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Wiped all sample data and now when i add a product the home page doesnt display it.

Also your DOC file is well out dated, can you provide me with some help on this.

Hi, Thanks for contacting. In home page the product is coming randomly from news show module. So please check the module settings if there newest item filtering applied it should show the newest item. Just check the settings !!! if found difficulties post in our forum support.themerox.com we will help you there. Also about documentation as there was no major changing features in e-cart so we did not update it. We will update it in next update. Thanks

Thanks for the advice, im having problems using this, iv came from interspire, the product image uploader dont seem to work unless you browse 1 image and click save is this the correct way or am i missing something?

When you will create any product it will automatically put default image if you did not put from image tab. If you put image at the time of product creation then it will add image by browse from your pc selected by you. Its the default system for joomla virtuemart. Check from here http://blog.graphicsbrandmarketing.com/tutorial-adding-or-modifying-product-images-in-virtuemart-2-x/ Thanks

This theme isnt working out for me, the information Doc isnt the best to follow neither thats including the style to read pink on black.

Sorry but how do i go about a refund, i dont want to register on your site neither for support hence why i joined this site everything is under one roof.


Hi, What you want to do is very easy. There we have styles in templates/rox_ecart/css/styles/style1.css you can put there your desire colour you want. If you wish you can ask for help in our support forum and our stuff will help you on that. ThemeForest is a marketplace and there authors are providing items so for items authors are only providing support from their own portal so for product related support you have to ask in our forum may be you had red item support policy before purchase http://themeforest.net/item/ecart-responsive-virtuemart-ecommerce-template/3740001/support.

We are not able to refund as Currently MarketPlace do not give us any option to refund. Hope you will understand everything. You can post question in our forum its safe and secure and we will not spam. Thanks

there is any good moules with the review for google Rich Snippets?,seems that the default reviews system did not working

Sorry little bit confused. Is there virtuemart default review system not working on your site? Can you please give me link to check? Thanks


I have the e-cart template and I’m learning how to use PHP/CSS etc. I’m trying to locate the css file to change the logo width to accomodate my .png file. The currently logo width is set at 260px, however my logo is much wider. Can you please direct me to which file needs to be modified?


Check documentation attached with the template. There in template settings you will find the width and height settings. Just adjust from the settings and apply minor css. Thanks

Hello, I really like this template, but I have a pre-sales question. Is compatible with joomla 2.5.24 and virtuemart 2.6.6? For me it is really crucial! Great job


Hi, Thanks for question. If you have time you can wait a little we are working for series update. If no time buy and work on it when update comes just apply files. We will give changes files. Thanks

Hi ThemeRox, I can’t install “Rox Quick Installer Ecart”, please help me Thank you

Yes, i fixed it Thank you

Thanks. :)

Well I tried to post on your support forums but i get 500 Server Errors or it flat out just doesn’t let me post, so I’ll ask here.

We have E-Cart installed. I’ve been having issues with importing products into Virtuemart using CSVadvanced and as a result now my product IDs are all messed up. If I use the DB tools in VM2 to reset all the table and do a fresh install is that going to cause any issues with the E-cart template? Like messing up the slideshow, messing up any customizations you might have done to VM2? etc..etc..

Hi, Its not issue with the template. Check console for error log. There we had changes template view style not any vm core. Support portal is down for huge traffic we are working on it and for next we are changing it to a cloud server. Thanks

I assumed the importing of products wasn’t an issue with the template. My question was if I do a fresh install and reset the data tables in Virtuemart, is it going to have any effect on the template?

I hope it will not. But not sure as I did not run a test. But it should not.

Installed it fine using the docs and video but when I came to the end of the install and check the site, there is no styling.

It is literally just a white background with links on.

Can you either provide me the updated plugin or provide a product package that works? I tried it on two different systems and it came up like this so clearly there is an issue with what you’re packaging. The system I have setup is a testing instance and I want to reinstall it and can’t keep providing you access each time or update.

What’s the verdict? Can I get a package that works, I’ve been waiting for days now.

Hi, download the system plugin for the runtime issue and install it from extension manager and it will solve your issue. Download from here

Hi ThemeRox, we have a problem with your template. Once loaded in remote, i see a blank page with only the menu items. I do not see css style and if I click on an item I see a blank page with the error message “No input file specified”. What’s up? Thanks in advance

Can you please give me link to see? Thanks

ThemeRox hello. I’m having several problems in the correct display of the template. Used locally no problem, but just uploaded remotely there are serious errors display. Link as it is in local http://www.iaccess.it/screenshots/2.jpg Link as it is in remote: http://www.iaccess.it/screenshots/1.jpg Using Joomla 2.5.24, Virtuemart 2.6.6, Linux and php 5.3 What is it? How can I fix?

Hi, Please give me link and server access to help you. Just post support question here support.themerox.com . Thanks

Can i change payment method to western union or money gram ?

there in default option you will not be able but there can have plugins. I did not use any of in my development life so unable to give you a light thinking. But you can see this result http://goo.gl/UVX3p4 Thanks

Any chance of a version compatible with Joomla 3.0 coming any time soon?

Hi, We are waiting for the virtuemart update issue on joomla 3.x. If they released productive version for joomla 3.x we will release it. Thanks

I have updated Virtuemart to along with the AIO. I have downloaded the updated_file.zip and have placed everything according to the folder directory and the instructions. However, I can’t seem to figure out where to put the content of updated_file > rox_ecart?

Within the rox_ecart folder there are css, features and html folders, but no directions as to where the files should go?

Actually, I forgot to be as specfic as I should have been. There are no directions as to where rox_ecart>html>com_virtuemart>virtuemart files should go. I have looked in /templates/rox_ecart/html/com_virtuemart and there is no folder within that directory called just virtuemart.

For update just unzip all the files and then folloe instruction. for example for the rox_ecart folder go to templates> rox_ecart and replace the folder with that so there the file changes will replace automatically. Do for all like this way. Thanks

Hi, thank you for the nice template. i have a problem: if you click on link on K2-Blog (e.g. link of sub-categories of K2) then the modul-position RIGHT appears under the text in the bottom and not on the correct right position. so i hope you can help me out with my problem. have also tried the “support”-form on themeforest, but haven’t received any answer.

Hi, If you made any changes in code then make sure to check there may be div did not close properly. If not then contact from support tab with site link and access to check. Thanks


I’m interested in your template, but it seems that you support site is not working anymore (http://www.themerox.com) - do you still proveide support for this theme? - is everything included to match demo site ? (or i need to manually downlaod and install mod/plugins ? - Can i use french language on this theme ?


Hi, Check item Tab. There support provided by item support tab , themeforest new feature. Just check it. Thanks

ok thx, my client already get the template.

You are welcome

When will a Joomla 3.0 version be available? At the moment this template with a default install does not pass Google’s Mobile Friendly tester.

Want to buy. Questions. It will support Joomla 3?

No its on joomla 2.5.x Thanks