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Thanks for creating a simple and elegant design, let me check it and if there is some problem will get back to you but will not eat your head; this for my young brother’s new business. Good luck for your business too :)

I have installed @ http://www.mayapharmaceuticals.com

Two issues:

1. Map is not appearing on CONTACT page, what I have to do ? 2. I want to use Full Animated left primary menu, on each time the site loads, the menu will auto hide, I want it to be static just like in the demo, how can I fix this ?

Hi, the map seems okay to me.

2) Add this to style.css

#header {
left: 0 !important;

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the flex slider keeps shifting down inbetween transitions. How do i fix this?

tried this but now fix it : https://wordpress.org/support/topic/flexslider-issue-image-keeps-jumping-down

First, you have a line break after each list item, don’t leave any blank space after each shortcode, place them on the same line.

Also, add this to style.css

.flexslider .slides > li {
max-height: 400px;

you can adjust the value


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im adding like this (shows in readme file)

[flexslider] [flexslider_item image="link to the image" url="http://google.com" title="Awesome slider"] [flexslider_item image="link to the image" url="http://google.com"] [flexslider_item image="link to the image" url="http://themeforest.net" title="Awesome slider"] [flexslider_item image="link to the image" title="Awesome slider"] [flexslider_item image="link to the image" url="http://google.com" title="Awesome slider"] [/flexslider]

its must be like this ?:

[flexslider] [flexslider_item image="link"][flexslider_item image="link"] [/flexslider]

flexslider css

replace this one ? : .flexslider .slides img {max-width: 100%; display: block;}

Don’t replace any of the default CSS code, just add my code after the already-existing one.

As for the shortcodes, they should be on the same line, not with blank spaces between them

is bad

[shortcode] [shortcode] [shortcode] 

is good

I read all questions of Language Flags at the corner. So too disappointing me, we want this function like is in LIVE DEMO, but after purchase nobody got this function… So unhappy… Bug fix, or update no comming?

Hello, the flags are there for demo purposes, it even says so when you hover on them, the theme should work fine with WPML for example, but the flags will need to be integrated manually. That’s only because there are several plugins and not something standard, not all the users want to use WPML or qTranslate or whatever other plugins are there.


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Hi Final Destiny I am having a proble with triggering skype please – it puts an http: in front of the username and skype cant use it – is there a fix please?

Hi, go to header.php and find

<li><a href="skype:<?php echo esc_url($ekho['skype_url']);?>" 

replace it with

<li><a href="skype:<?php echo ($ekho['skype_url']);?>" 

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I was wondering where the php file is for the boxes on the home page? I want to add id’s to a couple of them so I can have them open in a new tab. I figured if I apply target=_blank to a couple of them after I apply id’s, then it should do the trick. I don’t want all of them to open in a new tab.

Hello, it’s in home.php


Yet to purchase, however, am I able to change the background of the homepage that the dots are moving over?

Hello, yes. There should be an option for that in the theme options panel. If not, I can provide the code for that. :)

Hi, I would like to remove the right sidebar from my blog page and center the content. Can you please take another look at the site?

Hello, please post the URL of your blog page


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Hello, about 2 or 3 weeks ago, the youtube video for the ekho theme stopped working. Can you help me? is there a fix for this ?

Hi, what’s your URL?

Hi, I will like to have the slider in content page as my home page. I saw the slider in content page on the demo, how can i go about it.

Hi, you can import the sample content and then set that page as your homepage in Settings > Reading

Hi, I will like to have the slider in content page as my home page. I saw the slider in content page on the demo, how can i go about it.

Uhm, h4 should only be used for heading text, not for normal text.

So what can I add to my style.css to make my body content the size of h4?

You can add this to style.css

body {
font-size: 15px !important;

adjust the 15px value

How do I get my home background is film it? http://just-slide.com/

Hi, you’re using a static html template there

Great job. I use your theme around one year, but still a big issue. We donĀ“t have the Instagram option at “Social Accounts”! Please, help me, this is very important for my business. Regards.

Hello. Which icons are you reffering to?


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Hello, about a month ago, for no reason my Ekho theme stop playing youtube videos. Can you please help me with this?

Hello. What’s your URL? Where did you include the youtube video(s)?


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Filterable portfolio – pagination is not working. category layout 1-2-3-4 collums are ok but filtreable portfolio pagination not working ex: Number of portfolio posts per page: 6 and if i add about 36 post it need to be 6 pages like :1 2 3 4 5 6 but after 6 portfolio there is no showing page numbers and portfolio items try to add more items your demo test it pls

Hello, please send me your issue + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll check it