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Amazing Support

We know that everybody tells you to find a freelancer if you have issues which tend to be related to customization rather than troubleshooting, and we want to be that freelancer for you so we can help you solve the issues which are important for you. Simply send us an email and we’ll be more than glad to help.

Update History

V3.2 – Sept 25th, 2014
Fixed PHP include issue
V3.1 – Sept 5th, 2014
Fixed JS Issues
Minor CSS Fixes
V3.0 – August 15th, 2014
Fixed contact form.
NEW! - Working Contact Form Added
NEW! - New page - account-one.php
NEW! - New page - account-two.php
NEW! - New page - account-three.php
NEW! - New page - account-four.php
NEW! - New page - account-five.php
NEW! - New page - checkout.php
CSS Addons
V2.1 – August 15th, 2014
Minor fixes
V2.0 – August 5th, 2014
NEW FEATURE - PHP Files included
Minor fixes
File size massively diminuished
V1.0 – July 30th, 2014
Official Release