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Hi, looks like a great theme. One requirement from my client is that his customers can create an account and login – is this possible with your theme? Thank you!

Also I need to be able to have the users info land in a database not just an email. Thank you.


I need to translate some pictures of this template: search listing form, start searching button, prev, next, change view…. How can I get the high def files to do this? Thank you.

Is it multilingual ?

aignerad Purchased

I bought this theme, Elegant Real Estate, under the impression that it is “well documented” and has “online support”. The documentation is very brief and broad – all the explanations just make you say “duh…now what?!” The author of this theme has not responded to any online support since October of 2010. It is not fair to purchase a theme thinking you will in fact receive “well documented” documentation, when you DON’T receive it.

Hi, i want this theme. :)

1. Can change the titles for the form? For example: Bedrooms -> “XXXxx” 2. Can change the variable type? int -> text 3. Can change the default options?? “1, 2, 3, 4 & 5” for “100, 200, 300”???



hello, I’m interested to know if you can have the theme in Italian, thanks

Hello! My client wants a site template for all his realtors (might end up being an extended license) but wants to be able to insert a code into the site in either the header and/or the home page somewhere.

The code from the IT guys: <script src=”http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.9.1.min.js”></script> and <script type=”text/javascript” id=”realtor_ads” src=”http://mypreferredserviceproviders.com/realtor/addvertisement/200/175xr a4u9yqn86s”></script>

Is this possible with this site? I know a little bit about HTML and most of my work has been via customizing wordpress sites. How and where would we do that? After meta tags? Within the content code/html? Which php on the editor?


Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know how I can activate the theme and get a key to launch the site?

After modify the .psd files what do I name them and where do I upload them to change the logo, title etc?


Are you familiar with Photoshop? Save it for Web and upload/change the settings in Theme Options > General Options > Logo Header.


I just installed WordPress and this theme, and began testing the features. I’m getting 404 Errors when trying to view the full property detail page for any listings.

From the Admin portal, I can create a new listing, save it, and have it appear as a featured listing on the Home page. However, when I try to View the listing (either from the within the Admin portal, or by simply clicking on the listing links) I get the 404 Error.

FYI, Themespike’s support page is a broken link. Did I just pay for a lemon, or can someone help?


Themespike wrote:

Hello the permalinks ( Settings > Permalinks ) just needed to be refreshed or to be saved again the second time around, it is a permalink issue that most of the user of WordPress encountered this when they switch from “default permalinks” to custom ones. I already refreshed it by clicking “Save Changes” again in Settings > Permalinks. I think it is all good now.