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I was wondering if there was any way I could get the left hand menu to appear on entry after a few seconds?


You can have it open permanently, there is an option in the theme options panel.

Thank you for this beautiful theme! It is really nice! :-) (I used frame photography before and loved it, but this one is even better!) I have a little issue with thumbs. I’d like them to be top aligned and usually crop the original mediafile like that (for thumbnail only). But when I add it to the gallery on a simple page, it won’t show the thumb I chose, but cuts the top of the image. Same issue with background image. It cuts the top of the picture, or: the 2 cm on top are like “under” the menu, on small screens at least (since I use lots of portraits, that’s not so great…). Is there any solution to that?

I’m am referring to the gallery to insert in pages:

Its ok, we’ve just checked if the aqua resizer has an option to choose the way to crop the image (top, left etc) unfortunately there is no way to do that.

ok, thank you.

hi, it would be possible in the portfolio does not make clickable work (because I do not have photos of that job)?


Please post this tech related request on our help forum

you might investigate?It is quite urgent and I do not respond yet


Its not 5 min solution, you provide the assistance in the order the requests were submitted.

Hey, please. How do I adjust the alignment of the text next to the picture in the left widget to Cart?

I sent

OK, we will get back to you asap.


Hi, How do I set up the cover page which displays all blogs length of the text below the preview image?

Hello! You have to use the excerp option.


You are welcome

Hello, I’m using your theme and love it – almost perfect for my needs. My one issue is that when i use the gallery slider, the top and bottom of the photos get cut off. I’m a photographer and need the whole photo to be visible. Is it possible to scale it down so that the photos don’t get cut off?

There are special parameters for the slider set the parameter Fit always, it will load the actual photo.

I get the parameters, I’m using Fit always. The problem is the picture is getting cut off by the top nav bar and the thumbnails. The image is fit to screen, not fit to accommodate for the nav bar & thumbnails, therefore the top & bottom of the picture is getting cut off.

But that is how the theme works, it looks like on the demo

can you send me the demo .xml content I am having trouble importing it.

Hello! We do the import in the same way using xml importer.


I am having problem with importing demo content. It keep on running more than 30 minutes. After importing some images, it is not importing anything, just keep on running

Any help pls


Please send your wp_admin details via a contact form on our tf profile and we will check it

Hello, I am very happy with your work and love your templates. Thanks a lot for this! So far everything is very clear and I get on very well.

My question: is it possible that the sub-items on the menu also remain open throughout – just like in your template diamond?

Please send this request to help at gt3themes dot com and we will get back to you with the quote. Thanks

The email is out. I look forward to your response.

We will get back to you asap. Thanks

Hey there, I’m looking for the 500px icon in theGT3 Page Builder icon list. Could you please add this icon or could I add it via custom CSS?

We hope so too

Hey, I’ve another question. I’d like to add a fullscreen image post but as soon as I change the portfolio style to fullscreen or default the image gets huge and stretches over the whole page. Using the simple style displays the image correctly. How can I fix this?

Hello! Please provide your wp-admin details with the link to the created page.


hueytheg Purchased

I noticed a small bug on the ipad. If you have 1. content alignment set to center 2. menu expanded 3. ipad in the horizontal position you will notice the bug.

Note: If your ipad is in the vertical position you don’t see the bug. If If the content alignment is set to LEFT you don’t see the bug either

BUG: What happens in the horizontal position is that the expanded menu overlaps the left side of the content. The menu buts right up against the text. The padding is lost. I tested it on your demo About page – – and the contact page and the same thing happens.


GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! Thanks for bug reporting. We will test everything. Can you please provide the direct link to the page? You need to open the demo and remove the panel by clicking the close button in the top right corner.


GT3_Help Author Team

I’ve already passed this info to a developer, he will check it and if there is a bug, it will be fixed asap. Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences

Hi there,

I´m having some problems with Woocommerce integration. I have a message saying there is not declared support from your Theme.

The problem is, everytime I add a new product, i can preview it, but once iI start filling the details, all I get is the 404 Error page. Same when I press the link on the Shop page.

I really can’t understand it,the Url is the same, just looks like only works for a few seconds after I publish it.


GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! The Eclipse theme isn’t added to the official list of WooCoomerce supported products. We integrated it with the plugin and support all issues. Please send the wp-admin access to suppport[at]gt3.zendesk. Our support staff will test everything.


i have used this theme in another project.. however on the light skin version of this theme, how would i be able to use the sectioned theme menu in a different project.. is there a plugin version for this look ?

Hello! Do you have 2 licenses for this theme?

no I am not using your theme at this time but I like the way you have a like accordion page splitter.. so you click a section and it takes you to a part of a website.. do you know of a plugin that does this?

We do not use any 3rd party plugins

Hello, my client use this theme. I receive one question from him. Please see this url

Fifth area has some problem. Default background image or color appear when i move mouse.

This problem occurs in Safari. Your live preview site also has the same problem.

Hello! We will pass this info to the developer.


Alex_WSD Purchased

Hi, I’m thinking of purchasing this theme but before I do wanted to ensure that Its possible to make the light theme load so that its the menu bar on the left with home page as full screen image gallery (like your Black Diamond theme). Thanks


Alex! Sure, you may have this page for the front page.


gg08 Purchased

Hi. One question: when you make an update, how can I upgrade it in my WP dashboard?


gg08 Purchased


Hello! No, please read the documentation for obtaining information.

Before I purchase I have a few questions. 1. Striped home page can be links to five different galleries (not menu items)? 2. Can I have open menu on all page except the striped home page? 3. Can I include a logo graphic on home stripe panels as well as text? 4. I have only 9 to 12 items per gallery does the masonry treatment fill the screen with the image that I have (or leaves a lot of blank space)?

Hello! 1. You can link them to any page. 2. Yes, you can have the menu open. The striped page does not have menu 3. You can see this combination on our demo 4. There will be a blank space at the bottom of the page.

can i have custom menu on the right ?

That’s the specific of this design

Make sure that you do not use any cache plugin.

Hello , I am interested in buying this theme. But I know this: has demo version? Another question , has page Building? Thank you.