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really nice .. bookmarked

Very nice. Can one take a site like this and customize the categories away from real estate? For example, I would like to use something like this for a portfolio and allow one to choose from dropdowns and radio buttons related to type of project, type of industry, etc.


It’s possible, but would require getting your hands a bit dirty. The filtering works with the custom real estate fields. You’d need to make changes in a few different areas of the template to get this working.

Very nice theme. I am considering purchasing this theme. However, I would like to know if it can be used for something other than Real Estate? Say, Rooms For Rent, Personals, etc. In other words, can the “options” such as Price, Number of Bedrooms, etc. be changed to say anything and work with other types of sites?


The theme was designed for real estate, so that’s the simplest to set up. Depending on how far you want to take this (for example, changing the names of the fields in the backend) it may require a little bit of work.

We’re available for theme customizations. If you’d like an estimate, please let us know.

Do you have a non WordPress version of this? Looks great!


It’s in the works, should be out soon.

super nice design. might have a need for this later. bookmarked

bookmarked it too. really really nice theme.

can this be used as a fsbo site where visitors would be able to list their properties? if so what modifications would i need to do?


You just need to create and give an “author” type account to a person/visitor, so they can post their own properties on your website.

great template..

nicest RE template I have seen in a very long time. do you do contract work? I bought the html version and also it seems I bought your other RE theme which was the nicest themeuntil this one so I do see a pattern emerging. A start is born,,,, as it were :)


Thanks for the compliment. We’re available for contract work. Just send an email to cody@designspike.ca

Can I use this to just list one house? Not a full real estate firm, but just a single house on the market? I was hoping fields such as the “location” search and such are options I can not include for my own site?


Sure, you could use the posts to show off features or describe each room. We had someone do that with our other theme.

Lovely design.

Two questions – I didn’t notice a full width, no side bar page option. Does one exist?

Second, any plans to re release this as a non real estate specific design? Because I’d be all OVER that :)


Thanks. To answer your questions…

1) Yup, there’s a full width page (but not post) template included. For a demo, see: http://themes.designspike.ca/elegant-real-estate/?page_id=104

2) What did you have in mind? Same design without the real-estate fields/filtering? Send us an email at themes@designspike.ca if you have specific ideas.

Hey, I recently purchased the wrong theme! I Purchased the XHTML when I thought I was purchasing the wordress theme. Is there anyway I can be refunded from that purchase so that I can purchase this theme? Otherwise I probbly can’t afford it…


Unfortunately, ThemeForest doesn’t allow refunds. Send an email to themes@designspike.ca and I can help you out.

I have bought this and like it.

But I cannot get the featured carousel slider to work.

Do you need extra plugins?

I have followed the instructions.


Send me an email at themes@designspike.ca and I’ll see if we can’t help you get it working.

bsarwar Purchased

The slider is working as far as the post goes but i see no pics.

Please help!


You should double check the permissions in the scripts folder. If you’re using HostGator, you MUST contact support and have them “whitelist” the timthumb.php script.

HostGator is only host I’m aware of that requires this. I can’t explain why.

Send us an email at themes@designspike.ca if this doesn’t do the trick.

This is one of my favorite RE themes. I would like to purchase it but want to know if it can include Google Maps and Mortgage Calculator. Don’t see either of those listed under features. The Google Maps is perhaps one of the most important features, imho. Please let me know if it can include these. I am a WordPress beginner so I don’t know yet if those would be plugins or not and if this theme would support those plugins.


Google Maps and a Mortgage Calculator sound like great additions. I’ll see what we can do to add them to the theme.

victor Purchased

Hello, Excuse my bad English…

I bought and install this theme yesterday and I don’t get summary (excerpt) of body from my article in the “Featured Slider” and in the Blog… “Excerpt Image” not resize in the thumbail “Featured Slider”.

For the text, I’m obliged to put the summary in the Title of article… because the first “55 words” in the text don’t appear.

Please, what can be the problem ?



Email themes@designspike.ca the URL of your site and any other details and we’ll be happy to take a look.

victor Purchased

Thank you very much for your support ! You are a best designer and programmer, and a veritable “Boss” !

I love your design “Elegant Real Estate” and I hope that you we offering still other opportunity to buy your wonderful creations. Thank you very much ! 5*

is it possible to remove the estate search function from the side bar?