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Nice clouds background, good work

I’m very impressed with this one! There’s a very dull set of same-same templates of late here, but this is wonderful!

Nice work and well done!

What’s the PSD like, easy to edit the background, tree etc?


Well the tree is all one layer to save space, but you can move the trees, butterflies, and clouds all independently. Additionally, just put a darker gradient behind the clouds to make a darker sky! :)

Really nice !!!

Mmm… maybe I could try to update my current website http://ecorelation.com to this template.

Keep the good work !

I really like the style, good job :)

Thanks everyone!

Nice job, looks really clean!

I’d buy this for WordPress. Looks awesome. Any chances of a wordpress template down the road?

Gorgeous. One of the better themes I have seen of late.

very nice work!! :)

Wow great work, awesome!

soprint Purchased


i have purchased your template. Really nice and easy to edit, thanks. I just don’t find the php page for the contact form. This page doesn’ exist?

Thank you


Hi there, Thanks for the purchase! The contact form is more like a template, there’s no actual file to process the form.

However, it can easily be integrated with an existing script. Sorry about that!

The live demo is not working, any chance of fixing this issue? Looks very nice on the screenshots! :)


Sorry about that! It’s fixed now :)

Thanks a lot for your work!

Where did you find the butterfly graphics ? I’m looking for bees and hives graphics to replace butterflies..

Thinking about purchasing but would need to replace the grass and tree with a river and mountain. Any chance you can direct me to where you got the grass and tree so I can try to find river and mountain?

Hi Pandemic,

I bought this theme recently. But I do a mistake, I want this theme for Wordpress site and it’s for PSD . And recess it doesn’t work.

Have you a Wordpress version of this theme or an other solution ?

Best regards Maks

lightbox is missing images : colors range from monitor to monitor – but it’s still awesome!

Is there a way to add like 10-20 different items to the featured section? instead of just 3?


Unfortunately not…Unless you change some of the dimensions….but then the featured box would get really intense since it would take up the whole page