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hi really like your template waiting for the wordpress version too

is a psd file included? cause i only see png layered file in the discription is there a possibility to edit the layered png file


indeed psd is not included, mainly becouse most of the graphics in this theme are handled by the CSS , you can change the colors by simply adjusting their value. :) I will add some psds to wp version though, those will make editing of slider arrows and few other details easier.


How’s the Wordpress version coming?? ; )

There are good and bad news.

Bad news is, that due to work overload I won’t be able to deliver the wordpress version this and next week.

The good news is I’ve already started working on it, and I’ll be working all through holidays to deliver it ASAP . Really sorry to make you guys waiting but sometimes there is just too many things happening.


Having a small issue. On the portfolio page, the ‘see more’ hyper links have a background colour of black. I need this changed to white and no matter what I do I cant seem to get it to change. I’m having trouble identifying what property in the css it making it black. Any ideas?


Hey atweedie

Ok I see what you mean, to force the background of the “see more” links to be of specific color or transparent, you will need to add a class to the <a /> tag. Let’s say <a href="#" class="no_bcg">See more..</a> and then, somewhere at the bottom of the style.css or in rainbow.css add a class .no_bcg{background:none;}

Reason behind such a behavior of the background is that the <a /> tag is inheriting background settings of the image(the plus sign when on hover)

Amazingly cool template! I’m gonna buy it as soon as it’s available as a Wordpress template

Any news on the Wordpress version??

I just downloaded. When I open in IE, I don’t get the same fonts. When I open in firefox, it works. Also, if I access live demo site using IE, it works. Just locally it’s not working.

hmm IE must be blocking script execution locally, it shouldn’t happen once you upload it to the server

hello, i am looking to move the navigation up or down just like the logo, but i cant find where i can do that!!!

Also I would need to move the anythingSlider down a little, please if you can tell me how to do that

you can change the navi position in style.css around line 462, like so: http://prntscr.com/18lw8a

and you can nudge the slider down by adding top margin in anythingslider.css like so: http://prntscr.com/18lwiu

(“wiersz” means “line” of code at which you will find the rule)

cheers! :)


please help, answer my question above!!!!

done! ;)


Thanks for you help, works great!

Couple more questions though…

1. i now need to move the portfolio down a little, so how do i do that?

2. when i moved the anything slider down 35px i now have a line showing where it was??? how do i get around that?


1) & 2) – instead of modifying anythingslider class then, change #header to have bottom margin :) like so: http://prntscr.com/196mln


thanks again! You are a GREAT HELP!!!!!!

Hi Sorry, but I have one last question.

Im trying to change the color of the navigation from yellow to black, but the only style in styles.css that changes the color is… a, a:visited{ color:#fffc05; text-decoration:none; } This changes all the links, and i dont want to do that i just want to change the color of the navigation ONLY. Please Help!!!

adding #nav a,#nav a:visited{color:#fffc05} to the bottom of the style should do the trick for you

quick question, ive added som more fields to the contact form, after doing so i edited the “sendEmail.php” file and i guess im missing something because now all i get in the email is the message box, but nothing else…

please help, i need to know exactly what i need to edit to add another field to the contatc form, such as a “telephone field”. thanks!

the contact form is made of 3 files – the sendEmail that you edited, the markup in html file that you edited as well and also – part in script.js – change that too and it should work all fine :)



I’ve got a problem on my website, the template calls this a css file located at : http://960ls.atomidata.com

The css file called is : http://960ls.atomidata.com/static/cssserve/8/8/1/0/0/88100.css

but when trying to reach the file, it says “Not Found”

Now my website is misformatted which is quite a serious problem.

My question is : Do you have this file? If Yes thanks you to provide it to me. If no, have another way to get the website good again? Or do you have a contact that can provide me the file ASAP?

URL of my website : http://www.hypershade-photography.com

Thanks in advance for your quick support. Regards.


The file is on www.designsentry.com/88100.zip

I’ll push update as soon as I get home


Hey all, I’m sorry that you all have problems with the theme, it came on the worst possible time, as I was away from my home office – on vacations.

What’s happenning is: the theme uses grid style css file that is hosted off the site on different server (to speed up loading and reduce bandwidth usage). The problem is, that server went down, and I don’t have info when it’ll be up again.

I’ve got a copy of the grid file on my own server here: http://designsentry.com/88100.zip you can download it, unzip then copy its ingredients and paste them at the very top of your css/style.css

That’s pretty much all you need to do, but to be precise you should also remove the highlighted line here: http://prntscr.com/1zp978 from all .html files

sorry for all the problems it has caused


ps. update to the theme with exact fix mentioned above is already available for download from themeforest (your download tab)

my site out of no where started loading as if it was being viewed on a phone, but it is being viewed from a pc…chrome ie same situation….please let me know why its doing this?


i see what happened from the above comments

i need to add some fields to the contact form, can you please help!!!!!

i need to add phone and address to the contact form please!!!!!

hey, you can replicate how the the name field works, do it for all 3 files: the contact.html file, the /js/script.js and sendEmail.php, and it will work


perfect, i got it working, thanks!!!