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I’m having the same problem as Peekie above.. http://imaginationcreations.com/


Looks like my problem sorted itself out.. Awesome!

Scratch that. It seems to be going in and out.. looks like we still need a solution.

We are also having the same problem. It has something to do with the header file possibly… http://www.thisisflydaily.com

check my recent comments or re-download theme from themeforest, it’s updated to fix this issue


Same problem for me as well!


check my recent comments or re-download theme from themeforest, it’s updated to fix this issue


Hi, Weird, to hear this thing suddenly happens! And it s not just me.. Hope we get some answers quickly!

Does anyone know the solution? Its still broken! http://www.hofvankijkuit.nl

Help! I’m having the same problem as above and I need to get it fixed asap. We’re a music venue and this is really messing our sales up. Please advise. My site is http://www.littlefieldnyc.com Also, your demo site has the same issue so it seems to be affecting a LOT of sites.


td2 Purchased

Hi, this is actually tandan again—I purchased the theme through this account though so it is verified purchase. Please help with the issue on http://www.littlefieldnyc.com . Does anyone else have any solutions??

I see you got it already :) theme has been updated now, files that changed are css/style.css and header.php, fix is pretty much the same as I explained in the comment


Looks like everyone is having this problem…... can we get an answer?

check my recent comments or re-download theme from themeforest, it’s updated to fix this issue


yeah for sure… has the updated gone through the queue yet? I just re downloaded it and still no change

yep, it’s there, just downloaded and zip contains the new 88100.css file in /css/. The changed files are that one and header.php


Hey all, I’m sorry that you all have problems with the theme, it came on the worst possible time, as I’m away from my home office – on vacations.

What’s happenning is: the theme uses grid style css file that is hosted off the site on different server (to speed up loading and reduce bandwidth usage). The problem is, that server went down, and I don’t have info when it’ll be up again.

I’ve got a copy of the grid file on my own server here: http://designsentry.com/88100.zip you can download it, unzip, then ftp to your server, and edit one line of code near the top of the functions.php file of the theme, so it links to it, instead of the other one on original server.

It’s easy fix but I know how annoying it can be, so I’m very sorry for that guys. I’ll fix it and put update to the theme into themeforest queue as soon as I get home friday night.


Why you would use an off site hosted CSS is crazy. EVERYONE. Here is the code. Click this link, click the CODE icon to create you CSS for the grid and copy and paste this into your CSS file.


kind of struggling here.. put the copy on my server.. Looked into the functions.php but did’nt get something in thats working.. Maybe someone can help me?

Ohh i just put in the code from the 88100 file in my style.css..! And that’s working fine now!

make sure it’s pasted on the very top of the style.css


Hi. Pasting the 88100 code into my style.css worked for me as well.

One small problem. On my website’s homepage, http://imaginationcreations.com/

There should be 4 blocks of text in a row, but the 4th is appearing below the others. This never happened before..

Any ideas of how I can fix this??


you did alright with the style paste, but you need to put it at the very top of the style.css, not at the bottom. That will fix the column issue


Thanks. Works perfectly now!

Update is in the queue, you all should get a notification once it goes live. What it does is remove the external server grid css and replaces it with internal one



My website, at 450detroit.com went totally awry with the latest update of wordpress.

Can you take a look at the site and see how you think we could fix the problem?

The blog area has widened out to take up the whole screen, and the sidebar is no longer visible.



grab this file: http://eekon.themeforest.designsentry.com/style.zip

unzip it and replace your theme style in wordpress/wp-content/themes/Eekon_WP/css/style.css with the new one (do it via FTP). Also make sure to backup your original file, just in case.


Just bought the theme and love it so far! Took me forever to find a nice “Blog with Slider” theme that I can work with, so thanks for making it!

Had a few questions which may or may not be elementary.

1. How do I change the color of the slider arrows? I can change the slider border color along with “primary links”, but that does not carry over to the slider arrows.

2. How can make the slider appear on only the front page of the blog? I’m using a basic, slider on top, then posts, kinda layout, but I’d like “next pages” display “blog only” style without the slider.

3. How do I change the font size of only the posts text? My toying with the css file results in both post text and post title and date sizes changing. I’m trying to isolate the posts text only. (this is probably css 101, but I’m still learning)

Thanks in advance for any help! Again, great job on the theme!

Thanks for these! I’ll check them out.

One more question :-) I’m experimenting with resizing the slider in anythingslider.css, however, when I expand the height of the slider, it ends up displaying a black bar below the place of the expanded portion of the image (re-uploaded new, taller image that should fill the extended height, but still it’s not filling up the space)

I’m guessing I’m not changing something properly—I’was experimenting with this section of the code:

/* SET DEFAULT DIMENSIONS HERE **/ div.anythingSlider { width: 960px; height: 320px; > CHANGED THIS TO VARIOUS #S margin: 0 auto 10px; display:inline; float:left; overflow:hidden; } div.anythingSlider-default{ border:10px solid #fac400; margin:0 10px; height:300px; > ALONG WITH THIS TO VARIOUS #S overflow:visible; }

By playing with those two numbers, I can get the slider to appear “taller” with the proper border etc. but the bottom of the images still do not display beyond the original 300px size.

Is there another portion of the code I could adjust for that?

Thanks again for your help!

it was quite some time ago when I developed this theme, but I think you need to change the image cropping ratios too (should be in functions.php file), then upload new photo so wordpress could re-crop (you could also use a plugin that re-does all thumbs, called “Force Regenerate Thumbnails”)


Ok, I’ll play with it. Thanks!

It appears the main container to my site just disappeared one day. Any thoughts? I tried reloading the theme but didn’t help.


hey, check out my comment above, the theme has been updated to fix this issue. You can either overwrite the files with updated ones, or if you made some customizations, update just the path to the 88100.css file (as explained above)

cheers and happy new year!

I received this error after installing the theme.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_option_tree() in /home/wp-content/themes/Eekon_WP/header.php on line 19

Updated- nevermind. Had to install optiontree plugin.

Hi, looking at your theme with a view to purchase it but I see that it’s not responsive for better viewing on mobile phones etc. Can you tell me whether you intend to make it into a responsive theme?

Nice theme, but its not responsive :(. Any chance to make it responsive? I would buy it!

Hi. A plug-in I’m using, DP Social Timeline, is not loading on my site. It was working fine for a long time, but since updated to the newest version of wordpress it stopped.

I’ve been trouble shooting the problem the the plug in developer, and we discovered that the problem might be because the theme is running an old version of jquery.

I tried tio temporarily switch to a different theme, and that corrected the problem, but when coming back to this theme, the problem came back.

How do you think we can fix the problem?


solved by removing 2 lines in functions.php