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Hi! There’s a problem happening with the theme when I try to upload a logo. After sending, this message appears:

PHP Warning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in E:\home\boafeira\Web\wp-content\themes\echo\admin\theme-functions.php on line 717

PHP Warning: getimagesize(http://boafeira.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/logo4.png) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in E:\home\boafeira\Web\wp-content\themes\echo\admin\theme-functions.php on line 717

I’ve already talked to my host service, but they said to change the folder permission, and so I did. Nothing has worked.

What should I do?


There are certainly other ways to do it, so don’t worry. I’ll cook up a work-around and get back at you when it’s done, which should be fairly soon. :)

Oh, and you can change the content of the portfolio link in the theme’s options panel. :)


OK, I’m back. Unfortunately, your server did not gave you the permission to turn allow_url_fopen on, so we have to do this the hard way. Please open up your theme-functions.php file in the /wp-content/themes/echo/admin/ directory, and follow the instructions found on this page: http://dropdo.com/3gq/logo.

Once you have finished editing the file, save it, upload the logo, and it should work. :)

By the way, please report back to me, when you have done all this.

boafeira Purchased

Thanks for everything! Now it is working! I’ve asked you about the name of the link “my_portfolio”, that keeps like this on DOMAIN .COM/MY_PORTFOLIO/SOMETHING. I’d like to know if there is a way to change this link name and also “portfolio_categories”. My webpage is not in English, so I’m supposed to change it. Can you help me? Congratulations for the great job. Awesome theme!


I need to link the images in the slider to specific posts. In one of the resplays I read that we have to modify the code of landing-page-template.php. Can you tell me how to do this?

Thanks a lot!


You need to know how the WP loop works in order to “manually” do this. The best way that I can think of right now is to try to find a plugin that will make this easier on you (there’s a WordPress plugin for everything, really).

P.S. The mentioned feature will be natively available in one of the future updates.

Hey Onioneye, I’m loving your theme. Quick question… Is there a way I can add a background image to just the homepage? I don’t mind diving into the code, I just need somebody to show me where to go. Thanks again for the awesome theme.


You’re very much welcome. :)

The code itself is fine. You just need to access your theme options panel, save the options, so the changes you made can take place, and then reload your homepage. :)


We are soooooo close. It works brilliantly on the home page but every other page is hit and miss. Most pages it’s as if there is a margin or something and it floats an inch or so above the footer. What is causing that?


Please shoot me an email with detailed description about the desired position of your background image. It’s a lot easier for me to keep track of all the questions, when they’re sent through email. :)

hi, I would like to remove the share this up to the comments on single page. any help please???


is there any way when i navigate to portfolio page and push a project then when the lightbox apperas, have all the images of each project and not the first featured image form all projects? i mean.

i have to projects, but with many photos. can i view them without actually go into the project?


So you want to display all the photos that belong to a portfolio post in a lightbox, when a user clicks on the featured image of the same post? Unfortunately, this is currently not supported in the theme, but with some knowledge of php and the pretty photo plugin, this can be made to work. :)

i am afraid that maybe i cannot. is there any way to help me? please consider that i bought the theme yesterday with my friend’s account elisabeth_ts@hotmail.com


I can give you the pointers on what to do, but unfortunately, I can’t make this work for you, since this scenario is not that simple to achieve.

By the way, please reply to your own threads because it’s easier to keep track of comments that way. Thank you. :)

Me again.

Now I need to know how to change the position to crop the thumbnails. I need to crop from the top and not from the center as it is now.

Thanks for your support!


Your welcome, Alvaro. :)

The TimThumb script that’s in charge of resizing your images can’t crop from the top, but if you make your images smaller, a bigger portion of them will be visible, when displayed as thumbnails.


I think the latest version includes this feature. You might consider including it in the next update:


Thanks again!


That’s so nice of you to tell me that this feature is already available in the newest version of TimThumb. I’m already implementing it in my new theme, and should implement it as an update to echo as well, in the near future.

Once again, thanks man! :)

Hi OnionEye,

Super elegant theme!

Portfolio images aren’t displaying. I read the docs thoroughly.

Is there an issue with my download? I just re-downloaded and installed theme files as of the time of this post and that didn’t fix the issue.

I feel stupid.

See Here

And Here


Thanks in advance ;)

I am stupid.

In my portfolio test post I carelessly used the video URL field as the link to the project itself, which disabled portfolio images.

Always something simple, isn’t it?

This is a great theme. Thank you.


Please don’t call yourself stupid. We all make mistakes, and you’d be surprised to see how many silly mistakes I make.

By the way, thanks for buying the theme, and for your wonderfull compliment. :)

Great theme and super clean. I posted a quick write up on ThemePassion. Keep up the awesome work.


Will do, Ian! Thanks. :)


i cannot make rss icon to appear at the bottom? any idea??

thanx in advance


It can be any link, really. How exactly are you saving it?


theme options , Social Networking, Feedburner RSS URL


Save all changes. View Site.

After that again the Feedburner RSS URL is empty


What I don’t understand is why you’re giving me the built-in WP RSS link. Please shoot me an email with your login credentials, so I can check out the panel for myself.

jguira Purchased

Hi There,

I’m really new to the web world and I just purchased your template. Stupid question, do you happen to have guide/instructions on how to get started? Sorry I’ve never done this before I’ve already gotten a host. If you could help me or direct me in anyway I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your patience hope to hear from you soon.


Hi there!

Thanks for buying the theme. :)

The guides on how to get started are in the documentation folder, which is found in the main folder you downloaded from ThemeForest, when you bought the theme. :)

Have a great day!


I’ve downloaded your theme for wordpress and it seems that the browsers are not recognizing my .css style sheet. Could you please provide some clarification or feedback? I have re-installed this theme many times. The theme was working for nearly a week before this issue occurred. Thank you. I can provide links if needed.


Please provide a link to your site, so I can check it out for myself. :)

I love the theme. I just have a question about formatting: How can I change it so that the logo is not an H1 tag and make the title text to be H1 instead? I would still like to keep the logo the same location, just without the H1 tag. I would also like to make the title of the pages H1 tags instead of H2 tags.


You probably left the email address field empty in the options panel, resulting in the message never being sent.


I checked both the general settings and the theme settings and both point to the same email address. Maybe you can check it out to see exactly what’s going on:



Everything seems to be fine, but the message just won’t be sent, which leads me to believe that this is an issue with the mail server. Please contact your server admin and see if they can resolve the issue.

Paulag Purchased

Hi Onioneye

Brilliant theme and so easy to use, thank you! I have a few things I’d like to change:

1. The quote on the homepage, how can I make it smaller and change the upper lower caps?

2. Take out the blog heading on the homepage?

3. Is it possible to have only 2 widgets at the footer?

I’m really hoping you can help me with these requests!

Many thanks Paula


Hi Paula!

Thank you for buying the theme and for saying such nice things about it. :)

Now to answer all of your questions:

1. You can make the headline smaller by adjusting its font size in the options panel. To stop the capitalization of every word, just enter the following CSS in the custom CSS option:

#headline { text-transform: none; }

2. The following code should do it:

.latest-articles .section-title h2 { display: none; }

3. Sure. Just adjust the number of widgets under the footer tab in your options panel.

Have a great one!

Sincerely, Onioneye

Hi. I am trying to add additional images to my portfolio item other than the featured image. I have clicked the link as stated in the directions, and my image 2, 3, 4 and 5 all show up on my entry but when I publish it, there is only one image and it opens up in a lightbox not a portfolio page. Can you please tell me what I might be doing wrong.



Hi there!

Thanks for buying the theme! :)

Please turn off the lightbox in the theme options panel, if you don’t want it, and try clicking on the “View Project” link, that’ll take you to a page which contains all of the defined images for a single portfolio item.

Cheers! :)

It still is only showing one image. Also, what’s the best size to size your portfolio images to? It is cropping out half of my photo.


Please follow the directions in the documentation on how to set multiple images for a single portfolio post. As far as the image cropping is concerned, try to play with the sizes a bit, to see what results you can achieve, but I generally advise you to use smaller images.

artguru Purchased


I love the theme so far so good. However I am having an issue with the slider, when you first load the home page the images for the slides appear on top of one another and then after a few seconds it works fine . Try to go click on any sections and go back to the homepage, the same thing is happening with a slider.

Any Idea what’s happening and how i can fix this bug?

Thank you in advance

here is a link so you can see for yourself

artguru Purchased

What do you mean custom css ? Do you mean style.css in wp-content/echo/ folder ?


Nope. I mean the Custom CSS option in your options panel, but you can put it in the style.css file as well, if you want.

artguru Purchased

It worked! Thank you!

skumpa Purchased


Thanks for a great theme!

I have a question about adding new sidebar. I have done it before in other themes in various ways. But i have never come across your solution so i need some guiding.

I gave it a try yesterday but didn´t get it to work. I created a new sidebar called sidebar-process.php and a new template called process.php. I also registered a new sidebar in the widgets.php. Is there something else i have to do? Or can it be that i have done something wrong?

I get this message on the process page: Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_disable_process_sidebar() in /home/logoh/public_html/wp-content/themes/echo/process.php on line 8

I have done some tweaking in themes before but im still a newbie so i would be very grateful for your help.


Hi there!

Thanks for buying the theme! I’m glad you like it. :)

As far as your problem goes, you’re using a function that hasn’t been defined in the theme-functions.php file, that’s in turn found in the admin folder. You can’t just change the name of the function and expect it to be already defined in the theme files. In other words, if you want a custom function, you’ll going to have to define it yourself in the aforementioned file.

Have a good one! ;)


skumpa Purchased


I now added this to the theme-functions.php: /-----------------/ /* Disable Sidebar on the Process Page / /-----------------*/

function of_disable_process_sidebar() { $shortname = get_option(‘of_shortname’); }

if (get_option($shortname . '-disable-process-sidebar') === 'true') {
  return 1;
return 0;

and this to the widgets.php: register_sidebar(array( ‘name’ => , ‘id’ => ‘right-sidebar-page’, ‘before_widget’ => ‘

  • ’, ‘after_widget’ => ‘
  • ’, ‘before_title’ => ‘

    ’, ‘after_title’ => ‘

    ‘ ));

    This in the sidebar-process.php: <!- START #sidebar -> <?php if ( !function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’) || !dynamic_sidebar(‘right-sidebar-process’) ) : ?>
  • <?php _e(‘Widgetized Area’, ‘echo’); ?>

  • <?php printf((‘Go to Appearance – Widgets section to overwrite these sections. Use any widgets that fits you best. This is called

  • <?php endif; ?> <!- end of #sidebar -> <!- END #sidebar ->

    Is this correct? What should i write in the process.php file. I can´t get it to work at all.


    Your widget id and the id your provided in the dynamic_sidebar() function are not the same. That’s the reason why your newly defined sidebar isn’t working.

    Oh, and I suggest posting your code/files on a site like http://dropdo.com/, if the code is lengthy, because I find it almost unreadable, when you just copy-paste it like that in your comment.