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EduTime - Online Courses & Education Landing - Marketing Corporate


Narrated Video Presentation (HD)


EduTime Responsive landing page for education and online courses marketing

Education Landing page to convert users into students in 1 second!

EduTime has the following features:

  • Fully Responsive, looks great on your mobile or tablet!
  • Built on HTML5 and CSS3 and based on the popular Foundation Bootstrap
  • 3 solid color options, you will love one, if not all of those.
  • Fully modularized: adding, removing and editing of sections made easy
  • +30 pattern , for backgrounds
  • Google Webfonts, uses Google Webfonts for beautiful typography
  • Very Lightweight, loads in seconds, not bloated!
  • CSS Sprites for reduced loading times
  • Fully functional Contact Form, AJAX-powered contact form
  • Optimized for SEO
  • 3 Fully layered PSD, get all the design elements for free.
  • Animations to make your landing looks more attractive.

3D Animations

Nowadays, most people have a powerful computer for internet browsing. Let’s take advantage of it! We’re using hardware-accelerated CSS3 animations. Fully accessible and cross-browsers compatible!

Also, to make it easy for you to customize your theme, we made the CSS animations editable with simple data attributes. Basically, you just have to indicate which effect you want for each element! And the best part is… you can choose between 50+ animations!


We provide free premium support to all our customers, 7 days a week!



14 /11/2013  - Documentation improved
27/09/2013 - modal form is responsive now
16/05/2013 - Video + Form in 3 different colors added
16/05/2013 - Courses image hover fixed
16/05/2013 - More tutorials for customization added
10/05/2013 - HD Video Tutorial added and responsive horizontal scroll fixed
09/05/2013 - initial release