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Hello again,

thanks for the previous help. I have another problem. No matter where I look I simply cannot find a way, to make the photos (within a Portfolio Item), to appear smaller. The problem is:

1.) I would like for the photos to be smaller, so one doesn’t have to scroll up and down to see the whole image.

2.) The browse arrows are not visible due to the size of the img and one has to scroll down to see them and I guess a certain amount of “clients” won’t even see it and won’t think about scrolling, so they miss out on several imgs of the same portfolio item.

This is really bothersome and I would like to know the solution. Can you please help me out?

Thanks in advance and have a great day


Hi tmrevlje,

can’t find your previous comment, did you change username?

The version 1.1 is on the way and that will fix this kind of issue, you wil be in fact able to choose the maximal height for the container. Just hang on is coming very soon.


Hi undsgn,

yes under the name tomza, the question about the ._index.html issue.

Ah it’s coming in the next update, well good because this is quite problematic. As not only do you not have control over the size of the full img, but no matter what size of the img you place in, WP extends it to the fullest, meaning with smaller images the quality of the end result is very poor.

Do you have any idea on when this update will be coming out, at least approximately. Because honestly, I don’t want to launch my portfolio until this is fixed and I probably don’t have to explain in detail why delaying the portfolio launch date is problematic for a designer :)

Thanks for the help


It’s really matter of few days, it depends how long will take for approval.

Days I like :D, enough time to slowly fill the portfolio then.

Thanks, hope it gets approved soon.


Hi tmrevlje,

the update is now available for download. Hopefully that will satisfied your requests.

Hi, undsgn

I really like this design that you have done. 1) one thing, i must agree with “tmrevlje” about the image size in portfolio pages, so user’s don’t need to scroll up and down to see it. 2) the second issue, is again in portfolio page: the “info” button is somewhat hidden. I asked some friends to test the demo page, and no one clicked on the info button. is there any option to show automaticaly the info when you click and enter the desired image? 3) when we buy this theme, we are buying the 2 versions (white+black) and we can choose whenever we want one of those? or we are only buying one option?

thanks once again for the great theme


Hi tokyozengarden,

thanks a lot for the appreciation and for your interest!

Here are the aswers to your questions:

1) this function is implemented in the new update due very very soon.

2) this is not an issue but a design choice which could be easily customizable via css.

3) all the different configuration that you see on the two demos are combinable, so you have all the flexibility you want

Thank you


Hello tokyozengarden,

the update is now available for download.

I am having a peculiar problem when linking zip files for download on a link, while the file downloads properly, the loader starts showing and rotating endlessly and the content page disappears. You can check the same at http://thewildings.net/the-wildings-maras-story/ Is there any way to work around this, as I dont want the user to be taken away from the page.


Hi, thanks fot the purchase.

You can easily fix it by inserting the class=”no-ajaxy” in the tag of your link.

Thanks for the quick response, works like a charm! :)

Hello, I ask one of your support for this site: http://www.filippotadolini.it/ the buttons and link back and forth in the slideshow I do not see them, why? thank you!


Hi, thanks for the purchase!

To see the scroll arrows in homepage slideshow you need to upload multiple images, if the slide has only one image the arrows are hidden. I hope I have understood your request.

If you need further assistance please write to info@undsgn.com

Hello, I ask one of your support for this site: http://www.filippotadolini.it/ on the home page I would like to remove the area then keep only the portfolio slideshow. thanks

Love the theme – quick question before I buy. You have 2 versions in the demo: Dark Single Page & Light Ajax. Is there a way to set the Single Page version to light?


Hi, thanks for your interest in Egofolio theme!

Sure. You can configure each options of light theme in the dark version via a simple control panel, and viceversa. The theme is one and any differences you see may be chosen by the administrator.

Thanks so much

Hey I’m about to buy this awesome theme just a couple questions that I hope you can answer with a yes

1) Does your theme support multiple portfolio categories i.e. can I have a page that only shows one of the categories and another one that shows another selection?

2) Does your theme support Helvetica Neue LT Std?

3) Gravity Forms – no conflicts?

4) Translation into multiple languages (14 including Arabic)? No problems?

Thanks, Robert


Hey Rfussi, thanks for your interest in Egofolio.

1) The theme does not currently support multiple categories, all categories of the portfolio are included in the same page and had be filtered.

2) Helvetica Neue LT Std is not a web safe font, so you simply have to create your own (ex: http://www.fontsquirrel.com)

3) We have not yet tested Gravity Forms but the theme has passed every test validation required to ensure that each type of standard plugins to work properly.

4) No we have not yet planned a full support for all kinds of language.

Thanks for all the suggestions you gave us! do not hesitate to ask if you have any other questions.

Hello again! First of all, i love the theme … really good work. Thanks ;)

There’s two questions: 1. Is it possible to get the pages load normally (extra page without the ajax thing) ?

2. I’ve changed the Container max-width to 1680px … now the responsive ‘effect’ is not working if i resize the browser … until ca 1000px it works again … what I need to change.

So you see what I’m talking about: www.romanburger.de/new/

Many thanks in advance, LivinLoud (Purchased via reedasmoebelmanoever)

Hi! I’ve purchased this great theme, and I have this question:

1) as you can see on my page http://grafyk.byethost33.com/ the first picture on the slider is ok, but the next ones won´t appear in the right place. how to fix this?



yes, i just answered you to your email.



hi undsgn, has i purchased egofolio v1, where can i donwload the new V2?



You can find it in the downloads section of your account in themeforest. Just redownload it, that is that new version.

But remember to make a backup copy of your old one before replace it in case you have done some customization.

Hi, first of all thanks for this beautiful theme.

I have one question. My site works well on PC, iPad and iPhone, but on Android (4.0.4) the pictures of the slider and the portfolio thumbnails are not loaded, if the ajax functionality is on. If switched off evrything is ok.

Your demo however works well. What did you do to make it work?

thanks, Andreas


Hi Moviestar007! Thank you for choosing our themes. We are moving all the support to our forum. So please, if you’d like to start a new thread go to http://undsgn.com/support register yourself and we care to support the solution.

Hi there,

I just purchased your theme (which I love by the way), but for some reason there seems to be a problem. If you go to http://franceshairsalon.ca you will notice that the site is not formatted.

Can you please help me fix this.

Thank you!


Hi ifinanceu! Thank you for choosing our themes. We are moving all the technical support to our forum so that the resolution can be useful for every our customers. So please, if you’d like to start a new thread go to http://undsgn.com/support register yourself and we care to support the solution!


ok, I’ve now posted this question in your forum. Thanks!

Great theme! Some pre-purchase questions about the dark skin. 1- Is there a built in option to have a slider in the top section above the portfolio? 2- Is it possible to have the filter effect that you made in the light skin? i.e. the selected category items all move to the top? 3- Can I change the bg image? Thanks!


Hi yogographics,

Thanks for your interest in egofolio.

I can answer yes to all your questions. All the variations you see between the two demos are all combinable from the theme backend. You don’t have to choose between one or the other theme style but you can build your site just as you want using all the different options that the theme has.

Excellent! Thanks for the quick response.


Hi Yogographics, thank you for being interested in our theme!

Hi there,

I just purchased the theme (Excellent, love it) but I have a few questions:

How can I change the order of the Portfolio Sliders? I mean each of the six projects I have in my portfolio. In addition, I’m not sure if the Home page is working properly, and I don’t know why the Portfolio page appears as Gallery in the website.

Could you help me? Thanks.


Hi William,

thank for the purchase!

We are offering support to our customers through our support forum, there you can already find some answers for your questions. So could you please register at http://undsgn.com/support and post there our remaining requests?

Thank you

Hello undsgn, silly question probably, but where can I download the update, the way I see it, there’s only the buy option. Clearly we (who already bought the theme), aren’t expected to pay the price again to get the update?

Thanks for the answer, great work.



Hi tmrevlje,

no you absolutely don’t have to pay for that.

You need to go to your Donwloads section that you can find in the top bar with your account name.