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Hi, I’d like to use Visual Composer with the ‘udt_homepage_secs’ content type, but am unable to due to that content type not showing up under the Visual Composer content type selection option. However, ‘udt_portfolio’ is there and works fine?

is there a fix or a snippet I can add to the theme that could resolve this problem?

Awesome theme otherwise! Cheers

Hi m_reaney,

Thank you for contacting us and thanks for the comment.

Ego has not been tested with the Visual Composer plugin, which means unfortunately, that we do not have a solution for this issue you are facing.


Hello, one of my new clients has EGO and is starting to get spammed like crazy. What can I do to prevent that? Do you have Captcha? Will another solution such as Wordfece or Sucuri help with that?


Hi capstonedesign,

Thanks for getting in touch.

If you think it’s coming from the contact form then make sure the Honeypot is enabled.

Go to The Foundry -> General -> Contact Form and scroll down to Enable Honeypot and make sure it’s set to On.

Best Regards,

Hello, I was wondering if the top are with the full screen image had built in support for a silent html 5 background video, or if I would have to code that in myself. I’ll be looking to turn off multiple images also, so it is just the single silent video up there instead of multiple images. Let me know, thanks—

Hi, is there a way to password protect the entire portfolio or individual items in the portfolio? In the lightbox that appears on the about us section, can blocks of text appear beneath the image? Can the circle images in the about us section and portfolio be changed to squares/rectangles? thanks!

Hi hengster,

Thank you for contacting us.

By default there is not a way to password protect the entire portfolio or individual projects. You could possibly use a plugin; but none has been tested.

For the lightbox, you’ll need to use CSS to move the text below the image.

Yup the round thumbs could be changed to squares; send us a message with your request to info@udthemes.com along with your request and we’ll show you the CSS you’ll need to modify.