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Finally done with the setup (for now!). Thanks a lot for the suggestions and help. I have already recommended this theme to my Friend who is a webdesigner and wordpress user as well. And I’ll definitely recommend it my clients as well.

I’ve emailed you the website just for viewing pleasure whenever you have the time.

One last thing hopefully: any chance to mobilize the theme, I have some trouble with static home pages, they don’t bode well with plugins that generate mobile versions of the website. Basically they don’t query posts. I’ve posted that issue on wordpress.org to get some help.


good job :)

got no plans to add mobile version to this one, at least for now, what you could do to mobilize it, is imo making a m.domain.com with different installation/style maybe and add some little script that would re-direct viewers depending on what they use

oki thanks! Will look into that!

How would I go about deleting the border that goes around the ads when the code is inserted into the Text widget? Thanks.


hmm the border around ads for sidebar is the same as for other text widgets, so removing it from css (line 799) would also remove it for them.

to make it selective, you could add little script to the top of script.js, after the

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
and the script would be:
jQuery('.textwidget ul.ads').parent().css({borderColor: '#000000'});

it’s from top of the head, so might not work but should :)


I would like to use a cufon font that has characters for the Russian language. Bebas is nice but just doesn’t have the characters. That said can you point me to where I would change that from within the theme? I know how to make a new cufon font I just need some help getting it into the theme.

Here’s the link to my testing location where I’m putting the site together. Click Here

Also, I’m attempting to use the qTranslate plugin to make the site multilingual. (English / Russian) I’m using Wordpress version 3.1.3 and qTranslate version 2.5.21. So far as long as I can get the Header tags and all the Cufon type to show up in Russian I think it will work great. But if you know of a better way to make the site multilingual I am all ears.

Thank you in advance for your help! If I can just get this type issue settled I think this will be a great theme for my client!


Hi there,

I believe I had helped one guy with finding the cyrylic font already, mail me and I’ll search the mails that I had with him, and will send you the file.

As for the translation – there is a “LANGUAGE PACK ” folder in the download that comes with the theme, you can find .mo and .po files there, which are the core of translation for wordpress themes. Was a while when I made them, but it works like this:

-you take .po file and open it with special translating program, a poedit: http://www.poedit.net/download.php

-it then shows you the translatateable words and phrases in english and you put their corresponding versions in other language

-once the work is done, you save it, and it outputs something like pl_PL.mo file (for polish, for russian it would be I think ru_RU.mo), now you take that .mo file and simply throw in the main theme folder (Eekon_WP in this case) and that’s it, all the wordpress english phrases get translated to your language :)

it may sound complicated but it’s actually very easy and quick process

don’t forget to mail me (look for the cake on my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/EvGreen ) cheers :)

Hey Thanks for the quick reply! I actually found in the comments where you told someone how to change the cufon font. Sorry, I should have looked through that before asking. But I think I should be all set now. The people who the site is for ARE Russian so we don’t so much need help getting translations, just being able to display an English + Russian version of the site. That said, WP version 3.1.3 + qTranslate version 2.5.21 seem to be playing nice together and work great. I will still look into the language pack though.

Thanks again!

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Hi I got accents problems. I use your theme with french langage and for instance, for the titles, it doesn’t show the accents. Could u help me ?

Thxs a lot



Hey Dbol,

check out folder named LANGUAGE PACK , there is an extended font.js file. You need to take this one and put it on your server, replacing the normal one that is there – in wordpress/wp-content/themes/Eekon_WP/script/ folder.

Will work, cheers :)

hi is there a way to change the way it shows the gallery images thru Nextgen,, now it uses the prettyphoto. but prettyphoto doesnt allow to place a download link or right-mous save image as option for the full-res image… if there is a way to do say please help. if not how can i change it so i can use for example Thickbox


the newest prettyphoto version allows for editing the insides of the pop-up box http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/documentation/ , but I am not sure if the one that the theme runs on has it already, so you might need to update it to latest version (little tweak to functions.php).

It however requires a bit of fiddling with (adding that button to prettyphoto that is) so if you are not very familiar with theese kinds of things, you can always cancel loading of prettyphoto script (again in functions.php) and set the nextgen gallery to display images in thickbox, as far as I remember it has that option along with few other effects.

cheers :)


i tryed to add a download link to it that also works with nextgen gallery but no luck so i need to use lightbox or thickbox instead..

anly with cancelling the prettyphoto script the mainbage head banner doesnt display right anymore. and even if i turn it of it doesnt use the selected light or thickbox in nextgen gallery or are there other files i need to modify. please help.. i realy need people be able to grab download the images


will need some more detailed info on what you want to have there and how it acts now, possibly if you could mail me and include a link to your website so I can see it live. Other than that I don’t really know where to start with it.


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I’m dreading the answer to this one, but is there any way to put the advertising banner on all pages including the mainpage? I fiddled for a while and managed to get it on the mainpage but it wasn’t in line or sized properly so i took it back off. I have alot of pages under category layout as well, but theres no ad on those page layouts either.. Any thoughts, or is this my worst nightmare?




hmm this shouldn’t be that hard, edit header.php and at the bottom of it add div with id=”yourads” and class=”grid_12”, and put your ads in there. After that you just need to add some styling to style.css, like

#yourads{border:10px solid #fac400;}

Once you will do this, mail me and send me a link to your page so I can help you fix the styling if there will be need for that :)


Can I Add Videos from Vimeo or Youtube in my posts?

Nice template though!


yes ofcourse :)

The site has been up and running fine for some time. Very impressed – with the them not my site.

However, I’m now geting a yellow bar in the upper right hand corner over the slides – where text would go. I haven’t made any changes in months.

Where is this controlled from?



ah Harris, sorry I forgot!, ok so the problem is more in the browser that you use (guessing it’s the IE7 ) than the site itself – only this browser displays yellow bar there, the rest I’ve tested run it fine. If you’d like to get rid of the bar for good – you can mail me with acc/pass to your wp installation, but as I said – it’s old browser and number of its users is decreasing rapidly – you should change it to something newer yourself for both security and speed of browsing (and then, sites are prettier on IE9 , FireFox, Chrome etc)



OK, but this just occurred recently. For months the site didn’t show the yellow bar. I’ve made no changes to the site.

Isn’t this yellow bar where text would appear on the slide? Where is that controlled from?


the slider caption shows up when there is some text in the slide post, when you got just a space bar or “new line” char there it will cause it to appear but without any text in it – which looks exactly like a yellow bar

Is there a way I can just edit the style sheet from within wordpress?


Yep – you can add styles into etherna panel – input tab. If you want to do some bigger adjustments then I still would recommend to work on css/style.css file. It has over 3000 lines of code in it so yeah :)


Amazing template. I really love it but am having something odd happen.

I haven’t worked on the site in a few days, but have looked at it.

I just went to it in Internet Explorer and it is super messed up, appears to not be recognizing the main container.

Looks fine in firefox.

Any thouights?



hmm looks pretty ok when I check it on IEs,

IE7 : http://prntscr.com/31kh4

IE8 : http://prntscr.com/31khi

IE9 : http://prntscr.com/31khr

even on prehistoric IE6 (which is not supported) it looks rather ok: http://prntscr.com/31ki5

so unless you got IE5 .5 which is like million years old :) : http://prntscr.com/31kin

then it seems ok on my side, lemme know

btw, dunno if it’s how you wanted it, but you can change the “date” separator a bit by adding this to the bottom of style.css:

.blackhole {
    background-color: #FFFFFF !important;}

this will make the separator not touch the image below: http://prntscr.com/31kjj



Thanks for your help. I am on IE9 . Believe it or not, I just went back and it looked fine. I will chalk it up to Internet Explorer being, well, Internet Explorer-ish.

I should have screencapped while i had the chance, but more or less it was acting as if the main container wasn’t there, so everything was stretched our horizontally in 1 stack.

Thanks for all of your help. Amazing template, my favorite I’ve worked with so far!


hehe :) yeah, either way, if you catch it try to grab a screencap, I’ll gladly help


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Hi there. Excellent theme :) I’m sorry if someone has already asked this question before, but.. how do you change the background image? I’m a relative newbie to CSS but if it’s something i have to change there, then I’ll try my best at it :)

Thank you!

Great theme btw. Very impressed so far


you should have option of uploading your own background in “optiontree” options, once you find it you’ll know what to do :)

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I have a little problem with thumbs in portfolio section. I split the section into 4 columns but most of the pictures behave well, that I formerly set. Now I wanted to add two more article for the Portfolio but their thumbs are not harmonized with the others.

I am speaking about “Insulation” picture.

I set the ratio the same as the others but nothing happened.

Any idea? Thanks.


In this theme 3 columns are the very default ones and if you want to change that you will need to edit portfolio php files and change their grid settings, from 4 to 3 etc. You may need to hire someone for that.


Oh and btw there should be a guide to do that somewhere in the comments here as I remember helping someone with that.

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That was me :) I guess. So, everything is cool just only one image do not want to be properly resized. I do not have idea why.

the website is; http://www.eps-construction.co.uk/archives/category/portfolio

Do you have any idea why the “insulation” article’s picture does not match with the adjacents ?


It’s probably the new image proportions that you set for the image, you need to either re-upload the images or make wordpress re-crop them, there are plugins for that. Cheers

I can’t seem to make the background color for the slider text boxes change. I’ve tried editing every slider value in the style.css and the anythingslider.css but the background color won’t budge. Any ideas?


As far as I remember it should be something along the lines of .newsflash class. The color is #fac400 and you may need to add !important to it because svt_styleoverride.php is overriding it with whatever you got set in optiontree.

So it would look like: background-color:#ffffff !important;


Thanks man. Worked like a charm. I was just missing the !important; part of it. Thanks again!

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Hello there :) I wanted to ask… I’m interested in changing the slider images that go on the homepage to linked items. How would i be able to manipulate what goes there? At the moment, it’s automatically being drawn from the blog section, and I can’t really change anything that goes there.

I’d like to link the slider to the pages that are being shown there.



You can do this by adding new custom field in the slider post, name it “slide_url” and in value field paste the link. You may have custom fields disabled from displaying in wordpress so when editing the slider post hit the screen options button on top right and select a checkbox for custom field to be displayed.


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I’m having some dramas, for some reason the theme intermittently displays really strangely, stretched to 100% of the screen width etc, but this doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes it’s happening on one of my computers, and the other its happening all the time. I’ve tried flushing all the caches, on both wordpress and my computer, tried viewing from different browsers but one of them i just can’t get the them to look normal any more. I’ve got a screen shot here so you can see what i mean, i don’t know if you’ll see the theme as it is broken or as its supposed to be..


Same here Wroth !!!! There must be a bug or something … Also the official preview on Themeforest is relly messed up !!! I just went to an important conference and got a lot of emails of future clients that the site has errors .. how the f& x%x %ck is this possible and happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The page being 100% stretched is because it uses an external CSS which is down at times. This call to the external stylesheet needs to be removed because of this.

Stylesheet referenced: http://960ls.atomidata.com/static/cssserve/8/8/1/0/0/88100.css (currently down and site is stretched 100%)