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Thank you @AliA


Thanks as always Mike for your support! :)


Awesome work jonathan, glws! ;)

Peter Zickler.

Thank you very much!


:D I just had to buy this! Looks awesome! And of course have to support one of my all time favorite authors :) Congrats Jonathan! Once again you have released an awesome looking landing page! Good luck in your sales!

- Bryce Wisekal

wow! :) thank you very much! it really means a lot!

Another winner Jonathan, +1!

thank you @nimbleo appreciate your comment :)


Great file mates. FYI – the video does not drop off when selecting tabs of the three benefits -Tab 1 it just sticks over the screen on the others on iPhone 3g – 3gs and on two additional droid devices. Strange issue and the problem remains after shut off and restart of units. Thought you ought to know. Again, great file. Cheers.

Hi and first thanks for the purchase – I have a iPhone myself and do not see this issue unfortunately – as the video and it’s containing box are also set as percent it seems quite odd that you see the issue and I cannot.

I have also tested in online mobile browsers such as responsinator and also do not see the issue – unfortunately as I mentioned we already take the necessary steps to accommodate mobile widths, it could be that if you are running older versions of the browser or iOS or even that the screen size is not the same as the media queries we used you may want to add some that are for your particular device.

Hope this helps!


good work Jonathan.

Thank you @bluenila :)


Hi, great looking page.

I have a good experience working with wordpress, and a basic ftp knowledge.

Do you have video screen-captures on how to upload this page, add contact, change the modular sections order, and add video ?

Thanks for your help

Hi – it’s a landing page template not a wordpress theme I’m afraid – you would need knowledge and experience in editing plain html files.

THank you


I have basic html knowledge and a wyswyg html editor, do you think I could go for it ? Thanks

I do not see why not – as I mentioned it’s basic html5 and css3 nothing too fancy and everything is well commented.


Very good job! BUT because of the lack of indentation (really hard to read the code), I can’t give this 5 stars.

Hi and thanks for the purchase – I’m sorry you do not like the way we format our HTML , we do have both opening and closing comments around every single div running from top to bottom in clean, clear wordage to assist with knowing what code you are dealing with.

I guess it’s a preference as we do commonly get emails telling us how refreshingly easy our code is to read and edit – different things for different people I guess but I am happy you enjoy the file :)


Hey, any idea how to get ‘Ä’ & ‘Ö’ letters working? Does the used font system even support them? I need these extra letters, so any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi – you can go check out the google font used to see if those characters are available as an option and re download the @font-face pack if you can – alternatively you would have to choose a different font that does and replace the @font-face in the style sheet.

Fonts used – as per instructions and style sheet – NunitoLight helvettica

Many thanks


Hey, thanks for amazingly quick reply. I checked the google fonts, and all the ltters are available there. So basicly, I just download the same file and replace it? Thanks!

Hey, I just realized it’s not about the font but something else– all the letters are found in the character set. I’m not very good at these… could it be charset or something like that in the main html file? Please tell me if anything comes to your mind. Thanks.

Ah, the font design is rotten (check Nunito character set and see what I mean). So there’s nothing wrong here, just the font. Thanks and sorry for trouble. :)

Is there a plugin I should use to install this landing page? I’m not a WordPress genius. :)

Greetings – unfortunately landing pages (HTML) do not install to wordpress – they are stand-alone html pages and not for use with wordpress but rather are installed as pages to your ftp server on your hosting as per the directions in the download.


Hello Jonathan,

For starters, GREAT -LOOKING landing page here! I really want to purchase it and use for my site, however I had a couple of questions.

I’m not very tech-savvy, and my site is hosted by WordPress, is it possible to set this landing page up on my site?


As landing pages are basic HTML with image folder / css folder / and JS folder they would be simply placed on your basic server and are nothing to do with WordPress – you can certainly have both on your server but would direct traffic accordingly – you will need basic HTML editing experience to change your content / images but apart from that nothing is special – we also heavily comment and well organize our files so it’s about as simple as it can become :)

Hope that helps and thanks for the comment and the question!


Hmm…(nervous), but I’ll give it a shot.

This is a true testament to the excellence of this design and template (that I’d be willing to take on a potential HTML headache). :)

Hey Jonathan,

Just wanted to say that I’ve purchased the theme and downloaded the files. Looking at the documentation, everything seems straightforward.

Thanks again!

I’m here for support if you need it :) Obviously I can’t install and do everything for you but more than happy to answer the odd question whenever you get a little stuck.

Just use the form on my profile page to shoot me a question if needed – thanks for the purchase and best of luck to you!


Hi there! Wonderful theme but I’m having issues with IE :( Here’s the website:

Hi and thanks for your purchase. Please follow your documentation and send the link and support question via the form on my profile page.