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I’d like to purchase this template and use it with Joomla 2.5. I have only one problem: The 10 colors of the template which influence the menu and the color bar on the top don’t match with the color of my logo. For me it is essential to use the logo-color also on my homepage. Do I have a chance to change the color manually (e.g. directly in the CSS files) or am I really limited to the 10 colors of the template?

Thanks for your answer in advance, Jessica

Hello jessi83,

Thank you very much for your post, I’m glad you’re interested in my template. Surely, it’s so easily to change the color to match your logo’s color. you just need to edit the setting.css which has been localized to handle the color, also you just need to edit one background image, which is surely easy done by using adobe photoshop software. I do hope I could answer your question, and after purchasing my template and you’re still facing any difficulities to implement your goal, I’m so pleased to help through my own forum


Can you help me with a small issue that I am unable to find the answer for. I am using your Eatoreh16 template on Joomla 2.5 and need to hide the article titles. I have disabled the feature in both the article and menu but they still appear.

Please PM me here, please create a temporary account for me, I’ll try to log in to your site.


Hi Maskeenan

I would not be happy posting admin details on an open source post as anyone could log in to the website.

I would be happy to send you the details to an E-mail address so that you could login and have a look.

You can PM me at

Having looked further into the issue it appears that the cache is not clearing, or if its cleared and the page refreshed the cache fill again.

Any idea how to prevent this from happening?


I purchased your template 14months ago on a Joomla 1.5 version and the client has populated the website massively.

How do I upgrade to version 2.5 as I tried this on a backed-up version and it messed the website up completely.

I do not really want to have to start again and re-enter all of the content just to upgrade to the newer version of Joomla.

Many thanks and look forward to your response.


Hello Darren,

Sorry for my late reply. Yes, migrating from joomla 1.5 to joomla 2.5 will need an extra circumspection, since your website has many contents. Honestly, I have no experience of migrating joomla 1.5 to joomla 2.5, I’m worried, I could help you very well. But, maybe you could try to read it here and the video is here

About the template eatoreh itself, it’s been fully ready for joomla 2.5. So, no need to be worried.


Many thanks Mskeenan, I will take a look at these video and see what I can do.


I have been unable to get the homepage slideshow to appear on the homepage. What page position is it to be set to?

Hello gcmfca,

Thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates. About your question please see this link to guide you placing your module positions. The slider is placed on sliderload position.

And if you have another question please feel free to post on our own forum, you need to please PM me here to activate your id.

Kindly regards,

Hi Maskeenan, Great Themplate! Are you planning to update this template any time soon and make it responsive? If not I will have to do that myself. But if you are planning it anyway, please let me know, so I don’t put my work in it as well. Thank you Wolf

Hello Lama,

I plan to create this theme into responsive, maybe I need 1 or 2 week to update this theme into responsive. and if you have another question, please post your question on our own forum and you need to PM me here to activate your id.


hi i hope you r doing well , we purchase for this template and i try to use it , every things work well untill i want to try to use rtl i face a lot of problem , first the menu effect dosnt work well and the worst thing is it dosnt show correctly on ie6 and ie7 especially menu , i can see the menu , on rtl mode the recent blog dosnt work well , and all things related to k2 dosnt work well , i dont know what should i do especially about menu , i really need your help thanks alot

Hello Maryam,

So sorry for my late reply. Surely I would help, unfortunately, I didn’t see any purchased badge near your name like the others have, So sorry…,


Does it work on Joomla 3.1?

Dear Maskeenan,

I love your theme, so many possibilities and currently I am changing it to my own preferences. What surprises me the most is that all the K2 article headers do not exactly match the default header numbers of a standard Joomla article.

So a Joomla article has a H1 article title whereas a a K2 article starts with an H2 header. I find this weird and moreover, it is not optimal for SEO purposes.

So my question is: how do I change it? I tried to change it in the k2.css to no avail. Then I browsed some php files containing “h2.itemTitle” or “h2 class=”itemTitle”” or “itemHeader” but I did not pull it off unfortunately…

So what I did is just changing the font-size of H2 of K2 artciles so it matches the font-size of an H1 of standard Joomla articles.

But, of course I’d love to have it changed in the right form of a real H1. :-). So if it is not to much trouble, could you please point out where to look and what to change? I can imagine that is quite complex and not included in standard support. So I understand it completely if you don’t feel like explaining.

Many, many thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Hi Maskeenan,

I already fixed it.

Best regards,


is this theme still suported? new joomla version

Hello t1rnanog,

Surely, we still support it. But the package on themeforesst are still old version of joomla, maybe 2.5.9. We’re on the progress to update it, including migrating the framework from T3v2 to T3 bootstrap.


thank you for the fast reply. So if i use the newest version of joomla everything will work?

sorry one more question will it be able to have the portfolio 4 or more on a row?

Hi Would you let me know please what font do you use for the logo? and is it include with the theme or do I have buy the font?

Many Thanks


Thanks for your post, if I’m not mistaken, I use bebas font for the logo. It’s completely free font, and it’s not included on this package. but you could free download it on


Hi, looks as though I am a late buyer. But this template is exactly what I need right now and it was promised to be both of Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.1.x compatible. But the template does not load into a fresh 3.3 installation. Has somebody an idea what I can do?

Hello Martina, New updates is coming, you’ll be notified when the updates has been approved by themeforest reviewer.


Hi I have bought this template. I need to create a multilingual site is possible that there is a module? The one where there are flags with languages Thank you

Ok thank you. I have another question: how can I do to delete the “Built on T3 Framework. Designed by” on footer?

And is it possible delete the sidebar on left with login/logout?

About the copright footer, please go to templates > eatoreh > html > mod_footer > default.php.

And about sidebar login module, please go to templates manager > eatoreh-default > Adds-on > off-canvas Sidebar > enable : OFF > save.

Good luck,


After installation, it says error 404 when i am trying to open index.php and other php directories.


reds70 Purchased

Overlay on menu –

May you change z-index?