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What file would I have to adjust to have a custom font on the static striped page; different from the global theme font? Is there custom css parameter I can add thru the theme options?

Hello! Please post this tech related question on our help forum. Thanks

Hi, Mad_dog Supports

I am looking for a photography theme for my WordPress website. The looks of website, theme is similar to

If you have any this who full fill my requirement and similar to given example website, please tell me, i will purchased it from your website.

I also looking for plugin to share images automatically “means if a user upload a new images in website on that time the image will be distribute to Social Accounts like Facebook and more”

My maximum budget in 100$.

Please reply, i am waiting for your response. My email id:

Hello! You can preview our photography theme to better understand how they look and work.

Thinking about purchasing this theme but I had a question about being able to keep the format that is on desktop when viewed on mobile device. Im not a fan of the navigation menu on mobile devices but I like the menu you have setup desktop is there a way to keep that?

Thinking about purchasing this theme but I had a question about being able to keep the format that is on desktop when viewed on mobile device. Im not a fan of the navigation menu on mobile devices but I like the menu you have setup desktop is there a way to keep that?

In this case you have to disable the responsive mode.

Hi how can i put the before/After script in my blog page because i dont see any gt3 page builder module in my post mage.. please give me the instruction.

Hello! The page builder is available only in the pages, you can’t use the modules in the posts.

hi i updated my 2.9 theme to 3.0.2 with wp-admin panel.. and my wordpress crashed. i want to clean install 3.0.2 but i couldnt find new version’s files.

New version working with too many addon. And that addons have pro versions.. sorry but i dont like that.

Hello! You have to update the theme via ftp please read the documentation on how to do that

which documentation? i updated from wp-admin panel and my site down. i want to install clean one and i cant find version 3. why you are not update themeforest site documents and files?

Unfortunately after 2 star rating, we wont be able to assist you. The documentation is available and the theme is up to date.


Noticing very slow load times throughout the site. Pictures take very long to load on homepage and rest of site. Ken burns effect takes even longer.

Please assist.

Hello! What is the link to your site?

Although, I have fixed the speed and load time with my server. However, once the site was moved to a new server, the portfolio pages now gives a 404 error

Maybe you did something wrong while moving from one server to another.

I tried to import the contents several times and it has not worked. “uploads” folder has all permissions enabled. I can not find how to subscribe to the support via the forum (not find a way to post there). Where do I find the updated xml file?.

Ill provide the wp_admin details. PLS HELP. My email is

We wait for your site credentials. Please use the contact form here

see request (2663)

Help , I can not change the colors of the site.

I see that theme has different color.

Ok, I’ll see what’s going on here . Thank you.

Hi friend, i am again. Help me with galery. How make galery also to ? Thank you!

Hello! You can open the documentation and find “Page Templates” it explains how to use the custom page templates. Thanks

Ok, thanks you. :)

Hi! I updated eclipse today to the last version, but now, I have problems with the main menu that disappear and the content page that is not display. I tried to deactivate all plugins and reinstall all again, but nothing change. I tried to re-download the theme from theme forest and upload again, but nothing. I notice something wrong in pages where is a gallery. In the simple page like “about us” there isn’t text.

Could you please help me to understand what is wrong? Thank you very much

Please send them using the contact form on our TF profile page

Hi! I deleted and reinstalled the theme but the problem persist. I think is the gallery or a js file because if I open a simple page, the menu is displayed. link in this page, as you can see there is the menu. In all the simple pages, instead, the problem is the contents are not shown. Look at the html code, you can notice that the page have an empty body. In wordpress backoffice, there are all my text. Before the last update of wordpress was all not.

So, what do you think I can do to solve this problems? Thank you

Just provide your site credentials and we will check it

When I upgrade to the new version of the theme 2.9.1 The fonts go all times roman….. What am I doing wron


titusdb Purchased

I got the fonts working again in version 2.9.1. It was something I did wrong….

Please make sure that there are no 3rd party plugins that could affect the wordpress the page builder. We do not have this issue on our end.

hi cant switch form visual to html and otherway. i did the update on 26th. any idea what to do?

Hello! Are referring to the Wordpress editor ?

yes and only on posts. pages is working fine.

Hmm, the theme does not affect the work of the wordpress editor, moreover we do not have page builder modules in the posts. Maybe you should update the wordpress as well.

This looks perfect for my family photos, however I need to be able to drag/drop hundreds of photos and I don’t think your theme allows for quick album creation? I don’t want to have to use a page builder to add photos one-by-one. Please advise? Thanks

Hello! This theme does not have albums functionality. You can display only the image galleries.

Ok thanks for the fast response

You may check our recent photo themes

I want to use the gallery slider on my home page with the thumbnails and navigation. but the soldier doesn’t work. i can’t navigate its stuck, and also the thumbnails are not clickable.

can you fix this?

Hello! Its impossible, please put the link to your site and provide wp-admin details. Please make sure that you do not use any 3rd party plugins that could affect the work of the slider.

i have an other problem, when i put photo’s in the portfolio they wont seem to fit. there is some photo’s that are cut in half vertically. how can i fix this?

i want the photo’s to fit on the portfolio page,

Hello! What page are you referring to?