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Hi pre-purchase. I’m new to themes. I’m a designer and need a portfolio how do I update/edit this site do I need to purchase wordpress? Also my logo is just my name can the ‘circle’ area be changed to just text?

Thans, Taryn

Hey there,

You need a self hosted version of WordPress with a domain name and hosting:

If you’re new to WordPress I’d highly recommend starting with a free account.

Note though, that no themes from themeforest can be installed into, you need to have the self hosted version for that.


Hi there,

I’m researching for the perfect template for my new project. Does this template has unlimited portfolios? My other question is if there is a bulk upload to portfolio or do I need to add images one by one?


Hey there,

The theme supports full portfolio categorisation with separate URLs, so yes, using categories you have unlimited portfolio potential.

Each portfolio image is a “portfolio” post with a featured image set, there are plugins however that create posts for you based on bulk image upload :)


Hey Tom,

Pre-sales question, how is the home page laid out? Is there like a page builder system included, or is it all shortcode based?

Cheers mate

Hey mate :)

No short codes or page builder involved in this one, Ebor is a bit of a call back to more simple themes, the homepage is a page template, page content goes on the top, the blog & portfolio feeds are optional underneath.


Awesome. Cheers Tom! Just sent you an email Re; Kyte too! Thanks.

No problem, I’ll get to emails asap :)


rujo Purchased

Hello, I sent you an email earlier but got no response: Where can I find a list of valid shortcodes to use in the theme? The documentation does not contain that and the demo website for that theme shows some style and layout elements but does not reveal the short codes being used. I understand that you use a framework for the shortcodes.

Hey there,

Here’s a cheat sheet of included short codes, you may also wish to use a favourite short codes plugin like ultimate short codes or similar:



My client has downloaded the theme and we’ve installed all the recommended plugins.

We are having an issue with the shortcodes.

The live demo site does not show the shortcodes.

There is also no shortcode generator in the WYSIWYG editor.

There is not shortcode instructions inside the theme documentation either.

What am I missed? Where can we find info on how to insert shortcodes?

Thanks! Matt

Tom, thank you so much! This is just what I needed to hear :)

It seemed something was funny when I couldn’t find it (although the recommended plugin was installed).

I will certainly get Lynne registered for the ticket system. I did see that, but was just needing a quick answer before my call with her today.

Thanks for being cool :)

I just felt like you were “brushing me off” at first. Thanks so much!!

No problem Matt, it’s so easy for messages to get crossed on a comment system like this, and I totally appreciate it may have seemed that way.

Thanks for being cool too :)

See you on the tickets if you need anything else!

Cheers – Tom :)

Awesome my man, thanks again!!


My mobile menu does not work. Can you please help me. I sought the mistake I have done but I can not find.

Thank you.

I’d need a site URL to look at to be able to offer any insight.


VoilĂ ! :)

Have you made any changes to the theme files? I’m not seeing the mobile menu even loading up on your site.

Also, what is your installed version no. of WooCommerce?



I don’t understand how to put a portfolio on my work page. i did my portfolio projects but how do you put it on a page?

Thanks for this awesome theme :)

what is your mail ?

hey, i did something good but i don’t know what. whatever now it looks okay :) thanks again !!!!

OH, ok, nice! :)

Hello there

Pre-purchase question about videos and Ebor theme. Lovely theme by the way.

I have a lot of video content, can I integrate this easily into portfolios, pages etc?

Many thanks Lindsay

Yeah :)

Though the portfolio index is images only, videos can be added into the posts themselves:)

Many thanks, Lindsay

Hi! Great theme. Is this scenario possible?

From homepage user clicks portfolio item, arrives at sub-portfolio with header description and portfolio layout similar to homepage? So basically I’d like to have the homepage on a secondary level.


Hey there,

No, sorry, this may be possible with custom development but would require a sizeable amount of work.



Loving the Ebor theme, a joy to use, really.

I wonder if there is an easy way to add 4 logos (that are image links too) to the footer? I’m sadly not big on php.

Best Lindsay

Hey there,

You can do this with widgets in “appearance” -> “widgets”, use a text widget with a little HTML, or search for a plugin that creates a widget for your needs.


thanks for pointer, should have seen that myself ..

Hi there

I’m having trouble with the revolution slider. It won’t center on the home page. I notice that the slider is off center on home 2 and home 3. Can you possibly tell me how to fix this?

I can show you my site if thats easier?

best Lindsay

Site is locked until goes live, can I email you privately with pwd ..

Oh you STAR .. that code fixed it. Many thanks Lindsay

You STAR! Thanks for code, works lovely x


I’m having trouble with NextGen Gallery plugin, the lightbox doesn’t work properly, it seems there is a conflict with the lightbox theme, is it possible to disable it because the theme load two times the lightboxes ?


Hey there,

You’ll need to edit /js/custom.js in the theme files and delete this:

/*    Lightbox
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
  "use strict";
jQuery("a[href$='jpg'], a[href$='jpeg'], a[href$='gif'], a[href$='png']").each(function(){
    $(this).attr('data-href', $(this).attr('href'));
    $(this).attr('href', '#')
jQuery("a[data-href$='jpg'], a[data-href$='jpeg'], a[data-href$='gif'], a[data-href$='png']").magnificPopup({


Hello there One or two more things to ask before I go live with this lovely Ebor theme.

1) I can’t seem to use the right shortcode to make all accordion tabs closed. Currently, the first one is open and I need them all closed by default. Can you help?

2) Is there a simple way to put my 4 logos at the very bottom of page, specifically in the sub footer?

Many thanks for your help Lindsay

Hey there,

1. The accordion is not meant to do this, I might suggest you consider another shortcode plugin to run some toggles if you need this, I’m a big fan of “Symple Shortcodes”

2. You could use the footer widgets, or you’d need to customise footer.php in the theme files to add these manually to the sub-footer

For further help with theme customisation, you can contact our customisation partners here:

Cheers! – Tom

Great thanks!

Hello me, once more.

I’m so nearly finished .. this comment is about the logo. I need the logo to be wider, not a lot but I wondered if there is a maximum?

I think I understand the one_fifth issue is about being responsive? I understand that need. I did wonder if I can get any more width space for logo though is its long rather than round.

Any help huge thanks. Can show you site if helps, just not live yet. Lindsay

May I email you privately?

May I email you privately? (have replied but page not updating, sorry if you’ve had multiple replies … )

Yeah, use my profile contact form.


Hi, Thanks for this great theme. I’m trying to put one only team person on the theme but it is aligned on the left. How can i horizontally align it in the middle with css please ? Thanks for your answer


Malin-D Purchased


I don’t want to show any portfolio at the home page. When I uncheck the checkbox for showing portfolio under HomePage settings and Save – the checkbox is still checked and the portfolio is showing at the home page What to do? Regards Malin

Hey there,

Please see point 1 here:



Nickeet Purchased

Potentially the most basic of all questions but WHERE am I supposed to enter my purchase code? I need some quick fix set up assistance and this is all I keep seeing when I enter in all my data including the code:

‘You need to enter the Envato Market purchase code you got for this product.’

Is there another way I can send this message – most definitely purchased fair and square :)

For all support, use a ticket:

If you mean a license entry in the theme, that’s for revolution slider and can be ignored.



I have a pre-sales question – does this theme support custom backgrounds? This is very important to my client.



Thanks for your advice, I have now purchased the theme.

Could you advise on how to add a custom page background across the site? Including dimensions please.



Thanks for your advice, I have now purchased the theme.

Could you advise on how to add a custom page background across the site? Including dimensions please.


You can set a background image in “appearance => customise => background image”