second language. Please help me.

Best Regards!

I already solved the problem, thank you in advance.

Just getting to this now, Awesome. Thanks for posting a follow up. :)

Hi, my website is almost finished, but without a reason the toggle shortcodes sometimes doesn’t work. I use the toggle shortcode for my menu, so every toggle has a foodmenu shortcode inside. The strange part is that sometimes it shows the toggles and sometimes not. I tried to deactivate all plugins to see if their was a problem with that, but that was not the problem. Do you have an idea what I can do to solve the problem? I made a child theme with some small adjustments, but not so many.

HI lghtcbr! Yes, please create a support ticket and send us a link to your site and also create a user / pass for us. I’ll look into this right away.

Hi. Is there a way to make the left side entire section (sidebar) fixed so that when you scroll up/down it will scroll only the right content?

Hi there, no we have not included an option for that feature in the theme.

Hello. I sent a message in your author profile page regarding the woocommerce helper file. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

Hi there! I replied to that request this morning. Maybe spam folder? If not let us know and I’ll resend . :)

Got it. Thanks!

Is possible to make the left column fixed?

Hi, no sorry that is not a feature in the theme.

Hi there :) that looks correct. Perhaps try and Shift+Enter to give you a new link after each image. If that won’t work, please email us a link and access to your website and we will be happy to have a look for you. Thank you for letting us know.


luabaer Purchased

Hi! How can I change the time in the events from am/pm to 24 hour clock?

Hi, you can adjust the date / time formatting using the General WordPress Settings and that should change how the events show up: If that doesn’t work, check to be sure you’re using the latest version of the theme.

Added support for Instagram icon in sidebar

Just wondering why i cant see a Instagram icon under “social media”

It says mine page is up to date?

Are you sure you have the latest version of the theme installed? Instagram should be near the top of the list. Feel free to open a support ticket here including a link and WP login and I’ll have a look:

Hi, Where would we add the WPML language switcher widgit to this theme ? Thanks

Hello, I believe WPML has a widget for that and you can add widget above or below the main menu in the sidebar. :)

I keep getting these errors in my error log: register_sidebar_widget is deprecated since version 2.8! Use wp_register_sidebar_widget() instead.

I’ve version 2.2 of the theme. How can I fix this?

Thanks for your help

Hello, sorry for the late response. Do you have any debugging enabled? Can you send us a link to your install? We’ll test on our end to ensure everything is okay. Thank you for reaching out.

I am also sorry for my late reply;-) Where can I send the requested info to?

No problem. The best way would be to open a ticket here:


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Hello good I had a question about the theme version 2.2 is supports Wordpress 4.4.2.

Hi there, yes as far as we know it should work well with the latest version of WordPress. If you have any issues, please contact our tech support and we will be happy to assist you. :)


powert Purchased

Thank you. powert

Awesome! Thanks for the follow up. :)

Hi. I can’t upload a logo nor a background. I tried uploading it from the layout section, in the theme options, and it’s just not working. What should I do ?

Thank you so much. I’ve responded. It was an easy fix. :)

Thanks a lot :)

Awesome. I’ll follow up with you there. :D

Hello good I have serious problem with the issue of reservation form only send spam you can give me a solution given the lack of lack safety issue based on the forms.

Thank you

Hello Pwert! Thanks for contacting us. The best approach would be to install a captcha plugin which would help reduce spam. Have you tried any or the recaptcha pluigns or perhaps using a form system like Formidable or Contact Form 7. I think both include a free captcha setup.


If you are looking to add captcha to the reservation form then let us know. We might have some code for you.


I would like to change my header image. Via Theme options > layout > upload header images. I’ve tried checking the box ’ Combine your header images below.’ and then save, but still I can’t see my new image. I have no caching plugin. What else can I do?

Hello, thank you for letting us know. Do you see any error message? Can you create a ticket on our private ticket system and send us access? Please create a ‘private’ ticket.

Happy to assist. :)


anagam Purchased

Hi there, great theme, been using it for almost 2 years and holds amazing but recently as in few days before the slider stopped working without any changes whatsoever to the site, after updating all plugins and theme the problem persists where only the thumb dots appear, tried the slider on other pages all same result, please advise


anagam Purchased

Found my answer, the timthumb needed to be disabled, thanks!

Great, thank you for the follow up!


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Hi, Wow… The theme is still working and looking great in 2016!

Just a quick question: Is there a way to display blog post excerpts on the selected blog page instead of the whole post?

My page in question is at:

Thanks a lot for your help with this!



jasonpel Purchased

Worked like a charm… I should have known this… :) Thanks a lot for the quick response… Your support has always been top notch!

Awesome! :D