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Is there a possibility to show always a logo in the mobile menu?


GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! The logo is available for the menu. There is no logo on stripes page on mobile version.

Have you planned an update soon?

You said ‘not everything works with Wordpress 4.3.’. I need the info what things don’t work to test everything on our end.

then I made a mistake, everything works with Wordpress version 4.3 ;) Sorry


Hello Mad Dog where can I change the font size of the titles on each Strip Pages ?

Hi there! I’m out of the office at the moment, can’t check it, but its definitely in theme.css file, you can search for strip class

Hi, The theme looks great. I have four main questions.

1. Nested Galleries. Do you support this feature ? For example, I want to have a hierarchical structure of galleries. e.g. Africa, Asia, Australia etc. Within Africa, I would have Kenya, Tanzania. Within Kenya, I would have Masai Mara 2015, Amboseli 2016 etc. In my main page, I would like to see the items at the highest level – Africa, Asia, Australia just like the grid feature, with a thumbnail image (Question 2 is about this thumbnail). Once clicked on the thumbnail image, the next level of galleries would be loaded up – Kenya, Tanzania etc., until the last node eg. when Masai Mara 2015 gallery is reached, the images would be displayed in a grid.

2. Can the thumbnail of the gallery be randomised (any random image from within the nested galleries) ?

3. How is the shopping cart/payment integrated with paypal, if I were to sell images, prints ?

4. Can I sell electronic documents such as eBooks through this theme ?



Hello! 1. Unfortunately, the Gallery doesn’t have required functionality. The Gallery Grid template displays only images in popup. 2. We have special button to drag&drop images to the required position. 3. The theme supports Woocommerce plugin, it is integrated with paypal. Please read more about the plugin here 3. The plugins allows to create a product posts, you can upload images and description. 4. The free plugin version doesnt have functionality to upload e-documents, but you can look for some add-ons.

The demo page isn’t working… It used to work, but I just checked it and I can’t open all the demo pages..

It sounds really strange but the demo is working fine.

Hi there, can I set the background image to streched or full sized? Thank you for answering.

I´ve bought eclipse.

…I want to set the background image of „About“ to streched or full size.

I knew that you bought the Eclipse theme. It contains built-in templates, I suggest you to read the theme documentation to understand it better The About page at our demo is based on Vertically Stretched template. The background image will be stretched automatically

Hello. Is it possible to have two Home Pages, uno for desktop and one for mobile?

Hello! You can have only 1 home page in WordPress.

I use 6 stripes (striped page). For desktop it is functional, for smartphone not make a good image. How can I fix the issue?

What do you mean? Please be more specific

Hi, I am very interested in buying the Eclipse theme. One question: Is it possible to link the photos from the Masonry portfolio page directly to another website? I would like to create a portfolio overview and then linking to other websites. Many thanks!

Hello! Yes, you can do that in portfolio.