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does this work live like in the theme demo?



That’s a template not a theme.


This website is very fast in performance :)

troxter Purchased

Hey there chimp, hey, when I add a product to cart it doesn’t add it. And checkout doesn’t seem to work either. What do I need to do to make this work like the demo version you use to sell it?


also, is there a way to add size to options of product? We are going to sell clothes and a size option would be great. And by not working I mean that when I add something to cart, it shows nothing is added and just returns to page with product on it.

Hi .. how do I add size and color options to the product page and cart?



I did read through the comments about the colour but i cant get anything in the shopping kart except the image of the thumb i have set below on the shopping cart.

at li class=”left”> $11.50
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  • So this works out of the box and all you do is attach it to a paypal account?

    Great File and if so I will be buying multiples of it in the future.

    Hello, I’m interested in purchasing Ecommerce Google And PayPal Estore2, I have few questions I would like to know (1) Can I apply a standard shipping rate for entire purchase at checkout? (2) Anyway to request coupon code at checkout? (3) Anyway to apply 1-3 drop-downn or select options for example: Color and Size?

    Gracias, hemos aplicado este template en: www.vivecancun.com

    Funciona de maravilla, saludos.

    Where is developer of this template? It’s been five months since three persons submitted questions and still there’s no answer from the developer. Why? I want the answer to the question that eirehotspur asked five months ago. To be more specific if I plug my PayPal account info into The template, will that be all I need to do to make the shopping cart functional and allow a shopper to pay via PayPal?


    It is an HTML template, this is why the above said function is not possible. However, you can create your custom products in your paypal merchant and then you can link each product on your site to paypal merchant with custom products. There is no option in HTML template to detect your products automatically from your paypal merchant. For that you have to contact developers to make your site dynamic. It will handle your products through paypal.


    Thank you for the reply. That’s quite helpful for the moment. I will ask another question or two that I have about your template in a couple of days. Thanks again.


    Sure, always here to respond :)

    Just purchased today and must admit very easy and nice code. I was looking for something simple with lite mods and this did the trick.

    Question though. Is it possible to add a coupon code or multi item discount?

    Thanks again for the great work!


    Thank you for such a nice compliment. I am afraid you cannot add coupon code. or multi item discount.


    thank you for the reply. I will keep that in mind.


    I am glade to help respected clients.

    Hi I’m interested in purchasing this template but I am wondering if it’s possible to add multiple shipping options for different carriers and countries or does it require heavy coding?


    It may require you to do some wok with it.