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Great Work, Good Luck With Sale!



Nice Work :)


Thank You!

Clean work! Good luck, dude ! :)



davmac Purchased

Nice work.. I see you changed the subscribe.php in your docs to newsletter.php.. was just wondering if there might have been any updates to the API you know of.. before i start digging..

I’m getting the following errors:

Notice: Undefined index: newsletter-email in /home/marrela/public_html/scripts/newsletter.php on line 7

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/marrela/public_html/scripts/newsletter.php on line 29 Got it, you’ve been added to our email list.

running PHP 5.3.21


Submitted an update. You will get notified when approved. Thanks for pointing that out!



great work and easy to customise, however sadly for some reason the version I downloaded. doesn’t have full responsive support with iOS iPhone it renders at the desktop size. Any tips on what to fix?

you can see the attempt here http://www.grindgames.co.uk/

responsive when you resize the browser window but mobile safari and chrome, both display the full width which is a shame :’(


Yes, Bootstrap handles the responsiveness.


hey Johneyboy.. you rock, this fixed it for me on all iDevices.

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1”>

as per this article. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19156510/bootstrap-3-responsive-not-working-on-mobile


Hey thanks!

could you clarify where to place the countdown variable and what exact format please the documentation doesn’t specify which file or give an example that works sadly?

I had a shot at making the countdown.js like this…

//array of custom settings var settings = { 'date': '1 january 2015 00:00:00', 'format': '1(day of the month) january (month) 2015 (year) 00:00:00 (hours:minutes:seconds)' };

Is that how it’s supposed to be, because my attempt isn’t working.



I think I need to clarify in the documentation that you make those changes in scripts.js not countdown.js. My bad. :(

Also just leave the format as the default.

Hope this works! :)

I love the theme. I have just been having a little bit of trouble with the contact section. It doesn’t seem to be working. I put in the email in the contact form, but I did a few tests and no emails are coming through. Can you explain this a little bit more for me?



That’s odd. Could you email me the contents of contact.php using the contact form on my profile page?


Good news! It was a user error. hangs head in shame Thanks for the wonderful theme! It’s working perfectly for me!


Glad you got it working!

just wanted to say thanks for this awesome theme! here it is customised a little bit http://grindgames.co.uk/


Looks nice! Thanks!

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Thanks for the support. Great work!


Thank you too!

rod73br Purchased

Very good template and pretty easy to configure. Thanks Johneyboy!


You are welcome!


Total noob here. Tried uploading the theme and got the frequent style.css stylesheet missing error. There isn’t a Theme folder in the downloaded zipped file. Tried zipping the Template folder and uploading it but nope, that didn’t work.

Any help?



I believe you are trying to upload it to WordPress. Correct? This is not a WordPress theme. It is just a HTML template.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi johneyboy a newbie here… I read the docs for countdown.js could you please point out where to put ‘date’ 1 july 2014 19:30:00

is it this ‘date’? var eventDate = Date.parse(settings[‘date’]) / 1000;

that gave me a date error cheers for your help bevvo


Hi there,

The place the put the date is in ‘scripts.js’ and should be at the top.

Hope this helps!

I don’t ve the subscribe.php page …. can u help me please ?


It should be in the ‘scripts’ folder. If it is not there let me know so I can send you a copy.

Great Theme. Do need help on one thing though and forgive me for being such a noob here.

I would like to change the 4 icons which do the loop d’ loop when you hover over. I cant find any reference to the images to change name or file.

Any guidance would be appreciated.



To change the icon you need to replace the icon class name (i.e. ‘fa-cloud’) to the icon that you want. You can see a list of the icons you can use here: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/

Hope this helps! Johneyboy

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I have tried to edit Newsletter.php as described in the documentation, but I am getting this error. Any idea how can I fix that. Thanks a lot

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: json_decode() in /homepages/17/d261567378/htdocs/staging/scripts/newsletter.php on line 28 my link is http://mofif.ca/staging/scripts/newsletter.php


I think I might have figured it out!

In scripts.js the ‘w’ got remove from ‘countdown’ some how.
    date: "30 March 2014", // Put your date here
    format: "on" 
It is causing an error and messing things up.

Fix that and I think it should work!

webekey Purchased

Thanks, it is working now . I googled the error above and it seems that it had to do with mailchimp solution here https://zapier.com/help/mailchimp/


Glad you got it working!

I tried updating newsletter.php and am getting the following error when testing:

“You must specify a apikey value for the listSubscribe method”

Here is what I have in the php file:

'121213' => $listId,
'double_optin' => $double_optin,
'send_welcome' => $send_welcome,
'email_type' => $email_type

Sorry for the confusion, but you are adding it to the wrong place.

Add the apikey and list id up at the top on line 2 and 3:
$apiKey = '71b255c747e8e5b19ee61cd3d94b609f-us1'; // ADD YOUR MAILCHIMP API KEY HERE
$listId = '121213'; // ADD YOUR MAILCHIMP LIST ID HERE


Looking at this theme and have a few pre-sale questions: - Can I remove the icons from the Contact form? (I just want all clean and white) - Can I remove the spinning animation thing on the about us icon and just have a highlight, similar to the “coming soon” counter? (seems too childish for my purposes) - Is it easy to add other sections? (for example: Testimonials, Product Videos)



Hi movibes,

If you have experience with html and css, all of those can be easily done. Let me know if you have more questions.


This is my first project and it’s been not to crazy, thanks to your great documentation. I was wondering if there is a way to make the social-icon (“fa fa-facebook-square”) bigger. I’ve been playing around but I only manage to make the division bigger.

Thank you.


Do you have a version uploaded online? If so, can you post the link? It would help diagnose this.


Not yet, tried to upload it via FTP, but I had just redirected my domain name to the host site. They said it needed 48 hours. Will send you the link as soon as it’s there.