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Hi, I cannot seem to login to the demo “sign in” area with demo/demo. I’d like to see this feature, before I purchase.

What I want to know are the fields new members have to fill in to become a member/register. Or… is this theme able to work together with Gravity Forms? For I’d like my new members to register with some custom made form fields, before they can post content. Like to hear from you soon. Tnx!

No, it was not designed to work with Gravity forms. The registration is a theme-based pop-up login/registration, is not the Wordpress default one. So you’ll have to edit this pop-up, or change to default’s Wordpress form, that can be customized with the plugin. Both methods will require changing the theme files though.

Oke Tnx. This works the same with the submit-a-post-Form I guess? I guess the form for submitting a post has also default / non editable fields? (I can let users register with your theme’s default pop-up, but let them submit posts by using Gravity Forms for user submitted post (Or Ninja forms etc.) Because I really would like them to add certain data along with the post.

Yes, the submit post form is also hardcoded, sorry.

Another question:

I do not want members to login with there facebook account. Is it possible to remove this option?

Yes, it is possible to remove the FB login option.

Hi, thanks for this great theme. I just wanted to know how I can modify the image crop/resize on the grid view. I’d like the thumbnails to display square 570×570 for example. Thank you very much for answer


try to open /lib/php/image.class.php file, and at the very top you will see the size array. You might want to modify the thumbs_small values.

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