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I’m having problem with the youtube video background on the home page. It used to work but now it doesn’t. I have disabled all plugins and it still wont work. Any suggestions?

Hello, they changed their API recently, I’ll take a look this week at it.


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I have problem with qtranslate plugin on pages, It can translate only Title, body, but can’t translate on Homepage extra details field like Title, content summary…etc. here is link of my website; http://tk.cambodiaproperty.info/ why problem? please help

quicktags aren’t html tags. Do you mean you can use quicktags and they work, but you want to use HTML too? Or the quicktags don’t work?

Hi FinalDestiny,

I used .po &.mo to translate themes, but doest’t work. i used poedit tool. eg: english: en_US.po & .mo km_KM.po &.mo. it located on my wp-content/theme/theme_name/languages I already done translate those words in english to khmer: eg: All rights reserved—???????????????????? How it work?

Are you sure the language in wp-config.php is the same as the files you edited with PoEdit?

e.g. en_US.po is the default, if you want to have another language such as spanish, es_ES language should be added in wp-config.php and es_ES.po and es_ES.mo created in the same way as en_US files


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Hello, I’d like to update the theme, I have version 1.1, don’t know which is the latest version. How do I do it without losing the options I have in the Ekho Options Panel? thanks

The latest version is 1.4, you’ll need to replace the current theme files with the latest ones if you want to update. I’d recommend renaming the current theme folder from ekho to something else like ekho_old so you can still have access to it in case something goes wrong.. and install the latest version as a new theme

Hi, Im having a problem with the circles on the home page. Nothing new or old will display more than 3 circles. Even if I follow the directions and add pages with homepae extras. What should i check?

Hello, please send me your problem + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile

on the downloaded about us sample page, in the out team section…...how can I increase the display width of the text showing when you click on an individual in the team. it has long height but short width. How can I increase the width. Then its there I way one can incorporate instagram as one of the socials.?

Hi, can you please post the URL of tha page?

As for instagram, not by default, sorry.

Hi, you can go to /css/tipsy.css and find

body .tipsy-inner { background-color: #000; color: #FFF; max-width: 200px; padding: 5px 8px 4px 8px; text-align: center; }

replace it with

body .tipsy-inner { background-color: #000; color: #FFF; max-width: 350px; padding: 5px 8px 4px 8px; text-align: center; }

hello i bought your Echo theme and i need to translate the button image view mode in sideway slider. Can you give solution? i can’t find where in PHP i have to change it. Thanks Benoit

Hi, can you post a URL where I can see that button? Also can you attach a screenshot to imgur.com with the button itself?

why is the joomla version deleted. I purchased, but not able to download. Can you give me my refund?

Hello, I’m not the author of the Joomla version, I only developed the WordPress. You should contact @hogash for the Joomla version.

@hogash? what’s that? is that a twitter handle or what?

No, it’s the username of the person that developed the Joomla version http://themeforest.net/user/hogash

I uploaded Ekho – Unique Responsive WordPress Theme and it just will not install. It ask do I want to install it then give no other option. It is a new site with no custom work at all. www.ki4cfs.com

Got it working.

I just downloaded the wrong version. Got it started. thanks

How do I change the text on the home page and replace your text with mine? http://www.ki4cfs.com/ Thanks. Just bought your theme.

Hi, let me know if you still need assistance with this

Look this theme is way over my head. I hope you would consider a refund and I will remove it. Just don’t get it and don’t’ have the resources to figure it out.

Hi! :) You can open a ticket with Envato. If you want me to set the theme up with the sample demo content from the demo which you can change with your own info, let me know and I’ll gladly assist you with it