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Hi Friend, I need help to delete the featurebox widget. Already enter the code : .featuresbox {height : 10px ; } .featuresbox ul {display : none; } . But it did not work 100 % !! Help!!

I’m running Ecobiz 3.1 on WP 4.4.2. I built the site with earlier version of the theme, about 4 years ago. (Great theme BTW).

I’m having trouble with the [pagelist] shortcode not displaying the proper sub-pages. It appears the shortcode may only show sub-pages of top level pages, and will show pages OTHER than the pages I specify in the shortcode.

One of the pages I’m having trouble with is:

Shortcode on that page, to display sub-pages, is: [pagelist parent_page=”industries” num=8 orderby=”date” column=”2” readmore_text=”VIEW DETAIL”]

The shortcode should show the sub-pages beneath the ‘industries’ page, instead it’s showing the sub-pages beneath this page:

...a totally unrelated page. I’m baffled.

In other instances, the pagelist shortcode is displaying a seemingly random set of sub-pages, totally unrelated to the current page. It’s like the code can’t determine the identity of the current page.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?

Also, can you share a list of working parameters for this shortcode (i.e. how can I orderby) it seems some of the normal Wordpress ordering options do not affect it.

I am new to this theme and I am having trouble removing the background from the .heading-text element on the home page only I was able to remove the title text but not the gray, rounded-box background. I have tried to do this in css but have been unsuccessful. Anyone have any ideas?

.home .heading-text { display: none !important; background-image: none !important; }