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Very nice theme. Good luck with your sales :)

Nice work! Good luck! :)

Very cool theme. What would you recommend for membership integration, to signup users and accept payment?

Any plans to make a WordPress version?

Would be nice, maybe we will release a WP in future, but no plans yet.

Congratulations!Like it :)

Really nice. Congrats ;)

Glückwunsch! Sieht gut aus!

Hello, Is it possible to have a video auto-play in the slider section?

Thank you, Matt

Yes of course!

When I try to embed a video link I get a “file not found” error. Any ideas?

it´s because you entered a wrong link, or you just did a mistake in code

any plan for WP?

Yes, in progress…

On the live preview, if you scroll left there is a huge white space. Nonethless will most likely buy soon!

Hi I purchased this theme and wondering if the “sign-up” or “registration” forms work?

yes I hope so

can you add a sign up user and accept paypal in a new version?

Of course!

I am thinking of being this, but had a look through how it was responding in the browser when i change its size and it starts to get really messy !! any updates due for this ?

why does it get messy?

Grate Job!!;

Hi, nice theme. One quick question: the “Some important facts about the company” section has some placeholders for showing numbers (example: 22 create teachers, 45 different categories). Will these placeholders support 3-4 digits number?

Hello,Very cool theme, Is it possible to “on mouse over” to open the menu…? i Need it Please. :) :)

How do I set up the forms to send to a database or email?

Great job nonetheless!

You set it up with a simple .php file

Thank you! Cheers!

Hello! First it’s a very nice theme, but the responsive is a little bad no? The main menu disappear on mobile and some of the parts aren’t responsive. It’s a demo problem or it has solution?


Hey can you please give me a screenshot of your problem? This template should be responsive.

Hey, please contact our support forums here to get futher support.


SureEl Purchased

WP will do very well!


SureEl Purchased

any plans for WP?

Not yet, but if we will find someone to do this….