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I’ve purchased Cosmox and Ewa and now Effective. Love your themes, they are incredibly versatile and easy to use and customize.

One question – what video are you using on homepage 5 and do you know where I can purchase it? (it would be great for a pro-bono site I’m doing for a non-profit?)



Hello thanks for purchasing. You are so kind. We found it in youtube. Not sure about the direct link i may search for ya. Regards


Thanks – found one similar

Hi Freevision,

Another great masterpiece! I am glad I didn’t Rush into buying EWA, now I have to pick between both of those…I inspected both of themes feature and they seemed quite similar in their features (except for one slider and the audio player that EWA has)... Everything else seems quite identical to me…but then again I am not a developer! few questions if you don’t mind me asking:

1- since you are updating EWA, and since both quite similar, which one of them do you recommend to buy? What advantages would I have buying one over the other?

2- what updates/feature will EWA receive and when?

3- is it possible to reduce the size of the social icons in the header for EFFEKTIVE?

4- Would it be possible to remove the time (in the timeline blog) and replace it with date only (The date will be highlighted instead)?

Thank you so much in advance for the continuous help and support.

Keep up the great work, you never cease to amaze :)

Thanks, Ali


Hello my friend, thanks for your interest.

In fact both themes based on same core which offer similar features. But EFFEKTIVE has different page construction which gives you cool parallax effect behind the content. Additionally enhanced with some rich content modules. Can’t tell you what’s the difference bcoz I don’t see them as identical. I created entire site with different view. :)

So you gotta choose which one fits for your requirements.

1- I’d say you can buy both of them :):)

2- We’re constantly making improvments for better usability. Mega menu might be one of them.

3- Yes it’s possible with small css modifications.

4- Same goes like third answer above.



Thank you for your answer :)

After so much going back & forth between the 2 I have decided to go with EWA… Thought it would be a more suitable starting point for what I wanna build… Let’s hope I have made the right choice :)

Thanks again man, much appreciated :)


You are most welcome thank you for purchasing :)

Nice theme!

What about BuddyPress support?


Hello, No plan for buddypress for now. The theme loaded with lots of cool features already. we thought that would be fit for wide requirements. thank you.

Great Theme! I would buy it instantly but there is one thing that bothers me. The single blog-posts are so close together that one can`t really see where the new one begins. Is it possible to fix? For a blog its quite important but i am not that good in programming and stuff.

Greets Hendrik


That´s great, I just bought it. It would be great if you guys could tell me how and where i have to change the distance between the single blog posts or how i could seperate them with a thin line. So if the theme gets an update i don´t have to bother you again. ;-)



Thank you.

You do not need to wait for an update, there is a very simple way;

style.css line 1420

margin-bottom: 20px;

replace with;

margin-botom: 40px;



Thx ! :-)

I love your theme. The only thing missing for me is a woocommerce (ajax) cart in the header. Otherwise i would buy it immediately.


No problem. Thanks for your interest.

Is the theme compatible with SEO by Yoast? Also, can you tell us where you found the licensed images used in the demo?


Hello, yes the theme is compatible with Yoast. Which image you’re interested. Maybe I can guide you that way.

thank you


Awesome – it the motorcycle image and the background.

Looks great btw!

Looks great!


Thank you :)

Very nice! Good luck :)


Thank you so much :)

Is it possible to remove the background (navbar_bg.png) behind the main logo and just have it behind the main menu bar?


Hello, could you please open a ticket for us and share some screenshots with related request.

Thank you.

revdrdavidreid Is it possible to remove the background (navbar_bg.png) behind the main logo and just have it behind the main menu bar?

Revdrdavidreid… Im not the Author. Its just to help you!

Add this code to the custom css area:

#menu-wrapper>div>div.container, #first-header #logo {
    background: none !important;

Hi, Just a stilling in slider question…!

I would like to have 5-6 clickable areas (to different pages) in the slider (single slider) ...is that possible with the Rev. Slider?



I think so, as a fact we are trying to develop on WP standards as much as possible, yet EFFEKTIVE is very customized.


Thank you very much for your prompted replies ..I hope when purchase the theme the Customer service and Support does not change :)..


No problem :) We’re here no matter what.

Pleeeeease tell me you have buddypress in this and I just might loose my mind with excitement.


Hello :) appreciated your excitement. We have bbPress instead of Buddypress. Thank you.


Pleasure, love seeing themes that can be used for ANYTHING!

OH MY GOD IT DOES!! buying.


:) We are here to help in case you need assistant. Thank you.

Soooooooooooooo f@#%in sexy!! Bookmarked for the next project!! The next client will be very happy with his new website :-)


You made me smile. Thank you so much :) Glad you like it.

[LayerSliderWP] Slider not found – please help URGENT – why is that? – and how to fix footer – results i’ve got is exactly the same you have in your video tuttorial – importing dummy content

Thank you


Hello, thanks for purchasing. Please open a ticket for us and share your admin credentials. Let s have a closer look. Regards


Just did it, please help :) – URGENT – p.s. it seems that the slider isn’t covering header fully as well.

p.p.s. great theme – need to finsih site today :/


All tickets are responded.


kobay Purchased
Beautiful theme. I’m starting to work and I noticed that the easy Pie Chart does not work well. The icon remains on the left with a very small size and will not appear any circle as the progress bar. Inspected the page I noticed that in your original is class="percentage easyPieChart" id="pieChart325" data-percent="60" <div style="width: 175px; height: 175px; line-height: 175px;"> <span class="icon-keyboard" style="color: # 5df5db;"> </span> <Canvas width="175" height="175"> </ canvas> </div>

while on my page remains only

<div class="percentage" id="pieChart8274" data-percent="45"> <span class="icon-flag-alt" style="color:#e42f2f;"> </span> </div>.

Is there any special configuration?




No special configuration, please submit a ticket, I will submit tweaked codes, do not need to wait until upload get approved.


djxpire Purchased

Dear all, if you are contemplating to buy this theme, I say BUY IT!!! I’m getting excellent and prompt response thru their ticket support, their support is awesome and I’ve regretted buy this great theme at such a good price! Go on & click the buy button now!!! :D


Wow, thank you :) your message worth to thousands of word told by us.


Nice theme, realy great work!!


Thank you,


FreeVision. This theme looks to me like it has it’s own Framework – with the drag and drop editor and such. Is it your intent to develop a framework for wordpress at some point?


Hello, if you are asking the major feature of this theme, it’s drag&drop visual composer which is very useful and elegant. We developed own components on visual composer though. Built on bootstrap framework. Thank you.

I saw this theme on the home page of themeforest and i purchased it without even thinking twice.

for the past few days, Ive been scanning through many themes on TF that would fit my requirement and Effektive fit all my requirement needs.

Apart from the KICKASS site, the footer on my install isint displayed properly.

Eagerly Waiting for the help to respond.

Very excited.

Thank you :-)


Hello thanks for purchasing. For sure we will help you. Please open a ticket for us and share ur admin credentials so we fix things for you. Cheers :)