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What now ?? This can’t be happening right now …..

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Well, this is going to make for an interesting Monday Morning..

So the server the CSS is sitting on is down, is there a way i can download it, copy it so i can put it on my own server and redirect it there in future?

Or do i just have to put up a maintenance page and hope for the best?

Exactly, this gotta be fixed … Exactly as my recordlabel is making some major-moves this happens …. Can everybody tell us who is experiencing the same problem at this moment!

I also send him a direct email hopefully i will get ASAP a reaction

Temporary fix until the site is back up or author pops in. Go to this link ( http://grids.heroku.com/grid.css?column_width=60&column_amount=12&gutter_width=20) and copy all the CSS code and paste it into your style.css under

/* Theme Name: Eekon PhotoBlog v 1.1 Theme URI : http://themeforest.net/user/evgreen/portfolio Description: Business & Portfolio Themes. Author: evgreen Author URI : http://themeforest.net/user/evgreen/portfolio */

@import “css/style.css”;

Here is what it did for the site I help running Eekon http://newschoolkaidan.com/

Hey guys, the grid server is just down, you can either be patient and wait untill it comes back (shouldn’t be more than few hours altogether) or use the local file that you can download from my site, unzip and upload to yours then change the path on top of functions.php, or even add whole css code to the top of your style.css (do a backup of the file before that): http://www.designsentry.com/88100.zip

Server outages happen even to google, stuff happens.

sorry for inconvenience

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Hello there. Thank you for your fantastic customer service. You’ve managed to help me out with all my queries so far.. so wanted to say thank you first.

I have one more query though.

On the sliders, that segment is drawn from the blogs; that’s the image, text and everything. So I have a yellow bar on the side that cuts the image off. I was wondering if there’s a way for there just to be the slider image and not include the text from the blogpost?

(My site is www.creative-supernova.com/)


proper way to do that would be editing the mainpage.php (or one of the mainpages templates depending which one you use there) and removing the div=”newsflash” part completely so it wouldn’t be loaded at all, but you can also do it by adding

.newsflash {display:none !important;}

to one of the css files


this them have google analytics ?


it has a field for entering google analytics ID, other than that you can always put it directly into footer.php

Awesome theme.

I can’t access my site in iPhone 4. Not iPhone friendly?



looks just fine on the ipad for me, guess it should work on iphone as well, what seems to be the problem?

Yeah! Just started working on my iPhone last night. Weird.

Some Questions for ya:

1. How do I change the tiny logo next to the url?

2. Is there a way to wrap the posts/blog posts with a colored box as well? So that they stand out against the background?

3. There’s a section for ads, but I’m not sure where they’re supposed to appear. How do I get visual ads to the right side of the site neatly? Say like one large one or four small ones?

4. Also, when you click into the post/blog or on the picture, the next page features only the slider border, but not the entire slider. I might’ve done something wrong. Is there a way to get the slider back? Edit here: I just realized that section is for ads inside of the blog post. I think I got it now.

But, is there a way to get the ads to the side on the main page?

Thanks for your help.


1) you need to upload the favicon to the root of your website via ftp, just like in any ordinary website. You can google for some cool free ones or find an online icon maker for that.

2) yes, you can change the background color for the container, but edits like that – you need to handle yourself, or maybe hire someone to do it for you

3) ads in this case just go to a sidebar, inside a text-widget. I think there should be an example of the markup in the help file


Okay, thanks for the help.

If you could answer one more thing.. I’m a total newb…

I’m in the Style.CSS and can’t find where to change the font colors for the “comments” link text, etc.

If you could point me to that line then I think I can handle it from there.

Again, great theme and so glad I found it! Rated high.


I think that would be around lines 1000-1200

You should get the firefox with firebug extension, and things like that would become trivial :)

cheers, and thanks!

Just emailed you!

love this theme! came out great and when i needed a little help the creator of the theme always got back to me. Thanks again!!!

Anyone know how to get the slide_url to shoot to a blank page, say for instance loading another site in another tab?

Also, any way to change the default video_url pop up size?


Hey, the first thing – not one that I’d recommend, many users will hate you for that. But it’s a case of adding target=”_blank” to the “a” tag inside mainpage.php.

The second thing – you’ll need to edit the call for prettyPhoto inside /js/script.js . You can read more about it here http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/documentation/

hope that helps :)

Ah! Nice.

Is there a way to modify the “custom field” slider_url custom option to have a choice on which slider urls go to a blank page/tab and which ones open up in the parent? That would solve it.

If I could figure out where to modify the custom fields and add a new one that would be great. I spent hours looking. Haha

Will check on the pretty photo thing! I think after that I’ll be done harassing you. =D


Hmm only one way or another, at least in the current state. Making that selectable would require some edits to php. Essentially you’d need to make the custom field accept not only the pure url, but the whole tag.

So, you go to mainpage.php, look at line 62, find a part where it is “a href=” and cut it off, then when adding custom fields you will have to add that part each time, but you will be able to also put that target=”_blank”, like:

a target="_blank" href="http://somelink.com

note no closing quotes after the link (the rest of the code will close it)

You rock..

Totally worked.

Thanks much!


I’ve got an issue with Opera, with the previous version all worked fine. However they just released an update and I notice the Cufon is appearing smaller than it should be. See www.asianurbanist.com

Anyone has this issue and a fix. Appreciate the help. Thanks.



lol indeed, wonder what they changed that it goes crazy like this xD

well, the theme downloads the latest cufon script directly from cufon website, so if they will find a fix for that, then the whole thing will go away by itself. Only thing you can try for now is editing functions.php and changing the jquery version that theme loads from 1.4.4 to let’s say 1.6.1, see if it helps, if yes, then check if everything else works right.

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I m experiencing issues with the category widget. Whenever I click any of my categories I get a 404 page. If I change themes to a different one the categories url work. I m using the following custom permalink:
/ category / postname .php
along with .htaccess as below:
Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /index.php [L] rewritecond %{http_host} ^mysite.com [nc] rewriterule ^(.*)$ http://www.mysite.com/$1 [r=301,nc]

hmm guessing that it works on default permalinks structure? I’ll try to reproduce the error on my local serv. but I might need access to your wp installation, so mail me anyways

Probably the category redirect (category.php) needs more parameters than just /cat/postname

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I’ve been looking at my site on different computers lately to get a gauge of what it looks like on different browsers and OS’s – I’ve noticed with alot of windows computers and MS Explorer the Header Fonts don’t show as they should? Instead they default to a way oversized Arial or Verdana version – Is there a way i can make the headers consistent across the browsers and operating platforms?

Thanks for your time – Tris


Hi Tris,

hmm it looks like one/two of the plugins you use has script errors or is conflicting with jquery library. Newer browsers just skip those errors and keep going, while older IE is stopping there, and all javascript is on hold (fonts, slider, dropdown menus animations, lightbox effect and so on).

Try disabling some plugins one after another and find out which one specificly is causing this.


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This theme has been working great for me for almost a year now, but just today a few things went bananas. Not sure if it has to do with a plug-in update I may have accidentally updated, or something else.. but it seems that my home page and contact page and no longer relating to their templates.

http://imaginationcreations.com/ http://imaginationcreations.com/contact

Any help would be appreciated!



Hey, looks like the shortcodes got somehow disabled. Must be one of the plugins indeed. Try to disable one by one till you find the culprit.


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Looks like a plug-in called ‘link to post’ was the culprit! Thanks for the quick reply.

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Hi again,

I need to add an extra page to my site for tutorials. I know how to add the page, but I’m not sure how to assign my tutorial category to it. I imagine I need a template to dictate this.. maybe. I’d like to look just like the blog page but of course, different posts will appear on it.

Any ideas?




Hmm go to appearance=>menus and add a new menu item, but not a “page”, use “category” instead. Choose that tutorials category of yours and simply add it to your menus. And that’s it, you should have new blog-alike page that has only tutorial category posts


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Fantastic! Thanks!