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Completely computer illiterate, my elegance download keeps coming up with this error PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

I’m on a mac, not sure what’s going on! Please help!!

Now I have this? How can I add the index to the zip package? The theme is missing the index.php file.

Hi, I’ve just purchased the theme and i can not get the blog to work always I keep getting this message: “Not Found Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive. Perhaps searching will help find a related post.”

Could you give a help?



it’s possible to made widgetable the footer on your theme??

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this theme and have a few questions:

- Can I change the background to a different color? - Is it compatible with bbPress (forums)? - Does the theme look okay on browsers other than IE7, IE8 and Opera?

Thank you!

is this responsive?

does that mean possibly in the futere it will be?

yes, we plan to update all our old themes to responsive with new framework.. but we can do it one by one, so it takes time :)


Suddenly the slider on my website is just blank. How can i fix this? Hope u guys have a quick fix, this is kind of urgent.

Please respond, i have bought a product that no longer works….

I would appreciate some kind of response, this is horrible service. I have also sent in an item support without getting any help. If i dont get som assitance soon i will reach out on every productpage of templatesquare in search of help. Just in case, it seems like you have abandoned support and update on this particular item.

Hi there, I was curious to see – of the others that have purchased this theme – what they have done with it. I used it for several sites but would love to see what others have done…is anyone happy to share a link to their complete site?

Hello, I need some help. I need to either add a small widget to the left of the search bar or just insert a custom code there to add Transposh plugin generated flags. Big Thanks in advance!


Is it possible for you to generate an xml-file containing full demo content, so we can get the theme to look exactly like in your demo?


Hi there,

Do you supply demo content with this theme and when will it be responsive?

It’s truly elegant, nice job!

Where┬┤s the demo content?


mzkymz Purchased

For all those having issues with pagination on your portfolio page(s). Simply name your page something different than your CPT. You are told in the instructions to name your page “portfolio”, however it can not have the same name as your CPT which is also “portfolio” if you want the pagination to work. Rename your page (i.e. Our Portfolio).. make sure to change the slug too and your pagination should work.

As prevalent an issue as this is, it’s disappointing that the developers would not change the instructions or at least leave the answer here in the only place to comment.

Also, demo content does not import through the php admin. If you’re new to wp, good luck.

Is this theme compatible with WP 4.2.2?