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How do I autoslide the sliders ?

Right now, slider’s slide transit only when one clicks on side arrows or number nav. If you want slides to autochange after certain time , please do this.

1) Edit javascript/scripts.js

2) To autoslide the Main slider, please edit javascript/scripts.js and on line 111 please find :
$('#featured > .inner').bxSlider({ controls: false, pager: true, mode: 'fade' });
Replace it with:
$('#featured > .inner').bxSlider({ controls: false, pager: true, mode: 'fade' , auto: true, pause: 5000 });
3) To autoslide the other 2 sliders on homepage … on line 110 of same file please find:
$('.slider-a > .inner, .slider-b > .inner').bxSlider();
replace it with
$('.slider-a > .inner, .slider-b > .inner').bxSlider({ auto: true, pause: 5000 });
Note: 5000 is the time in miliseconds, so slide will transit automatically after 5 seconds now.

Hope this helps.