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THanks for answering!!!

Is there any other solution? i want it to look exactly the same but have the menu on the right rotating

Thanks again

this is an amazing design! beautifully made! wow…your work is amazing..bookmarked!

Is there any way this can be made into a wordpress theme? I will absolutely buy it if i can be.

Beautiful theme. Well done!

Would you be able to make this template work with mojoPortal?

HI Steve

Before I buy this theme I have a couple of questions.

I want to have a submenu on the lefthand side of each page as standard like the oxfam site, so that the top nav bar has sublinks in th left hand submenu:

Will that be possible?

Also, I wanted to replace the grass & the tree in the top area and reduce the height of that whole top area. Will that be possible?

Also , what will happen if this site is used in chrome? Will it not work properly?

Regards Mario

sorry. I aslo forgot to mention. Will I be able to include breadcrumbs and another level of nav links at the very top of the page?

Hello Pandemic, if I buy this template with the regular licence could I use this design also for other devices like mobile devices? Best wishes Toni

how can i create a submenu?


Hi Pandemic!

Can you tell me how can i create a submenu? Im trying to do it but it doesnt works! Somebody knows something about this problem with this issue?


I would appreciate to have the sky background more sharp – on the left of the top bird it has a noise.

Nice job!

The twitter widget has stopped working all of a sudden. Is there an update that may have broken this feature recently. I originally downloaded the theme approx 2 years ago. Thanks for your reply