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Best ecommerce design I have seen within this website along with your innovative theme. Whats happening to this Magento file Chimpstudio it’s been on the cards for a while.

I love this. Is the Magento version available?

I purchased the html version, but would really like to get a magento version of this. Hopefully there becomes enough damand for it =)


I have purchased this template but would like the Magento Version? How can I get it ? Please advise which versions are supported and how can you provide it to me – thanks -Sara

Hi @ sghasletwala, We are looking into developing the magento version but not yet available. We are not sure about when exactly it will be available, but if we will develop it we will send you an email. Cloud you please kindly just send us rrequest through our portfolio email.


Im Interested in the template and have aa few questions for you.

Question#1: Can I setup processing on this site?

Question#2: Can you customize the site if I supply you the Mockups?

Please get back to me ASAP .

Thank you in Advance, Armen

Hi @ designgroup, Thank you for taking interest in our template, In order to use as a payment system we would suggest you to read their requirement in order to use it with the template. You will surely need to get customisation done in order to successfully emebed this into template. Thanks.

I would also like a Magento version of this. I am really liking this template and am glad I bought it. It has a great feel to it and clearly defined CSS .

Hi @ Paxamime, We have sent you an email please check.

Do NOT buy this theme if you are looking for a Magento theme. Author offered to make it a magento theme for $650 while it can be purchased from the following link for $69:

Hi @ Paxamime, very wrong attitude you have i would say. You had enquired about magento from us and we did quote you our price. We are not concerned how much you can get it for. If you know you can get it for much less please buy it. We have not forced you to get it from us. Wish you good luck. I am sure your are wise enough but just a reminder there is differnce in buying off the shelf and getting it customised according to your requirements.

As per your mentioning in the information on this template.. I would love to see a Magento (1.5+) version of this template.

Great Work!

HI @ CyberSpy, Thanks for taking interest in our template. Magento version is not available at present, but might be in future not sure when.

Hello there

Great theme!

I have a question… I removed the languaje div and I added more items to navigation menu but after adding a couple more items, the navigation splits in to a second row.

By the way, although I added those extra items, there’s a plenty of space for more to the right but It shows two rows of menu items anyway.

Any idea?

Hi @ jeptinho, try to modify CSS .

I like this template but I have 2 questions before buying. What shipping services is it configured with? What are the payment types already configured with this theme?

Hi @ gouz, thanks for liking our template. We will look forward to see you buying them soon.

May i ask, i guess this is a simple template without any eshop engine right? Is there something else that i could use for a login / account engine?

Hi @ gouzs. yes this is just an HTML and CSS tempalte. You can look at this does have paypal or google checkout option but still doesnt come with CMS . please refer to the live demo to try.

When will you be coming out with the magenta version of this template? I’m working on setting up my business website and would love to buy the magenta version of the them


Hi @ jarudeboy35, Thanks for taking interest in our template. At present we have no plans, hence cant promise you any dates for Magento version yet. But you can get it customised surely for magento.

Are you guys not answering any support questions on any of your designs?

I need help on ecomerce shoping cart2

I was ready to hit the buy button but I need a wp theme. Would’ve been great. Any thoughts on that?

Hi @g7studios, sorry we dont have any plans for its wordpress version. regards

I’ve bought this theme, but unfortunately all titles disappear in Internet Explorer…

Is there a solution?

hi, i want to buy this theme, is any possibility to: instead of making an online payment, just send an email to the admin acocunt with the contact information of the buyer and what he want to buy?

Hi @imagineallt,

first of all, i would like to inform you that its not a wordpress theme. Its just an HTML template and it doesn’t have any functionality. you need to do customization in order to meet your requirements.