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Really like the style of this template. I’ve been building a website for a hardware store with it. However, I need to add in the purchase function like paypal and credit card which it doesn’t have. Do you recommend I purchase your “Ecommerce Google And PayPal Estore2” and add the PayPal or rebuild using the new template?? Please Advise. Thanks!!

Hi @ WillzShire, thanks for taking interest in our template, please look at the demo and then if you happy with it then you can make decision what would be best for you.

Thank you Chimpstudio. I need a clue how to correctly populate products into this template. Can’t figure out how category (col1), listing (col2), detail (colr) pages link and function together. So products clicked on category (col1) sort to top of listing page (colr) etc. Thank you for helping.


E Commerce Retail Store

What is your fee to customize this template I purchased?

Need listing.html colR Product image and description to link to the same product image and description on detail.html slider2

You probably have that scripted in but I can’t figure it out and would gladly pay you to set me up.

Thanks WillzShire

Hi @ WillzShire, please check you email.

Many attempts to contact Chimpstudio via SKYPE . chimpstudio London UK Sent Instant Message many times put no response.

Authorization requested from ChimpS: Customization Chimpstudio Template: E Commerce Retail Store Need listing.html colR Product image and description to link to the same product image and description on detail.html slider2. Also need Slider2 on index.html to link over the product description – right now it only links the picture.

Please Advise WillzShire


You didn’t reply to my last Skype message answering your question about budget.

I do need you to fix two link problem at whatever fee $$ you normally charge. I have no idea what is normal charge for this customizing. Please let me know soon – I must put on line this week.

1. home page slider2 (more detail) button links to detail.html so the 3 product descriptions link over like the 3 photos already do. I must have something wrong in the code there.

2. link from grills.html so that each product links over to the detail.html page showing the correct product and description. If you could do one item as example how to correctly code it.

Thanks, WillzShire

Can you please tell me do I get all color version when I buy this template? I mean do I have to choose just one color design and to buy precisely that one or just buy this template and later choose from all colors ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ yande, ys you do get all colour listed with this whn you buy this.

Hi: I just bought the template and it’s great. Is there any way to auto play the content slider in the home page?

Some of the comments here are ridiculous.

As the developer stated numerous times, this is an HTML and CSS TEMPLATE .

WillzShire doesn’t seem to have any programming experience at all, and is expecting the author of a $15 template to provide programing services to “make products appear” or and create a hyperlink that links to the details page.

This is a template, people. You get template files, and you use them to create as many pages as you need. This is NOT an complete and operational website or shopping cart.

Purchased this theme back in May 2011. Used it as a temporary theme for an ecommerce project still in development. The CSS is fully W3C compliant and renders properly in Firefox, IE, and Chrome.

Nice theme, thanks.

HI @ jayluke2001, Many thanks for your positive feedback and suggestion for other ppl. hope they will understand your comments. wish you good luck with your work.


the style of this theme is great…. but need know if possible customize color to orange

sorry my bad english

Hi @ Cll, please send us an email if you would like customised colour of your choice.

sorry the question but…

where can find the email?

HI @ Cll, you can find our email address on our portfolio page.

Nice theme btw.

I’ll have to report an bug of cufon in IE 9 though, the cufon isn’t displaying nicely (eg. has no h1,h2,h3, ... in IE 9 ) – update your js should fix it

Hi @NicoJuicy, thanks for reporting bug related to IE9 Cufon, we are working on updates of our all files so it will be fixed within few days. if you want its fix i can help you out. please drop me an email and i will send you fix for this.

have a great day

Bug report

Description: in the product list page, switching to thumb view makes the “details” and “buy” buttons unclickable.

Cause: the details from list view obscures the button

Technical info: Chrome 21, windows 7×64 ultimate

Fix: add the following to your style.css:

.thumb_view .big_li_sec_right {

Hi @fimbul, thanks for reporting bug – I will defiantly add this to next updates. regards

I got problem with left menu on IE 9 when publish, in Firefox work fine.

Please help me

Does It translate by Korean?

Hi @idndrive,

I am sorry, its just an HTML template and it doesn’t offer any language translation.


Hello! Thank’s for your template. But how can i get other psd-files? In your instruction-sheet you wrote that there were 8 psds. Please, reply me about conditions of getting the rest of psds. Thanks for your support.

Get this, please help me, have tried everything:

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

Theme install failed.

Hi, now i tried to put in just a regular header like this: Theme Name: Twenty Ten Theme URI: Description: The 2010 default theme for WordPress. Author: wordpressdotorg Author URI: Version: 1.0 Tags: black, blue, white, two-columns, fixed-width, custom-header, custom-background, threaded-comments, sticky-post, translation-ready, microformats, rtl-language-support, editor-style, custom-menu (optional)


License: License URI:

But then I get this error: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the index.php file.

Theme install failed.

It seems like everyone else have installed this theme without any problem. I don’t have any index file in my download and was expecting everything to be fines. Have also tried to install via ftp without any luck. Please help me.

@msathre Its not wordpress theme , you have downloaded HTML Template , it can’t be installed on wordpress without converting into theme.

Still waiting for an answer. I just installed wordpress on this domain, so everything should be updated and ready to go?

On the first page it says: This theme comes with some really cool options and best of all there are four colors themes to chose from.

This is why I thought it was a theme.

Today I have a domain with wordpress installed on it. Can you please describe how to make this work?

Please describe how to make it work for me with a regular wordpress installed.

Its not easy to discrib its almost one month job for expert dev to convert into wp theme, you have bought wrong file you need to buy thene from wordpress category ..

Hi, I have purchased this template today. and I cant see Login and register html pages.

are these files comes with this theme or not ?

Hai @ surebl. This template does not include login or register page you can also check our demo here That does not include it.